Keto Rash: Why it happens and what you can do about it

Keto rash are spots caused by inflammation that typically appears on the chest, torso, neck, and back.

keto rash

If you’re new to Ketogenic Diet and you’re starting to experience an unexpected itch, don’t panic. This low-carb itch or the so-called “keto rush” is very common when doing the Ketogenic diet.

Keto Diet is proven to have fast results for weight loss. However, alongside the positive effects of Keto Diet, there are also some negative ones. Experiencing keto rash is really bothersome. This is one of the normal side effects of undergoing Ketosis.

Keto rash are spots caused by inflammation that typically appears on the chest, torso, neck, and back. This low-carb itch are often experienced by people in the early stages of Ketosis. Depending on which stage it’s on, Keto rash may appear red, brown, or light pink.

There may be loopholes on the scientific explanations about Keto rash. It looks similarly to eczema and dermatitis but one thing’s for sure – it’s not that threatening.

Let us try to look at the possible causes of those little red spots and how to cure them.

Causes of Keto Rash

1. Decrease in blood sugar

Some studies said that people who go through excessive fasting are more prone to experience keto rash. This is due to the decrease of blood sugar in the blood that triggers the inflammation

2. Low-carb diet

As mentioned above, fast results of Ketogenic Diet might be the cause of Keto Rash. this is because of the deprivation and restriction of carbohydrates in your body which causes weight loss – also causes the appearance of Keto rash

3. Nutrient Deficiency

Since you’ve been cutting down and limiting some macros in your Keto meals, there are also some nutrients that you’ve taken down. Your body must have been adjusting to the shift of your macros which caused the rashes to appear

4. Allergens

If you’ve had allergic reactions in the past, that could also be one cause why. You might have eaten food that are not suitable for you while you were doing the low-carb diet

5. Sweat accumulation

While on a Ketogenic diet, you cannot help but workout as well. Hitting the gym or doing intense training will make you sweat a lot. Areas being affected by too much sweat might cause the virus to spread. Thus causing the rashes to multiply

6. Dietary modification

If by chance you’ve stopped from a low-carb diet and then started adopting another one, you may unluckily catch the Keto rash. This is due to the chemical adjustments that your body is experiencing

7. Mechanical irritation

There are possibilities that your skin might have reacted due to some external factors – bandage, scrubbing, and even the friction you get from clothing

8. Emotional stress

It’s not far from impossible that you will experience mood swings and emotional stress. Since your body is undergoing carbohydrates deprivation, you will surely have temporary emotional imbalances causing the negative Keto skin condition

Experiencing discomfort that will even cause you to lose some sleep at night is such a burden. However, there are possible ways to get rid of Keto rash side effects.

Possible remedies to cure Keto rash:

Take your time

Your body needs time to the adaption of Ketones. To avoid unwanted reactions, you just need to give it extra time for the Keto rash side effects to heal on its own. The longer you stay on Ketosis, the more your body will get used to the production of Ketones

1. Eat more clean carbs

Some studies suggest that doing a low-carb diet for an extended period might cause some keto skin conditions. If ketones are the culprit for such keto skin conditions then you can try increasing your clean carb intake and see if the rash lets up. Even though an increase in your daily carb intake would throw your body off Ketosis, one way of achieving a relief is to simply let it be. Though some studies also say that a break from Ketosis make the itch go away but once you’ve entered Ketosis again, keto rash side effects might also re-appear

2. Try drinking Bone Broth

Bone broth does not only suit your Keto Diet plan. It also contains anti-inflammatory nutrients such as glycine and proline that might actually help make the itching go away

3. Double check your food

Conducting an elimination diet might actually work for your Keto rash. If by chance you’ve added a new list of food in your Keto Diet, tendency is your body must have reacted to it. You can start by eliminating those newly added foods and see if it will help with the Keto rash.

4. Consider taking Fish Oil

Fish oil has omega-3 content that has an anti-inflammatory benefits. You may also try eating more wild fatty fish such as salmon, sardines, and mackerel since they have omega-3 as well.

5. Develop Stress-reducing Techniques

Emotional and mental stress caused by all the dieting might actually trigger your skin condition to flare up. You can try developing some breathing exercises and other therapeutic techniques can help prevent your Keto rash to inflammate.

6. Ask your doctor about supplement elements

There are existing superfood supplements in the market that can alleviate the symptoms of your Keto skin condition. However, it would still be best for you to consult a doctor regarding which supplements would actually work for you. You have to be extra picky also in choosing keto-friendly supplements if you want to maintain the balance in your diet.

7. Avoid excessive sweating

Increasing your body temperature can worsen the Keto rash side effects. In fact, wearing too tight clothes can also aggravate your skin condition. Wear loose clothings to avoid friction between the skin and the clothes that you wear. You can do light exercises for the meantime to avoid excessive sweating also. You need to avoid the ultimate rash trigger – sweat. Make sure you shower after every workout to keep you feeling all freshened up.

8. Exit Ketosis

Your last resort could be exiting Ketosis if the remedies we’ve provided don’t help that much. Stepping out of Ketosis will surely cure your Keto skin conditions within just a day or two. But mind you that once you try to enter Ketosis again, your body will have to adjust with the Keto rash side effects the next time around.

Getting Keto skin conditions while doing keto can be a pain. We all have different body types so it all depends on how your body reacts to the adjustments of chemical imbalances. If by chance you would like to enter Ketosis again, the answer is yes you may still do so. If you do, at least now you know the possible remedies and preventions that you can conduct to use for your next low-carb diet. 

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