KetoSports Ketoforce

The self-described “original exogenous ketone product,” KetoSports’ KetoForce contains beta-hydroxybutrate in liquid form. According to the company website, KetoForce will increase blood ketone levels for up to three hours after consumption. Additionally, the company claims that taking the supplement within 30 minutes of a workout will reduce oxygen consumption and aid in performance.

KetoForce is designed to be taken during the early stages of embarking on a keto diet. The company recommends that dieters take the supplement three times a day to expedite the process of achieving ketosis and support the metabolism. Once you’ve achieved ketosis, you can start consuming KetoForce just once a day, adding an initial dose before high-intensity workouts.

While reviewers praise the effectiveness of KetoForce, the taste has some keto practitioners opting for other BHB salts. Read on to learn about the ingredients in KetoForce, as well as the benefits and drawbacks associated with this supplement.

Ingredients and Side Effects

The ketones in KetoForce affect the body by inhibiting a state of starvation and providing much-needed fuel for the brain and body. KetoForce contains natural ingredients, including water, citric acid, and sodium hydroxide. There are no animal products, so the supplement is appropriate for vegetarian and vegan dieters. It’s also gluten free, lactose free, and approved for those on keto and paleo diets.

Additionally, KetoForce is free from harsh stimulants. It’s suitable for anyone seeking to optimize her or his physical or mental performance in life without suffering the undesirable effects common with coffee and soda.

The side effects of KetoSports KetoForce are:

  • Increase in blood ketones
  • Help with appetite suppression
  • Support for resistance training and stamina
  • Superior mental focus and concentration
  • Reduction in negative ketosis symptoms and keto-flu
  • Help achieving ketosis after “cheat days”

While KetoForce is considered safe for most individuals looking to lose weight and get fit, people with diabetes should consult their doctors before starting on this supplement. Those with sensitive stomachs may want to start out slower with KetoForce. The ingredients in this product are known to cause GI upset during the first few doses.

Price and Quality

A 16-ounce container of KetoSports Ketoforce costs $59.99 and contains 16 servings. The instructions suggest that individuals consume three capfuls at a time, and users are advised not to take more than three servings in a single day. Once you’ve been in ketosis for a longer period, you can cut down to just one serving or capful of KetoForce per day.

Because KetoForce has a salty flavor and an alkaline pH of 10 to 11, the manufacturers recommend combining the supplement with 4 to 8 ounces of an acidic beverage, such as lemonade. Individuals who are currently in ketosis may want to take 30 cc about a half hour before hitting the gym, too. The elevated ketone levels will last for up to 3 hours and help with performance and stamina. KetoForce also claims to decrease the amount of oxygen consumed while exercising.

Company Review


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Offering a full range of ketogenic and low-carb nutritional products, KetoSports has an online reputation that’s largely positive. Of 118 Amazon customer reviews, KetoForce has an average ranking of four stars. However, prospective customers should note that the company does not accept returns due to the sensitive and limited resources used in creating its supplements and the fact that returned items can’t be restocked. Buyers are advised to keep this policy in mind before making a purchase.

Customer Reviews

In a review of the best BHB salts of 2018, KetoSports’ Ketoforce earned high marks for effectiveness. Not only did reviewers report that the product helped them achieve ketosis, but they also remarked on its potential value to boost energy before a workout. However, many people cautioned that the salty flavor was terribly unappetizing. Check out these comments from previous Ketoforce customers:

“Yes, this product works. It does exactly what is says it does. The best I can compare it to is like a sugar rush/high, without the actual sugar and no crash afterwards. It tastes pretty salty and kind of bitter so the best way to take it is in the cap fulls as it goes down quicker. I am a repeat customer. Just wish the price was more affordable so I could buy more bottles!”

“For every 3 capfuls, mix with the juice of 3 whole lemons and dilute with water. The brine taste will disappear. I use this first thing in the morning and as a pre-workout.”

“I’ve tried all the other brands, but since I’m staying away from stevia, erythritol, xylitol etc, I’m sticking with this brand. As other reviewers state, I don’t buy this for the taste but for results.”

“I was having an impossible time getting into ketosis and this actually worked! It is the absolute most awful tasting thing on the planet but it gets results. I mixed a cap full with MCT oil, lemon and stevia and took 3x daily for 3 days and now just 1x daily to maintain ketosis. I do eat a ketogenic diet. I would recommend this product.”

“I was in ketosis when I bought this. KetoForce placed me in a deeper ketosis and I stayed in that deeper ketosis the remainder of the day. (Not just an hour or two as with some people). It does taste bad, but with a little experimenting, (water & lemon juice) I had no issue with it.”

“It took me five days to get into ketosis and I tried just one tablespoon of this in a small glass of water with fresh squeezed lemon. Had a really great workout cleaning out my garage from what was going to be two hours to five. If you saw my garage …you’d nod a deep understanding of my workout. Since then, I treat myself to this about 3x a week. (still working out different dishes and electrolytes to observe).”

“On the days of treating, I’m literally ASTONISHED at how much more creative and cheery/giggly I become. I have a blood ketone meter and haven’t yet measured a few hours after taking this–mainly because I’m off doing things that seem fun, seem more deep or just more intense. Like the spice section at my health food store suddenly becomes a bonanza of ideas.”

The Verdict

An exogenous ketone product containing beta-hydroxybutrate, KetoSports’ KetoForce is free from the stimulants, artificial sweeteners, and unnatural flavors common in other nutritional supplements. Made from pure ketones, this product induces a state of ketosis to help dieters secure the results they desire. In that sense, it’s an effective pre-workout supplement.

Although reviewers note that KetoForce does put them into a deeper state of ketosis, many complain about the liquid’s unpleasant flavor, which stems from the high sodium content. The salty taste of the supplement also means that users need to consume it with acidic drinks. Taking this extra step can be inconvenient if you prefer to consume keto supplements on the go.

Another consideration is that the high price tag of KetoForce put off some users and encouraged them to turn to other supplements. However, if you have money to spare and don’t mind drinking your keto product with another beverage, KetoForce might be the solution to your weight-loss woes.

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