Best low carb fruits and which ones to avoid

There are a lot more fruits that you can enjoy as you go Keto. The least you can do to magnify the best Keto results is to understand and know which fruits are doable for you.

Best low carb fruits

It is no doubt that fruits are naturally healthy and nutritious. Mot especially for those who are after organic sweeteners and healthy living, fruits become their alternative sugar. Aside from eating the fruit as it is, you can also mix match it with other ingredients – shakes, smoothies, salad, and a lot more. Unlike junk foods, low carb fruits are encouraged to be consumed at a fairly regular basis. However, that’s not the case with Keto dieting.

If you are in a Keto diet, you must strictly comply with the not more than 30g of carbohydrates policy. Hence, fruits having natural sugars and carbohydrates must be limited. I am not saying you can’t consume fruits while on a Keto diet. What I’m trying to emphasize is that there are Keto-friendly fruits and there are not. To make sure you do not exceed with the carb limit per day, you have to make sure to consume fruits in a controlled manner.

If my point confuses you, take a look at the simple breakdown below of all the low carb fruits you can eat and fruits that you should also avoid.

Low Carb Fruits that are very Keto-friendly


You might have seen studies that state berries are one of the go-to fruits of a Keto dieter. Well, it probably is. Raspberries are actually very high in nutrients but they’re also very low in carbohydrates. What’s good about raspberries is that it can surely satisfy your sweet cravings in order to save you from consuming unwanted sweets.

Aside from the sweet benefits it can bring, raspberries are high in antioxidants that are pretty good in curing inflammation inside the body. If being in a Ketogenic diet worries you too much because of fat intake, berries can help reduce blood pressure and even cholesterol.


Containing 7g of net carbs, blackberries are jus as low in carbs like raspberries. Blackberries are even useful in Ketogenic dieting since they help in suppressing appetite which can make you feel less hungry.

If you try combining it with other high-fat ingredients/products, blackberries can give you an increased feeling of staying full all the time.


One good benefit you can get from avocados is that it has a high content of good fat. Since going Keto primarily requires you to consume fat, avocado could be a perfect option for you. There are a lot of studies and researches that attest to the health benefits that avocado can give. They’re high in nutrients and that they also help in lowering cholesterol levels of the body.

If by chance you suffer from Keto flu, avocado could be a good source of electrolytes to keep your body from being dehydrated. With only 4g of net carbs per serving, avocados can make sure you do not exceed your carb intake for the day.


Tomatoes are often confused as a veggie. Anyhow, they are just perfect to mix with your Keto diet. Tomatoes are often found in the form of a sauce or dip since it brings added taste to your meals.

Tomatoes are also rich in nutrients and vitamins. However, tomatoes can add up your carbs so you better make sure to use tomatoes as a sauce or a dip only.


This certain fruit isn’t that popular for low-carb diets. However, melons could be a great addition to your Ketogenic list of low-carb fruits. Melons may look sugary and sweet but they’re actually unbelievably low in carbohydrates. For a safe calculation of your macro, a watermelon only contains 7.15g of net carbs per 100g serving.


Similar to other berries, strawberries share the same health benefits. The only difference they have is that strawberries have a higher amount of carbohydrates. But do not worry because you may still eat strawberries when on a Ketogenic diet. You only need to limit the number of strawberries you consume. This sweet fruit is also good for lowering insulin levels in the blood. Aside from it gives you a sweet satisfying taste, it’s also a perfect support for reducing the blood sugar of the body.

Being in a Ketogenic diet will not only make you lose weight. Once you’ve started to adapt the discipline this diet can give, you also begin to acquire a much healthier lifestyle. In line with this, you will have to limit yourself from some of the fruits that aren’t conducive for your diet.

What Keto fruits to avoid


Mango contains a high amount of vitamins and nutrition, sure. However, mangoes carry with them 50g of carbs per serving. Not only that you’ve had too much sugar for the day but you have also exceeded your carb limit.


This yellow fruit is great but bananas are considered a part of the starchy foods. It contains 25g of carbs per serving. If you want to use your allowed number of carb intake in a day, you can’t consider banana as an option since one serving of banana can consume your allowed number of carbs.


When you are on a Keto diet, keep in mind that grapes and bananas are the highest-carb fruits among the others. Grapes are too sweet for it contains a high level of sugar. So if you don’t want to ruin your macro calculation, it won’t hurt to stay away from grapes first.

There are a variety of Keto-friendly, low carb fruits that you can consume. However, there are also Keto fruits that you should avoid. Aside from the not-so-friendly Keto fruits that I’ve included in the list, starchy and sugary fruits such as pineapple, papaya, and tangerine must be restricted. There are a lot more fruits that you can enjoy as you go Keto. The least you can do to magnify the best Keto results is to understand and know which low carb fruits are doable for you.

Low carb fruits can be everyone’s best friends when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. They serve as desserts since they try to satisfy your cravings with their organic sugars. It is undebatable that low carb fruits are healthy and organic. They even give endless health benefits that everyone will love.

The catch is, healthy as they seem, Ketogenic dieting requires a more careful calculation when it comes to carb intake.

If you’re serious in not stalling your low-carb diet, you need to be extra picky when it comes to savoring those alternative sweets – fruits.

Best low carb fruits and which ones to avoid

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