9 Fermented vegetables that will add flavor to your meals

Pairing fermented vegetables with you Keto meals is definitely a ‘must try’. Not only are they delicious, but they also bring a powerful punch of health benefits.

keto friendly fermented vegetables

As you try to achieve your target body weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle at the same time, then you will be needing tons of bacteria for your body. Don’t get me wrong. I am talking about good bacterias here that can provide you with a lot of health benefits. Good bacterias such as probiotics can do countless wonders to your body.

A way to get good bacterias is by simply eating fermented vegetables. Fermented vegetables do not just add flavor to your keto meals, but they also give you healthy probiotics that you will be needing in the long run.

One of the beauties of including fermented vegetables for Keto diet is that they fit perfectly with the diet plan.

I understand that for some reason, you would still get extra picky in choosing which vegetables are keto-friendly.

Luckily, I am here to discuss with you some keto-friendly vegetables that you might have even considered on including it with your meals.

If you plan to use fermented vegetables for your Keto diet, below is a list of the 9 low-carb vegetables that you can consider.

  1. Kombucha – This fermented beverage of black tea and sugar will definitely give you a lot of health benefits that you will surely like. Kombucha is considered organic because its sweet flavor comes from natural sources such as fruits, cane sugar, and honey. Kombucha is known to have a colony of bacteria and yeast that are good at performing the fermentation process. Once fermented, Kombucha could be your source of various nutrients such as B-vitamins, enzymes, probiotics, acetic, gluconic, and lactic. Drinking Kombucha in a fairly regular basis can help with proper digestion. Since it’s keto-friendly, it can even contribute to weight loss, increase in energy, detoxification, reduces joint pain, and helps prevent cancer.
  2. Pickles – Yes, pickled vegetables are keto-friendly. If you’re looking for a good source of antioxidants, then you must start loving pickles. Pickles are even perfect at aiding vitamin K deficiency. Pickles are even known to give out fat-soluble vitamins that can support your bone and heart health.
  3. Tempeh – Another fermented vegetable for Keto dieting is Tempeh. For faster results of weight loss, Tempeh can help reduce cholesterol in the body. It’s even said to have other health benefits such as it promotes muscle recovery and it helps reduce menopausal symptoms. It even contains high content of vitamins like B2, B3, B5, and B6. As a keto-friendly veggie, it also contains a high amount of protein just like meat’s.
  4. Kimchi – Kimchi is a well-known fermented Korean dish that is composed of vegetables that are also keto-friendly and low-carb. This Korean veggie can even help improve the digestive system and cardiovascular which is beneficial for those who undergo a diet plan. It has antioxidants also that can help prevent risky health conditions like obesity and ulcer.
  5. Sauerkraut – This fermented vegetable is a perfect source of probiotics and fiber.
  6. Miso – By combining fermented soybean, barley, or brown rice, you will be able to give yourself a healthy Miso. This fermented vegetable if good for Keto diet because of the boost it gives to the immune system, making your performance better. It also helps in improving the bones. Not just for the inter health benefits, Miso has its skin-caring formula as well. It is known to have an anti-aging property that can help maintain young and healthy skin.
  7. Natto – This Japanese dish is fully packed with fermented soybeans. It has bacilus subtilis, a strong probiotic that is extremely powerful in supporting the immune system and the cardiovascular. Aside from Natto being an added flavor to your Keto meal, it can also help in enhancing digestion.
  8. Kefir – This fermented milk can come from cows, goats, or sheep. Kefir is really known to have an appetizing taste since you can most likely confuse it with yogurt. And we all know yogurts are good when you are on a diet. The benefits Kefir can give to your body includes vitamin K2, vitamin B12, calcium, magnesium, folate, biotin, probiotics, and enzymes. Kefir is  very keto-friendly it will surely give you a complete pack of nutrients.
  9. Fermented carrot sticks – Carrot sticks that has undergone fermentation is a good addition to your Keto meals. It gives you a crunchy taste that you will surely enjoy while munching on them. Fermented carrot sticks are easy to prepare that you may also bring them anywhere as snacks. For a more delightful taste, you may add garlic cloves for a more exciting kick.

Pairing fermented vegetables with you Keto meals is definitely a ‘must try’. Not only are they delicious, but they also bring a powerful punch of health benefits.

Majority of those who do Ketogenic dieting do highly recommend fermented vegetables. Even health experts would agree that these keto-friendly vegetables may help strengthen your body.

If you plan to include fermented vegetables in your Keto diet, you will surely provide your body with powerful nutritions all year-round!

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