Carnivore Diet Meal Plan

Reducing inflammation in the body is one of the key factors of the carnivore diet.

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Over many years, fad diets have come and gone from our kitchen just as much as fashion trends have done the same in our closets. With the surge of vegetarian and veganism — the meat-eaters have also come up with their carnivore diet meal plan.

This may sound even more extreme than going on a non-meat diet but based on studies, carnivore diets have been the norm of our ancestors for hundreds of years. 

Back in the day, our ancestors were on a strict animal-based diet. Not for aesthetics or dieting to lose weight either. But carnivory was just what provided them sustenance day by day. Surprisingly, these ancestors who lived on an animal-based diet thrived for years and have been some of the longest living generations

What’s In The Meat?

There isn’t much to the carnivore diet other than the simple matter of eating only animal foods and animal products. Anything else is not to be placed on the daily menu. This means, there are no fruits or vegetables involved as well as carbohydrates. Although this is the complete opposite of what a vegetarian diet or vegan diet advocates for, many people who have studied this diet and its nutritional value — humans need only protein, fats, and a good source of vitamins and minerals. Meat particularly can cover those basics.

The Inuits in the arctic regions thrive in a diet high in animal protein and fat and just barely sufficient vegetables and crops.due to harsh winters. And yet they have been a pretty sturdy race of men, women, and children who continue to live on such food.

The carnivore diet is also known as the zero carb diet. Many attest to the effectivity of this way of eating because it almost automatically cancels out the food you may be intolerant to without even knowing it. Inflammation is a common cause of health issues for many people with which is usually triggered by intolerance of the body to certain foods. Reducing inflammation in the body is one of the key factors of the carnivore diet. The process of eliminating foods our bodies don’t need to thrive can work wonders in achieving optimum health.

In truth, the carnivore diet meal plan just needs a little adjustment phase as most study participants report that it stops the cravings for non- carnivore foods. They spend less time daydreaming about food and shopping for planned menus as well as cooking and prepping meals compared to other popular diets

The carnivore diet is similar to the American standard table fare of meat, eggs, butter, and cheese as all are animal-based food. Fatty cuts are encouraged and without the absolute need to count or keep track of fat and protein intake targets. Spices and any kind of sauces and condiments as well as sweeteners should not be included in the shopping list. Coffee may be allowed as some do classify it more of a drug than it is food. Bulletproof coffee is the best way to go. Alcohol contains calories and some do contain sugar so it will interfere with ketosis.

There is no limit to the intake of food. The rule of thumb is to eat until you feel stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey and refrain from eating until you are hungry. However, one must be able to tell the difference between real hunger and false hunger. When you think you are hungry but won’t feel satiated eating a lot more meat — this is more of a craving than hunger. It takes about a week for cravings to subside. 

A Typical Carnivore Diet Meal Plan

  • Breakfast: black coffee or bulletproof coffee, eggs cooked to your preference and bacon + plenty of water.
  • Lunch: 80//20% steak or grilled pink salmon with dry rub seasoning.
  • Snacks: Crispy pork rinds or a sausage
  • Dinner: Grilled flank or skirt steak topped with herbed butter

The Good Cut

Still not convinced to give it a whirl? Here are some pretty shocking reports that show beneficial facts about the carnivore diet.

Obvious weight loss

Because it is similar to the keto diet, an all-meat diet may help you lose the extra stubborn pounds compared to other diets. Eating fat and protein from animals will shift your body’s source of energy from carbs and sugar to fats. 

This allows your body to burn off its fat supply for energy while protein satiates your hunger and cravings. Believe it or not but one can go about the day for several hours without feeling hungry or fantasizing about that greasy Philly cheesesteak at the nearest gastropub. Your hunger hormones become well-trained controls your appetite. 

Reduced inflammation

Inflammation is known to be triggered by carbo-rich foods that were consumed regularly. It is wise to stay away from processed foods and vegetable oils as these have been linked to inflammatory responses in the body. Some research studies have even attributed inflammation to some nutrients found in plants. The carnivore diet may even improve cartilage health from the extra collagen consumed from animal protein. 

Improved digestive issues

Fiber has always been the superhero for healthy digestion. However, for those who follow the carnivore diet — studies have shown that people with chronic constipation significantly had improved digestion issues by eating less fiber in comparison to those who consumed higher fiber.

Mental clarity

Due to zero carb presence while on the carnivore diet — the body starts to run on ketones. Research studies on participants have shown increased energy, mental clarity, and focus as ketones are known to have neuroprotective traits. It is said, that the brain has an ingrained liking to fats than carbs when it comes to an energy source.

Fired up testosterones

Hormonal functions rely mostly on healthy fats to keep them running in top form. Those who have gone on a diet of high healthy fats have shown great improvement in their levels of testosterone. Due to high protein and fat intake, muscle mass growth accompanied by improved strength can be expected. Women have no cause to worry since increased fat will help regulate hormones.  

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