Can the ketogenic diet help with depression?

Over the years, Keto dieting has been used to cure different kinds of illness. Aside from all the medications that a person has to take just to survive depression, Keto can also be of support.

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Mental health has become a popular issue to the majority these days. Well, we now live in a time where it’s even impossible to come across someone who haven’t experienced depression at some point.

Depression is a disease caused by chemical imbalances in the body. Yes, that for one is true. However, during those dark days, we need to look for an extra kick to help fight back from the imbalances that have been happening in our system.

We should know by now that Ketogenic Dieting has drawn a lot of attention in the medical field. Over the years, Keto dieting has been used to cure different kinds of illness. Aside from all the medications that a person has to take just to survive depression, Keto can also be of support. And that my friend, is what I would like to discuss here.

Depression can give your body a series of negative reactions. There are days that you don’t feel like moving at all – this has become a big challenge to people who are trying to lose weight. Experts stated that people who go through this mental illness would have a hard time deciding on what to do in their everyday living. You see, there could be other factors that might give you a depressive mood aside from the chemical imbalances. Losing confidence could be one. Psychologically tested, if a person feels good about his/her body, it can help reduce the feeling of depression.

There are lot of testaments online that could help convince people who go through depression to try and enter Ketosis. You may now be wondering why and how. If by chance you happen to have one of those dark moments, bear with me as I try to explain how Keto can help you in this fight.

Here’s how it works.

Undergoing a Ketogenic diet can help produce GABA or what medical experts would call “a major neurotransmitter” that can help your brain function normally. Obviously, when you have a low amount of GABA, you are more likely to suffer from anxiety and depression. Even though GABA is known as a “downer”, its counterpart Glutamate is considered an “upper”. For a person with depression, you will be needing both for your brain to be at a proper state. In order to maintain the balance, the amount of glutamate must be limited to avoid too much excitement that can trigger not just seizures, but also depression.

If you happen to think of it, stress-eating or eating too much carbs and sugar can cause a negative impact not just to our mood, but also to our body. Since Keto is a low-carb diet, you would somehow help your body fight the depressive mood swings from occuring. Some studies also said that Keto flu or the temporary negative feeling that Keto dieting can give you might trigger depression. Again, that’s only “temporary”. We want something good for the long-term. Switching from a high-carb lifestyle to a low-carb one might actually make you cranky and less energetic. That’s normal since your body is still trying to adjust from the sudden shift. So if you start removing high-carb refined foods and start focusing on it’s long-term effect, your body will then get a hang of it – resulting to a more balanced brain functioning and a more confident body.

Ketones caused by Ketosis can also help boost up the mood. Even science has proven that anticonvulsant drugs which are used to treat seizures can help boost the mood of a person. Therefore, the same scenario might apply with keto and depression. Following a ketogenic diet positive changes in the brain-energy of a person could also take place.

Depression can also cause triggers on the gut-microbiome. As a result, it increases the amount of substances that go through the gut-lining which could then fall to an inflammatory effect. Little do we know, this inflammatory effect can cause poor physical health results and even negative mood swings. In order to prevent this from happening, Keto will require you to have anti-inflammatory exercises and consume foods with anti-inflammatory contents such as omega-3 fatty acids that could strongly help fight the poor mood swings.

Good thing for Keto diet, you will have to eat foods that are not prone to trigger depression. On your way to curing depression and losing weight at the same time, you will have to look for some specific nutrients in your Keto meals.

  • Omega 3 Fatty acids – Keto meals such as grass-fed meat, eggs, wild fatty fish, and good-quality fish oil has a high amount of omega 3 fatty acids. Since omega 3 are known to help boost the mood of a depressed person, Keto meals that contain these good fatty acids could give you dual benefits – reduce depression and lose weight.
  • Tryptophan – The serotonin present in this amino acid is a good mood stabilizer. You may get tryptophan at some Keto-friendly foods such as nuts, eggs, salmon, tukey, and cheese.
  • L-glutamine – This amino acid is known for the help it gives for normal brain functioning and development. Low glutamine levels can cause a person to feel more depressed. However, eating foods such as bone broth, cottage cheese, wild fish, spinach, and spirulina, you can get a good amount of glutamine to help balance the brain function.

As I have mentioned before, undergoing Ketosis can put you in a temporary negative feeling or there could be an existence of “Keto Flu”. To fight this, you may also include exogenous ketones to keep you from catching mood-related Keto Flu symptoms. There are numerous exogenous ketone based products that you can find online. They just don’t help you boost your mood but they also put your body in a good state of Ketosis.

Depression is no joke. In fact, it should be treated as a serious mental illness. Choosing the right food to eat and doing the proper exercises may help reduce the feeling of depression. Aside from it puts your neurotransmitters at a balanced state, Ketogenic dieting can also help you psychologically by making you feel confident enough with your overall system.

Personally, I’ve heard stories of people who use dieting and exercise as their natural way of coping from depression. This is due to the endorphin and dopamine being released to the body that can help you deal with emotional stresses. If dieting actually has helped them find their way out of depression, it might work for you too. One of the key secrets to fight depression is to put your mind in a happy and balanced state. With keto dieting, you can.

Take note, I am not saying that Keto diet is an end result for depression. There are other factors that can actually help you out of it. However, the natural therapy Keto diet has to offer can not only give you a positive feeling about your body but can also give you long-term health benefits.

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