Are macadamia nuts keto friendly?

Macadamia nuts, compared to the rest, are nutritional powerhouses due to their unbelievable nutritional contents. Read the breakdown below and find out more about this keto-friendly nut.

macadamia nuts and keto

Don’t you just love nuts? Aside from the fun feeling you get whenever you munch on them, you also get nutritional benefits from those little treats.

We all know nut consumption could give us a lot of health benefits such as skin health, protection from cancer, reduces risk from heart diseases, reduces blood cholesterol, improves blood pressure, and of course. The benefit that most weight conscious people love – helps in reducing weight.

Nuts are healthy and fun, sure. However, if we try to think of what nut is the healthiest among all, then there’s no clear answer for that yet. This could be one of the dilemmas for individuals who go through low-carb dieting or Keto dieting to be specific.

Depending on the person’s needs, nuts would vary in nutritional aspects. The kind of nut that could be the healthiest for you will solely depend on how and why you need to consume that nut. Yet if you’re going to ask the Keto dieters, they would prolly give you a Keto-friendly nut – macadamia.

Macadamia nuts compared to the rest, are nutritional powerhouses due to their unbelievable nutritional contents. This certain nut contains a good amount of manganese, thiamin, and monounsaturated fat.

Try to look at the breakdown below as to why Macadamia is considered a nutritional powerhouse.

The nutritional content of macadamia depends on the serving size. To further help you calculate your macadamia consumption, you may refer to the link we’ve provided below.


28 grams of raw macadamia nuts

Calories – 201 (10% DV)

Carbs – 4g

Fiber – 2.4g

Net Carbs – 2.4g

Fat – 21.2g (33% DV)

Protein – 2.2 g

Saturated Fat – 3.4g (17% DV)

Monounsaturated Fat – 16.5g

Polyunsaturated Fat – 0.4g

Thiamin  – 0.3mg (22% DV)

Riboflavin – 0.0mg (3% DV)

Niacin – 0.7mg (3% DV)

Calcium – 23.8mg (2% DV)

Iron – 1.0mg (6%)

Magnesium – 36.4mg (9% DV)

Potassium – 103mg (3% DV)

Sodium – 1.4mg (0% DV)

Benefits of Macadamia Nuts

1. Helps Brain Function

Just like any other nuts, macadamia contains a high amount of monounsaturated fatty acids that are known in giving a strong brain-boosting effect. These monounsaturated fatty acids are oleic acid and palmitoleic acid. Oleic acid being a brain health expert, helps reduce blood pressure and at the same time prevents you from being prone to stroke. Furthermore, macadamia nuts also contain palmitoleic acid which plays a major role in healthy brain development.

2. Improves Heart Health

Macadamias do not just target the heart health alone. It also is responsible in in improving the biomarkers that might cause heart diseases. As provided above, macadamia has a good content of fiber as well. This helps in reducing the blood cholesterol in the body that could also contribute to a peaceful heart and mind.

3. Improves Blood Sugar

A lot of studies have already attested that nut consumption can help improve the blood sugar regulations in the body. At the same time, it also gives a healthy benefit to type 2 diabetes patients since macadamia nuts contain unique micronutrient, macronutrients, and bioactive components.

4. Decreases Risk of Cancer

Generally speaking, macadamias are known to help reduce cancer risks. This is because of the fiber content that can help fight cancer in different parts of the human body.

5. Inflammation Reduction

One good selling point of macadamia nuts is that they’re pretty good at reducing inflammation. As a result, heart diseases can be prevented.

6. Prevents Chronic Diseases

Knowing macadamia contains a jam-pack of healthy benefits, it is no doubt that this keto-friendly nut can help fight chronic diseases. The micronutrients, fiber, antioxidants, and fatty acids found in macadamia can surely give you the protection from diseases that you need.

7. Supports Weight Loss

The reason why macadamia nuts can help promote weight loss is because nut consumption contains a satiating feeling that could make you feel less hungry. Macadamia mixes well with water in a body which causes you to feel fuller than ever. This nut also is a good source of energy wherein in Keto dieters cases, they tend to burn and lose more fats rather than gaining them.

Stating all those benefits, macadamia nuts are really a good option most especially when you’re trying to limit your daily carb intake. Aside from being delicious and fun to munch to, macadamias can help you fight off diseases.

However, macadamias may have problems too. Let’s try to look and find out.

Problems with Macadamia Nuts

You want to include macadamia in your diet? Sure.

The only concern here is that macadamia consumption may be restricted from people with nut allergies or even with animals.

If you are a:

  1. Person who have nut allergies, then you must need to avoid macadamia nuts. Even if you’re doing a Keto diet, you must also need to eliminate this on your list.
  2. Person who have kidney problems, we recommend you to seek advice from your doctor first. Even though macadamia nuts are low in oxalate, these nuts still contain a high amount of phosphorus which could trigger a more serious kidney problem.
  3. Person who loves to feed dogs, take note of this: Dogs are not allowed to eat macadamia nuts. Macadamia consumption may cause the dog to feel weaker which may even lead to hind limb paralysis.

If we try to base it in an overall healthiness, macadamia nuts will surely be the first choice of the majority. There’s no need to look for other options if you’re after countless health benefits.

Most especially when you’re doing a Keto diet, you must learn to go nuts for macadamia nuts.

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