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InstaKetones Review 2018

A BHB supplement for women and men, Julian Bakery InstaKetones fuel the body while aiding in weight loss and overall health. A form of exogenous ketones developed from extensive research, InstaKetones don’t compel the body to create more ketones or lead to a state of ketosis on their own. Instead, they provide dieters with access to all the advantages of ketones while allowing them to continue eating some of the foods they enjoy.

Crucial substances, ketones generate more energy than carbohydrates or even protein. By following the InstaKetones diet and engaging in regular workouts, you can achieve your goals with regard to health and wellness, even if you suffer the occasional cheat day or lapse in judgement. As a bonus, Julian Bakery customers enjoy a number of positive effects like increased mental energy and greater endurance and stamina.

While the InstaKetones reviews we’ve seen are mainly positive, there are some drawbacks that consumers should keep in mind. And just a head’s up: recent reviews suggest that the company may have switched suppliers, resulting in changes to both flavor and packaging. Read on to learn about the pros and cons of using InstaKetones to further your fitness goals.

Ingredients and Side Effects

Restricting carbs leads the body to produce ketones naturally after a period of two to five days. However, it’s easy to slip up and fall out of ketosis again, destroying all your hard work. Supplements like InstaKetones help by expediting the process of upping ketone levels in the blood. When combined with a healthy diet and dedicated workout routine, taking a keto supplement can help you stay in ketosis and achieve your weight-loss goals.

InstaKetones is filled with an array of healthy ingredients, including beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB), calcium, sodium, citric acid, orange extract, monk fruit, and a blend of amino acids like L-taurine, L-tyrosine, and L-leucine.

The side effects of taking Julian Bakery InstaKetones are:

  • Burning stored fat for energy
  • Helping users maintain and achieve ketosis
  • Easing keto “flu” and feelings of “brain fog”
  • Boosting mental focus and concentration
  • Increasing overall energy and endurance
  • Helping put dieters back on track after cheat meals

It’s important to note that InstaKetones flush water weight out of the body. Drinking plenty of water while taking this supplement is the best way to ensure you stay hydrated and keep fat moving through and out of your body. Because the supplement itself contains salt, it’s also wise to avoid consuming excess sodium while taking InstaKetones. Refraining from eating chips and other carbs will also help you achieve ketosis and your other goals for weight loss and fitness.

The salts in InstaKetones and other BHB supplements often result in mild digestive upset. However, the good news is these symptoms are usually mild in nature and short lasting. If you have a sensitive stomach, it might help to start off by taking a half rather than a full scoop of InstaKetones when you first consume the product.

Price and Quality

Consumers can purchase a 30-serving package of InstaKetones for $49.99. The supplement is available in different flavors, including orange. You can buy it in caffeinated and caffeine-free varieties.

To use, mix a serving of InstaKetones with water and consume first thing in the morning or about 15 minutes prior to working out. You can also consume this supplement at lunchtime. If desired, you can combine the mixture with MCT oil for extra effect. Avoid consuming sugar or carbohydrates for at least four hours after taking InstaKetones.

Company Review

Email: [email protected]

Phone number: (760) 721-5200

Address: 624 Garrison St., Oceanside, CA, 92054

InstaKetones boasts an online reputation that’s largely positive. According to the company website, the ketones used in Julian Bakery InstaKetones are licensed under the US patents

US009138420B2 and US006613356B1. The business is proud to operate a 30,000-square-foot distribution center in Oceanside, Calif.

Customers thinking of purchasing InstaKetones or another product from Julian Bakery should note that the company does not accept returns based on taste preferences. Unopened, non-perishable goods can be returned. Customers who receive an item that’s damaged or defective should contact customer service ASAP.

Customer Reviews

Julian Bakery InstaKetones reviews suggest that the product is generally well received by consumers. Of 784 customer reviews on Amazon, the product enjoys an average ranking of three stars. Check out some of the comments posted on Amazon and the company website:

“The taste is pretty good and I like the fact that the only sweetener is Lo huan as opposed to Stevia since sometimes Stevia makes my joints ache. Definitely helps with energy and endurance.”

“This stuff is liquid gold if you ask me. Yeah it doesn’t taste great but I think its meant to be chugged down. I eat pretty low carb anyway but I have cheated a couple times in 2 weeks and I’ve still lost 8 lbs. it gives me energy and I am able to focus better. Worth every penny to me!”

“My first month with this product was good. I enjoyed the flavor and results so I reordered. To my surprise the 2nd batch tasted horrible. I contacted customer service and was told they switched suppliers. I immediately asked to return the product since I no longer can stand to drink it and was told they do not accept opened product returns. I am by no means a picky eater! The new stuff tastes like battery acid! Not even a hint of orange flavor.”

“Well, a good product that has changed. Previously purchased many times as this stuff helped workouts. No more with the latest bags received- tasted different, was packaged different, and seams on one bag split during shipping allowing product to spill inside shipping box. Used to ship double bagged.”

“I’ve been practicing intermittent fasting and ketosis diet for quite some time. Thought this supplement may give me an edge, but when I measured out the recommended dose on my mg scale and took it it made me feel pretty ill every time.”

“This works really well! Check out the picture provided to see my ketone test strip about an hour and a half after drinking. The taste is terrible, even with added flavoring, but I just pinch my nose and chug. The results are well worth a few seconds of awful.”

The Verdict

With a score of three out of five stars on Amazon, InstaKetones enjoys an online reputation that’s mostly positive. Users rave about the effectiveness of the product and note that it helps them maintain ketosis even on “cheat” days. Moreover, consumers have observed that ketone test strips showed they were in ketosis after using the supplement.

Still, not all the news about InstaKetones is good. Several InstaKetones reviews show that taste is a concern with this supplement. While some appreciate the use of monk fruit instead of other sweeteners, others caution that they struggled to drink the beverage. One reviewer noted that the taste worsened after the company switched suppliers, while another commented that the packaging was different in recent shipments. A few commenters said that they felt sick to their stomachs after taking the product.

Weigh the pros and cons and decide if Julian Bakery InstaKetones is the right nutritional supplement for you.

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