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It’s no secret that there are numerous ketogenic BHB salts on the market. However, KetoLogic® BHB offers some advantages that help it stand out from the pack. Not only does this powdered supplement promise to ease cravings while providing much-needed energy for the body and brain, but it also has a taste that appeals to a majority of reviewers. Because the product comes in multiple flavors, including apple-pear, cucumber-lime, and grape, consumers are likely to find a choice that appeals to them. In this sense, KetoLogic BHB is a great choice for users looking to fight that dreaded afternoon energy crash that’s common with a ketosis diet.

Among ketogenic BHB salts, KetoLogic BHB has the distinction of being free of artificial sweeteners and other unnatural ingredients. While some supplements contain a lot of added components, KetoLogic is a clean energy source full of the purest goBHB out there.

Read on to learn about the benefits and drawbacks of KetoLogic and determine if it’s the right BHB supplement for you.

Ingredients and Side Effects

The main ingredient in KetoLogic Keto BHB is beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB), a supplement with the label GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe). Exogenous BHB contains ketone bodies, which help push the body into a state of ketosis. Just as glucose is a type of energy taken from carbohydrates, ketones are energy molecules that come from the fat we consume. By taking a keto supplement like KetoLogic Keto BHB, dieters can reach ketosis faster, so they’re burning stored energy rather than sugar. The end result is expedited weight loss and other benefits to physical and mental health.

Additionally, KetoLogic BHB features magnesium, sodium, citric acid, mamalic acid, natural flavors, and stevia. It has 20% of the daily value of calcium and is free from artificial flavors and sweeteners and sugar.

The side effects of taking KetoLogic BHB include:

  • Boosted ketones in order to reach ketosis within hours of consumption
  • Fuel for the brain, muscles, and heart during periods of carb deprivation
  • Appetite suppression and help with weight loss
  • Fat burning without an accompanying loss of muscle mass
  • Increased physical and mental concentration
  • Enhanced athletic performance and stamina
  • Reduction in keto “flu” symptoms
  • Normalization of blood sugar levels

KetoLogic BHB is vegetarian and vegan. It’s free from dairy and gluten and is made without GMO ingredients. The supplement is safe for most dieters, but consumers with preexisting health conditions should consult their doctors prior to using KetoLogic BHB.

Price and Quality

Customers can purchase a 30-serving container of KetoLogic Keto BHB for $59.99 on the company website. However, prospective buyers should be aware that many customers have noted that the packaging contains less than the amount of supplement it claims.

To use, first shake the bottle to loosen the powder in the supplement. Then mix 1 scoop of the product with 8 to 12 ounces of water, adding more or less liquid based on your taste preferences. You can take multiple servings of KetoLogic throughout the day based on your needs and desires. While you can consume the product with or without food, it’s best to take it between meals, when your body is in need of energy and ketones. For best results, opt to take a keto BHB supplement:

  • When you wake up in the morning in lieu of breakfast
  • As a snack to avoid afternoon energy crashes and battle cravings
  • Before hitting the gym or partaking in athletic activities

The product is available in patriot-pop, apple-pear, cucumber-lime, and grape. You can also purchase an unflavored option.

Company Review

Email: [email protected]

Phone number: (336) 567-0104

Address: 1452 Industry Drive, Burlington, NC, 27215

KetoLogic enjoys a strong online reputation, putting it among the best BHB salts companies out there. One of the major selling points of the Keto BHB supplement is that the company offers free shipping on all sales. Here’s an added boon: customers can return products for a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

Customer Reviews

With an average rating of four stars and 93 customer reviews on Amazon to date, KetoLogic BHB has the distinction of being an Amazon Choice product. Still, not all customers report being satisfied with their purchases. While some users praise the product for its pleasant flavor and effectiveness as a weight-loss aid and energy source, others report that the container does not contain the 30 servings the packaging claims. Read some of the KetoLogic BHB reviews for yourself:

“This has been a game changer for me. I typically take it anytime I’m low energy (1-2 servings a day) OR if I know that I may have knocked myself out of ketosis the day before. The taste is the best I’ve tried from similar products and it’s super easy to blend. Also a big fan of the Patriot Pop flavor.”

“We love KetoLogic BHB’s. Tried the Orange-Mango first, and loved the flavor, tried the Patriot Pop and was extremely surprised. The taste was great, and not as tart as Orange-Mango. Next up is Grape! Love how energized we feel, great afternoon pick up.”

“I love the product, but I feel cheated because after 3 jars I never got 30 servings. I will try some other products. Had same problem with the meal replacement too.”

“Love this product, I got the Apple Pear flavour and it tastes really good! I love having it in the afternoon around 3pm, it kicks my bad cravings, and stops the afternoon slump! I now feel energised when arriving to the gym after work, instead of tired and unmotivated. Such a shame it’s not 30 servings though!”

“Very happy with this product, helps me get into ketosis. I am following the ketogenic diet but I have 2 autoimmune disorders so this really helps clear my brain fog and fatigue – a lifesaver at work where I have to focus all day. I can stand the unflavored but others might not like it. I haven’t tried any of the flavors. This brand is also easier on my stomach than Keto Ca Na (also a great product but harsh on my stomach).”

“Love the orange-mango flavor! I do 1 scoop in between meals when I’m starting to feel an energy slump and it immediately picks me back up. The mental fogginess goes away and I almost feel like I had a cup of coffee or tea, without the stimulating effect.”

The Verdict

The main selling points with KetoLogic Keto BHB are the pleasant flavor and clean ingredients. Many consumers appreciate that the product has an easy-to-understand nutritional label free of additives and ingredients that are hard to pronounce. The multiple flavor options mean that users are more likely to find an option they enjoy. And most users report that the supplement helps them achieve ketosis and avoid afternoon energy slumps.

Still, there are some drawbacks associated with using KetoLogic BHB over other supplements. A number of reviewers commented that the container included less than the 30 servings promised. This false advertising led some dieters to switch to more reasonably priced supplements. However, if cost isn’t a factor in your decision-making, consumers can rest assured knowing that KetoLogic BHB is one of the best BHB salts on the market.

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