Building Muscle on Keto: Is It Possible? + Tips

Building muscle on keto is possible. Here are some tips on how to build muscles while maximizing the keto diet benefits.

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Building muscle has become a big hit in society today. Men and women now go to the gym non-stop. Reason being that they want to build muscle. How about on keto? Is building muscle on keto possible?

Understanding Muscle Building

Here’s the big question? Are carbs good for building muscle? Of course, yes. But are they mandatory? Of course, No. That means that even when your body is in a state of ketosis, you can still build muscle.

No doubt, carbohydrate helps out a lot in working out. First, they help out with the release of insulin. And at the same time, glycogen can be stored in the muscles. With this energy needed for working out is already present in the muscle.

But you must also not forget that adipose tissue is available. And it can be burned down when energy is needed. So with that, you would still be able to build your muscle. 

In muscle building, there are two forms of growth. It either be hyperplasia or hypertrophy. Hyperplasia is the increase in the number of cells. So when there is a need for the cells in our muscles would begin to split. And with that, there is an increase in the size of your muscles. 

Hypertrophy is the increase in the size of muscle due to the increased size of muscle fiber. Most times hypertrophy in muscle building occurs as a result of compensation. The workload on muscles during exercise becomes very much. And the only way they can compensate for the increased demand is by increasing size. That way, more and more work can be done. 

Tips on Building Muscle on Keto 

Some tips would help you in gaining muscle while on keto. And we’ve come up with this list. The following tips on this list would surely help you out a lot when building muscle on keto.

  • Train hard: Always remember that the number of hours in the gym is not equivalent to how fast muscle building would be. The most important thing is the intensity of your workouts. You must also remember, that we all have different body metabolism. For some, it would take a while for muscle building to start. While for some, it would take a shorter time. The point here is paying attention to your body. Check for the specific needs of your body in terms of exercise type, and do it.
  • Eat protein-rich foods that are keto-friendly: You must eat keto-friendly foods while trying to build muscle. That’s because it’s believed that the diet has an important role to play in building muscle. You must take foods that would aid muscle growth and repair. And a good one is proteins. Vitamins and minerals are also essential.
  • Take the Right Amount of Calories: Calorie intake is one factor to consider while on keto. Make sure to have enough energy for the muscle to avoid muscle wasting.
  • Water intake: Water, as you know, is essential for the body. Not taking enough water can lead to dehydration and fatigue. That can be very dangerous if you’re doing strenuous workouts to build muscle.

How to Maximize Your Keto Diet

  • Burn fat: This is one of the many reasons why people go on a keto diet. It’s one of the safest methods of losing weight. It also helps you stay healthy and free from some diseases. That’s because the amount of carbohydrates consumed is less. If there are no changes in terms of weight, then you might need a new keto diet plan.
  • Rest and sleep: While working out on keto diet, rest and sleep are very important. Though there is no direct link between these two yet, you can be sure that resting after having those heavy workouts would go a long way. So many people recover faster, all thanks to taking enough rest after the strenuous exercise.
  • Water: It’s also important to stay hydrated while working out. That way, you can fully maximize the diet. One way of flushing toxins from our bodies is by drinking enough water. That way, the muscle would build up faster.

Going on a keto diet is good. But also understanding its benefits is better. Don’t be deceived that when you’re on a keto diet you can’t build muscle mass. The truth is that it helps out with it. So what are you waiting for? It’s about time you start building muscle on keto.

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