Best Alcohol To Drink When On A Diet

Go with low-carb options when drinking alcohol while on a diet. Some of the best options are light beer, champagne, and some mixed drinks.


What’s the best alcohol to drink when on a diet? When we think of diets, we usually think of cutting calories. Since regular beer is high-calorie it’s always a bad option, right? You might be surprised that there are several low-carb/calorie alcoholic drinks you can pick from. They include wine, champagne, light beers, and some spirits. You can even find mixed drinks with 0 carbs. That’s right! Even a glass of wine can be low-carb and allow you to chillax at the end of a stressful day. Studies show that a moderate amount of alcohol every day can provide various benefits.

When picking diet-friendly alcohol, it’s just as important to know what to avoid as what to pick. For example, the carbs from tonic water, sweetened creams, and fruit drinks can cause spikes in sugar content. That, in turn, can also boost carbs and result in blood sugar spikes. It will also boost the calorie count, which also makes the drinks non-diet-friendly. There are other factors you should consider, like beer made of barley, which can increase carb counts. That’s a situation you’ll want to avoid if you’re trying to lose weight. Let’s take a closer look.

What Makes Diet-Friendly Alcohol?


This is easily one of the things you’ll want to watch when you’re on a diet. Carb-counting is critical to help keep track of your total calories.

This factor is also related to carbs. The problem with many alcoholic drinks is added calories from stuff like tonic and juice. If you add sugar-free it can make the alcoholic drinks less diet-friendly.

However, if you pick sugar-added alcohol it’s a different story. The sugar adds lots of calories. It’s so important to watch everything you add to the alcoholic drink.


If you’re on Keto or Atkins then it’s critical to watch carbs. That’s because they’re both low-carb diets. The diets work a little differently. Keto always carbs at about 5% to 10% of total calories. Meanwhile, Atkins tweaks the macro during the four phases.

This factor is closely linked to calories. For example, adding sweetened fruit juice not only will add carbs but also calories.

The good news is you can find many low-carb drinks. For example, wine can be as high as 4g but also as low as 2g. This will help you to stay in the metabolic state of “ketosis” while on the ketogenic diet.


This is a complicated issue. On one hand, white sugar is highly processed and can cause blood sugar spikes. The good news is there are some natural sweeteners like Stevia.

This can help to keep carbs lower. However, keep in mind that while Stevia is a natural plant, sweeteners containing it can be highly-processed.


In the case of beer, it’s usually made from barley. The “problem” is this contains gluten, which results in higher carbs.

Light beers are a better option. They can be a slow as about 2g of carbs. This will help to keep you stay in ketosis.

Alcohol to Drink When on a Diet


Sparkling wine is surprisingly low in carbs. How low does it go? You can find some champagnes that are 1g in carbs. This is even lower than low-carb white or red wine.

So, when it’s party time don’t feel guilty about having a glass of bubbly. It’s not only refreshing but also low-carb!

Shot of Tequila

What exactly is this drink? It’s usually made from a Mexican-grown plant known as a “blue agave plant.” The plant is originally from a city by the same name as the drink.

It’s important to stress this is a shot of the famous Mexican drink instead of a full glass. Still, it’s zero-carb so it’s another Keto-friendly beverage you can enjoy when you feel like drinking white liquor.

Vodka/Soda Water

This is a zero-carb drink. The popular Russian liquor teams up with bubbly water for a low-carb drink. Make sure the soda water is no-sugar to get this net carb total.

Dry Martini

If this is a gin/vermouth drink that has a total of 0 carbs. It’s the favorite drink of Agent 007 (James Bond). So, it’s almost a must you have to order it shaken rather than stirred.

Red/White Wine

This grape-based drink can vary from about 2g of carbs per glass to 4g. It depends on different factors. How large is the glass? What type of wine is it?

Such figures can affect how many carbs the wine has. However, even at 4g of carbs per class, it qualifies as keto-friendly.

Light Beer

Take note that the keyword is LIGHT. These beers can go as low as 6g while regular beer is often 2x that figure.

What are the brands? You can find various low-carb beers including Corona Premier. Other options are less known so you should research them first.  

Health Benefits of Red Wine

  1. Omega-3s: Red wine might help to boost your body’s levels of the fatty acids known as omega-3s. Studies show that it seems to boost the number of good fats in red blood cells and plasma. Studies show that omega-3s might help to prevent heart disease. You can get it from other foods like olive oil and fatty fish.
  2. Heart Health: If you have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or other heart-related conditions you should consider drinking some red wine. Studies show that it’s an excellent alcoholic drink that can provide various benefits. For example, it can help to balance your gut bacteria, which might help to reduce the risk of heart disease.
  3. Blood Pressure: Maintaining lower blood pressure can provide several health benefits. They include lowering the risk of heart attacks and stroke. They include the drink being lower in calories and carbs, for example. Studies show that wine contains chemicals that seem to help lower blood pressure. While alcohol, in general, has this feature as a depressant, red wine might be a healthier option due to the other benefits it provides.
  4. Type-2 diabetes: Some studies show that wine might also help to treat and prevent type-2 diabetes. This is done by lowering your blood sugar levels. When they become high you can experience conditions like insulin resistance and diabetes. This condition already affects 8.5% of the global population.
  5. Antioxidants: In recent years you might have heard of something called “resveratrol.” This is a chemical compound that’s found in some plants. The original function is to avoid fungi and bacteria.

It turns out that red wine is quite high in this powerful antioxidant. So, if you want to enjoy benefits like fighting off illness and disease you should add this to your list of alcohol to drink when on a diet.

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