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Does Perfect Keto Base live up to its name? A powdered beta hydroxybutyrate product, this supplement was created to aid keto practitioners in facilitating and maintaining a state of ketosis. However, the company website also notes that the powder may help athletes maximize performance in the gym or on the field or court.

Created by certified sports chiropractor and functional medicine provider Dr. Anthony Gustin, this bhb powder has the distinction of being doctor developed. And unlike some of its competitors, Perfect Keto Base is free from ingredients like carbs, fillers, sugars, gums, and binders. Perfect Keto is also made with MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides), which are among the top substances for fuel and energy creation.

Dietary strategies that are reliant on carbs frequently leave people feeling deprived. By relying on the body’s stored fat instead, a keto diet provides stable energy for longer, and keto BHB supplements help dieters reach ketosis faster. Created to support both physical and mental focus, Perfect Keto Base is consistently ranked one of the best keto BHB supplements around.

Perfect Keto Base earns high marks despite being one of the pricier products out there. Learn more about the pros and cons of this nutritional powder before deciding if it’s right for you.

Ingredients and Side Effects

The packaging claims that Perfect Keto Base provides the body with clean, natural energy, and the ingredients seem to live up to that claim. Along with an exogenous ketone called beta-hydroxybutyric acid (BHB), Perfect Keto Base contains medium chain triglycerides (MCT), calcium, citric acid, and magnesium. The flavoring comes from natural ingredients and stevia. According to the website, Perfect Keto Base is free from carbs, sugars, fillers, caffeine, and binders.


The company recommends that customers take Perfect Keto Base in the mornings, prior to working out, and any time they need to boost their ketone levels. Because the product lacks the bitter or salty flavor common in other keto supplements, users can feel free to mix it with their liquid of choice, including water, almond or coconut milk, coffee, or smoothies. However, the website notes that you don’t need a blender to enjoy Perfect Keto Base.

For best results, consume this nutritional supplement on an empty stomach to achieve faster, easier ketosis and get back on track more readily after a “cheat day.”

The side effects of Perfect Keto Base include:

  • Help achieving ketosis without common “keto-flu” symptoms
  • Metabolism building and appetite control
  • Increased focus and concentration
  • Superior athletic endurance and stamina
  • Higher energy levels

Some individuals who use Perfect Keto Base complain of GI distress. This condition is not uncommon with certain supplements containing exogenous ketones and tends to resolve within a few days of using the products. Additionally, Perfect Keto takes steps in preparing its products to minimize stomach upset.

Price and Quality

Customers can purchase an 8.4-ounce container of Perfect Keto Base for $59. There are approximately 15 servings per container (nearly $4 per scoop), with a serving constituting 1 scoop of powder. You can purchase Perfect Keto Base in the following flavors: chocolate, peach, salted caramel, coffee, and vanilla. The powder dissolves easy and has a sweet flavor.

According to the website, Perfect Keto features only the highest-quality BHB ketones, which are sourced here in the United States. The manufacturers utilize salt splits that are uniquely formulated to minimize the GI distress that can accompany beta-hydroxybutyrate consumption. They claim to blend the ketones in a way that minimizes stomach upset.

Company Review

Email: [email protected]
Phone number: Unknown
Address: Unknown

Perfect Keto Base’s online reputation is largely positive, with the chocolate flavor receiving 2,439 customer reviews and an average ranking of four stars on Amazon. Customers thinking of trying Perfect Keto Base will be pleased to learn that the company offers both exchanges and refunds within 30 days of purchase. However, prospective buyers should note that the product must be returned unopened and unused, with all the original packaging and labels. Shipping and return shipping costs will not be refunded.

Perfect Keto has an email address listed on the company webpage. However, the fact that we could not find a phone number or address for Perfect Keto online raises concerns that the company might be hard to get a hold of.

Customer Reviews

Perfect Keto Base earned a high spot on our list of the best keto BHB supplements due in part to the abundance of positive reviews. While many customers noted the high cost of the powder, the taste and effectiveness helped make this product a winner. Check out some of the reviews for Perfect Keto Base:

“I am not a big breakfast person and so the Base is a great way for me to get in good fats easily in the morning. One scoop in coffee if I’m being really lazy will keep me going or if I want something more elaborate – almond or cashew milk and ice in the blender! Mmmmm!”

“The keto base delivered on the promise of more energy during my workouts, which was the primary reason I bought it. Even half a scoop worked. But be aware – the taste is not great. I believe that’s the case with all exogenous ketones though. Just be prepared to chase your drink with some water and it’s fine.”

“Very impressed. This is a staple for Keto IF for me and my husband. Makes us feel amazing!
It’s a bit pricey but it won’t stop me from buying it.”

“This is delicious! I’m not sure what people are talking about when they say it tastes bad. I put a half scoop only (because its soooo expensive) in my iced coffee with have cream every morning and it tastes better than it ever did without. I’m not sure its really working and it does upset my stomach. I will have to get some strips to check ketosis and will come back to update. I think I’ll probably still only give three stars though because it is WAY WAY WAY OVERPRICED!”

“The powder has a nice vanilla taste, but is SO SO SO sweet tasting. It uses stevia….just way too much for my taste. I tried mixing with 8 oz water, but the sweetness was overwhelming. I tried 1/2 scoop in coffee, that was ok. I think it’s best use will be in a smoothie with unsweet almond milk. I will look for unsweet product next time. For those who hate the flavor of any sweeteners…look elsewhere.”

The Verdict

Wondering if Perfect Keto is the right product for you? Although the powdered supplement is formulated to help prevent digestive upset, some users do report experiencing stomach pain and distress. For best results, start off by taking a smaller dose of Perfect Keto and work your way up to the recommended amount. Individuals with sensitivities to MCT oil may also experience a negative reaction to Perfect Keto.

Overall, users praised both the taste and effectiveness of Perfect Keto, stating that it helped them achieve and maintain ketosis. However, some reviewers noted that the use of stevia made the powder too sweet. Multiple consumers said that the high cost of the supplement had them looking elsewhere for the best keto BHB supplements.

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