It’s no secret that fitness fanatics are constantly seeking the best new products for losing weight and getting healthy. Created by former student athletes, RSP Keto BHB was designed with the needs of sports stars and athletic newbies alike in mind. Whether you’re just beginning your keto journey or have been practicing this diet for years, RSP Keto BHB provides an alternative energy source for both the brain and body.

Because a ketogenic diet involves switching from burning primarily carbs to burning fat, it’s natural to feel a drop off in energy. These feelings of fatigue can be especially problematic if you’re trying to put in extra hours at the gym or get through a busy day without resorting to eating carbs.

Containing RSP Nutrition’s patented exogenous ketones, RSP Keto BHB can keep you going through aerobic activity, bodyweight training, competitive sports, or any other activity on your to-do list. Enjoy a boost in energy along with an increase in mental focus and concentration.

Is RSP Keto BHB one of the best BHB salts on the market? While the reviews for this product are good overall, with most customers seeing positive effects, not all users are convinced that the supplement does what it claims. Read on and decide for yourself.

Is RSP Keto BHB one of the best BHB salts on the market? While the reviews for this product are good overall, with most customers seeing positive effects, not all users are convinced that the supplement does what it claims. Read on and decide for yourself.

Ingredients and Side Effects

Along with the company’s patented beta-hydroxybutyrate ketones, RSP Keto BHB capsules include ingredients such as calcium, sodium, and magnesium. Small and easy to swallow, the pills provide keto practitioners with the exogenous ketones they need to stay healthy and energized without the inconvenience of a powder supplement.

Boasting 2.4 grams of exogenous ketones in each serving, RSP Keto BHB helps the body overcome its dependence on carbohydrates. By burning carbs rather than fat, you can lose weight and improve your overall health. Additionally, keto BHB supplements improve training endurance, so you can hit the gym more frequently and work out harder, even while dieting.

The side effects of RSP Keto BHB capsules include:

  • Supporting ketosis
  • Reducing appetite
  • Boosting energy
  • Increasing endurance and stamina
  • Enhancing mental focus and clarity
  • Supporting skeletal muscle
  • Decreasing overall inflammation

Unlike some keto supplements, RSP Keto is made with gelatin derived from vegetables rather than animal sources. It’s a solid choice for those on a vegetarian or vegan diet. The supplement is also free of carbohydrates.

Price and Quality

You can order a 60-serving container of RSP Keto BHB for $49.99. That’s 240 pills in all, with a serving consisting of 4 pills. For best results, take four capsules before working out or any time you need a fast boost of energy. It’s best to take this product on an empty stomach, though you can technically take it at any time of day to elevate ketone levels and expedite ketosis.

According to the website, RSP Keto works best when combined with a healthy keto-friendly diet and regular exercise regimen. You can also use this product to help suppress appetite and raise energy while practicing intermittent fasting.

The product is also available in a powdered version. The flavor is peach mango.

Company Review

Email: [email protected]

Phone number: 877.814.2544

Address: RSP Nutrition, P.O. Box 398776, Miami Beach, FL, 33239

The company behind RSP Keto BHB, RSP Nutrition has a positive online reputation, particularly among members of the athletic community. Founded by former student athletes, the company prides itself on serving the needs of health addicts and sports aficionados while maintaining a team-like environment behind the scenes. According to the company website, the organization focuses on the values of hard work, innovation, and integrity.

With that in mind, it’s no surprise that RSP Nutrition accepts returns of unopened items in their original packaging. Customers need to return items within 30 days if they want a refund. The company also offers free shipping on purchases of $75 or higher.

Customer Reviews

The RSP Keto BHB reviews are generally positive. With 112 Amazon reviews, the product currently has an average score of four stars. While a few reviewers failed to observe an effect from taking RSP Keto, most said the supplement improved their energy levels while helping decrease appetite. Check out these reviews from RSP Keto customers:

“RSP always provides great products that make a difference in my performance. When taking them before my workouts I’ve seen an increase in endurance and energy. I definitely recommend this product.”

“I added RSP Keto BHB capsules to my supplementation routine after already having entered ketosis and while I was originally skeptical, I’m ordering my second bottle. I’ve been not only taking this pre-workout to help me feel more focused in the gym but also at work and before doing school work to stay sharp. RSP has done a great job with this.”

“I wish I could say I feel energized after taking this, but I don’t, I feel nothing, I follow the Keto nutritional guidelines religiously and sometimes I need an extra boost at the end of the week, but I am better off taking a shot of espresso….”

“I LOVE RSP Keto BHB. It has been a great addition to my workout regimen. I am a vegetarian so these fit into my daily diet as well as fuel my workouts. I am alert and excited to wake up and workout every morning thanks to RSP in general and now my added capsules. It’s nice to find supplements that are healthy and actually work.”

“At first it really helped with digestion which was an unexpected boon. After a couple of weeks, the opposite happened. It caused severe constipation.”

“Since taking Keto BHB, I’ve noticed a decrease in my appetite which helps me get through my long work days easier than ever as. My boyfriend takes it for intermittent fasting as well and he loves it. Decreased hunger and a boost in mental clarity was just what I was looking for and I found it in this product. I’ll definitely be buying this again.”

The Verdict

The abundance of positive reviews suggests that RSP Keto BHB is well liked and tolerated by most users. Along with helping them achieve ketosis and stay there, even after the occasional “cheat” meal, users report that the capsules decrease appetite and provide a much-needed boost of energy for working out. Customers have praised the product for helping with focus and concentration and alleviating symptoms of the infamous “keto flu.”

Despite an abundance of positive comments, a few people did have negative things to say about these keto BHB salts. The capsules didn’t work for all reviewers, with some reporting that they felt little change. And a couple users said they suffered digestive upset after taking the pills.

Overall, RSP Keto BHB seems like a solid choice for individuals seeking a BHB salt product in capsule form. Unlike the powdered form of the supplement, the capsules are free from a salty or bitter flavor. You can store them in a purse or gym bag and consume them on the go without bringing along a water bottle for mixing. And because the product is free of animal products like true gelatin, it’s safe for vegetarians and vegans alike.

Consider giving this supplement a try if you’re seeking a BHB supplement in capsule form.


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