Are keto blood meters necessary to do the keto diet

Do we really need to read our ketone levels? How do we find out what our ketone levels are?

keto blood meter

The keto diet is hard on anybody. Starting off and staying on track without a plan or proper equipment to guide you can be a little tricky.

Ketones are a vital yet hard-to-grasp topic for people who are just about to start keto.Keeping up with how much ketones our body produce by just counting off the amount of carbs in the food we eat can be hard. It’s also prone to be inaccurate. Lucky for us there are various way that we can monitor our ketones without having to do the hard math ourselves.

But are all of them accurate? How do they work? Do we really need to read our ketone levels? What’s the best?

Here some of the things we’ve gathered about ketone level testing.

The tests

Basically there are three ways to get a reading of your ketone levels; urine testing, breath testing and blood testing.

  • Urine Testing – makes use of urine strips dipped in urine sample. An affordable and easy-to-use option but downside is that it doesn’t always report accurate results.
  • Breath Testing – makes use of a ketonix breath meter to detect acetone in your breath. The most affordable option among the three but it doesn’t give accurate readings
  • Blood Testing – uses electronic blood meter to detect level of ketones in the blood.The most expensive of the three but gives accurate readings.

Why Keto Blood Meter?

Although a bit pricey, blood testing is the best way to get accurate readings of your ketone levels. The ketones in our blood functions the same way as glucose does and is read as so by the keto blood meter, not only is it accurate but it also gives easy to understand and detailed readings of your ketone levels.

How to use

Keto blood meters are convenient and can be easy to use. Just remember the acceptable amount of ketone levels for your body (the optimal amount is 1.6 to 2.9 mmol/L)  while following these steps and you’re good to go.

  1. Wash and dry hands
  2. Load needle to lancet
  3. Place the ketone strip to the blood meter
  4. Prick finger with lancing device
  5. Let strip come into contact with blood
  6. Wait a few seconds and get readings
  7. Properly discard strip and needle


Going on the ketogenic diet can be tough on someone especially if you don’t know what you’re in for. Serious consideration, loads of the determination and an iron will is needed in order to be able to start and eventually stick to the diet. It isn’t always bad though and seeing the results in your body and overall health makes all the fuss and the stress worth it. It doesn’t hurt to also be prepared though, by thorough research, professional advice and the right equipment you can actually see better results.

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