7 common causes of low blood pressure

Aside from family history, a low or high blood pressure is also affected by your own choices of food.

7 common causes of low blood pressure

Aside from losing weight through a low-carb diet, you may also lower your blood pressure. You can find a lot of other supporting studies and articles on how low-carb diets affect the blood pressure of the body. Be it positive or not, it is still best to consult a doctor to make sure your diet will not trigger any harm on your body.

Blood pressure is measured by the force of blood in the artery walls. Aside from family history, a low or high blood pressure is also affected by your own choices of food. If you’ve been doing Keto diet for quite some already, it may and it may not directly affect your blood pressure. Since Keto dieting is primarily focused in weight loss, it is only in rare cases that some people experience a change in their blood pressure.

Low blood pressure or what we call “Hypotension” is caused by the inadequate flow of blood.

For some, low blood pressure alone is not unhealthy. However, there are bothersome symptoms of low blood pressure that may worry you such as dizziness, fainting, chest pain, increased thirst, nausea, and even blurred vision.

In order to understand further, check out the 7 common causes of low blood pressure:

  1. Heart problems – Since blood pressure is measured when the heart is beating or at rest, one common cause of a low blood pressure has also something to do with heart problems. Cases like low heart rate, heart attack, heart failure, and heart valve problems are possible culprits of a low blood pressure.
  2. Nutrients deficiency in diet – Low blood pressure may also be due to the lack of nutrients in your diet. It is important to make sure that you supply your body with enough vitamins B12. Some of the best sources of vitamin B12 that are considered Keto-friendly are mackerel, salmon, cheese, and eggs. Folate also plays an important role in keeping your body from producing enough red blood cells to avoid anemia – a common cause of low blood pressure.
  3. Endocrine problems – Conditions such as thyroid conditions, adrenal insufficiency, and low blood sugar can cause low blood pressure. For some people who suffer diabetes might also suffer from low blood pressure. This is why Ketogenic diet can be of help to those who struggle with Type 2 diabetes.
  4. Dehydration – Whether you are on a diet or not, our body needs to stay hydrated all the time. Aside from feeling weak and dizzy because of dehydration, lack of water may also result to low blood pressure. If you want a more successful Keto diet, staying dehydrated is one recipe. Keeping your body hydrated may not only prevent you from having low blood pressure but it will also encourage the breakdown of fats.
  5. Allergic Reactions – Possible allergic reactions from foods and medications may also cause low blood pressure. As advised, before changing your eating habits or before you incorporate medications and supplements in your diet, you need to consult a medical expert first. Most especially if you know you’ve had past cases of blood pressure issues. Keep in mind that in order to magnify the results of your diet, your body must react naturally with the diet.
  6. Pregnancy – For women’s cases, it is expected that their blood pressure will suddenly drop when pregnant. This is because of their circulatory system expands rapidly. However, this is not something to worry about. Low blood pressure caused by pregnancy is only temporary during the maternity phase. Normalization of the blood will also take place after giving birth.
  7. Blood loss – A sudden decrease in the volume of blood will also cause the blood pressure to a sudden drop. Major blood loss cases such as major trauma, dehydration, and even severe internal bleeding can cause low blood pressure.

Whether you are following a diet or not, low blood pressure is most likely to occur to anyone. Even without the adaptation of Keto diet in your daily routine, there are other inevitable factors that can result to low blood pressure. Luckily, there are also possible ways to cure and prevent low blood pressure. Since our focus here is for Keto and low blood pressure, we will be providing you some low blood pressure foods that are also conducive in your Keto diet.

Low-carb foods for low blood pressure


Including berries in the Keto diet has been known and approved by Keto dieters already. Since berries are rich with antioxidants, they help reduce possible risks of CVD or cardiovascular diseases. The different colors of berries which are also called ‘pigments’ are known to help low blood pressure issues.


Spinach is not just a food for low blood pressure but it is also considered the ultimate Keto food. This veggie contains a very low amount of carbs and sodium but has high contents of both potassium and magnesium. Spinach also has electrolytes and nitrates that will not only help with low blood pressure, but will also supplement your needs for your Keto diet.


Potassium is good at balancing the amount of sodium in the body. If you consume enough potassium, this substance can help the kidney excrete unwanted sodium from the blood. In this regard, avocado is a perfect choice for helping balancing blood since it has a high amount of potassium. It’s even a perfect choice for a Ketogenic diet since it’s super low in carbohydrates and it has numerous health benefits such as fiber, folate, vitamin K, E, C, and vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, and B6.


Aside from celery being an aid for low blood pressure, it is also healthy for Keto dieting. It’s a zero calorie veggie so you wouldn’t worry mixing it with other dips and sauces to make your diet more exciting. This veggie is responsible for causing the artery walls to relax. It also helps in increasing the blood flow in order to reduce blood pressure.


You may also consume other Keto-friendly foods that are high in potassium,  magnesium, calcium, fiber, and flavonoids.

As mentioned above, low blood pressure with or without symptoms is not that unhealthy. There are some Keto dieters who suffer from high blood pressure who get very picky with their food just to lower their blood pressure. Regardless of your aim; losing weight or lowering blood pressure, the safest step should be consulting an expert first.

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