Bacon on Keto: Can You Eat Bacon on Keto Diet?

Bacon on keto is not bad. However, it is not exactly as healthy as whole foods. it contains high level of sodium and should be consumed in moderation.


You may agree that bacon mania is real. Regarded as a universally favorite breakfast meat because no other meat can excite as bacon. The thought of bacon will probably trigger your imagination, activate senses, and may even make your mouths water with anticipation. As you go on a keto diet you wouldn’t want to give up bacon, so can you eat bacon on a keto diet?

You can eat a wide variety of tasty and nutritious meals on a ketogenic diet, and the good news is you don’t have to give up bacon. Bacon may be a perfect food to get people interested in the keto diet. Search around, you will have a hard time looking for another diet that has allows your favorite bacon.     

Bacon Is Not Bad On A Keto

Bacon is not exactly that healthy as compared to whole foods because it is high in sodium, saturated fats and categorized as processed meat but it is low carb. Because it is low carb you can eat bacon on a keto diet but should be in moderation like once or twice a week. Generally processed meat preservation is through curing, salting, drying, or canning.  

Bacon and Sodium

Generally, sodium is kept at a minimum but in a ketogenic diet, it is desirable in increased amounts as it is ideal in a low-carb diet. And here is why you can eat bacon on a keto diet, according to the USDA, 2300 mg is the RDA of sodium. Approximately 7 strips of bacon are about 2000 mg of sodium. You should not worry then about its sodium content. The rationale is that a drop in insulin level in effect reduces the rate of extracted sodium from the kidney. Eliminating processed food like bacon will result in lower sodium levels and may hamper electrolyte balance. The keto diet common side effects like headaches and fatigue may be relieved by electrolytes intake. You shouldn’t fear to eat bacon on a keto diet because there is little proof that saturated fats increase cholesterol, high cholesterol instigates heart disease, saturated fats result in heart diseases, fat consumption and obesity, and correlation on amount of protein consumed and obesity. One thing you should be avoiding is toxic trans-fat and polyunsaturated fats. Therefore, saturated fat or cholesterol is not the reason for heart disease but inflammation. 

Bacon and Nitrate

Sodium nitrate and sodium nitrites are added to cured meats such as deli meats, bacon, poultry, and fish. A diet high in anti-oxidants is acceptable in moderation. Nitrates in food context are associated with something negative because of its “potential” cancer-causing effects. Nitrites are an inorganic compound that combines with either sodium or potassium and used as preservatives, color fixatives in curing meat. When eaten, it got converted into nitrites in the digestive system as ammonia and disposed of the body. Nitrites are generally not harmful if eaten in moderation. This becomes a carcinogenic compound by high heat and digestive enzymes. It is naturally in root and green veggies such as carrots, potatoes, radishes, spinach, spinach, celery, and kale. The said foods provide most nitrates in your diet and usually no limit to consumption.

You can eat bacon on a keto diet because of its low-carb food. Here are some bacon expert’s thoughts on why bacon is good for you:

Bacon is indulgently healthy

Steven Burger thinks that people love to eat bacon because they want to eat healthier and indulge in their bacon cravings to strike a balance.  

Bacon is fun

Food and Beverage Market Researcher Susan Schwallie thinks that people love bacon because it is fun as well as umami. There are many fun things you can do with bacon preparation and it is never boring. Just browse through bacon recipes and your one day is not enough on things you can do with bacon.

Bacon is versatile and pork is good

Brian Merkel thinks that bacon is versatile that makes it great. This is coming from a fact that you can use various parts of pork to make bacon that makes it very versatile.   

Bacon is naughty

Chef Ji Hye Kim thinks that bacon is naughty because eating something indulgent is naughty. Bacon is well-loved and a staple breakfast because it tastes so good, bringing people together.  

Bacon is a taste of home no matter where your roots come from

Journalist and Author Simran Sethi thinks that something in bacon is grounding to a person’s history. Bacon is a staple American breakfast, but it just does not belong to the Americans. It is universally loved by most people in other parts of the world and the smell, the taste will always remind you of home.    

Bacon is tied to everything

Author and Cofounder of Zingerman’s thinks that in his writing on bacon came a realization that it is tied to the culture including economics, religion, seasonality, and pork traditions.      

People are genetically engineered to love bacon

Owner and Executive Chef Zingerman’s Keiron Hales thinks that people love bacon because of the love of sweet and salty. There are convenience and comfort that one feels safe to take it out, transport and take it with them to other places make it most successful cured meat.

Lessons on the Bacon Experiment

The Bacon Experiment man and ketogenic living Dan Quibell showed the world that eating fat and protein will not make you fat and you can eat bacon on a keto. Here are some of his experiments insights after an experiment of eating bacon for thirty days:

  1. Eating fat does not make you fat. A low carb, high-fat diet can improve the composition of the body, lowers body fat as well as muscle mass maintenance.
  2. A high fat, low carb diet can improve your health. The bacon experiment improves health by improving blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
  3. Bacon is delicious. Bacon has a good fat to protein ratio, and pork has a better amino acid profile than beef.

Eating bacon on a keto diet gives you the high-fat macro that your body needs to achieve ketosis. Enjoy your awesome bacon! 


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