Effective meal planning for the ketogenic diet

It is never a good idea to wing your keto diet. Having a keto friendly meal plan and committing to it is essential for success.

keto diet meal planning

So, you finally decided to join the bandwagon! Most people get reeled in by other people who successfully lost weight on a low-carb diet. Having an effective meal plan can help you achieve that success.

Decreasing your carb intake is a challenge most people can’t deal with. But, supplementing it with the right amount of fat can reduce the need to gobble down on sweets and other carbo-loaded foods.

This is the reason why you need to strike the balance between the two. You can only achieve doing so by planning your meals effectively.

Finding the right amount of increased fat consumption and decreased low carb is your primary goal to pull off your ketogenic and utilize its fat-burning capacity. Having a ketogenic diet meal plan can help you stick to your goals whatever happens.

As a beginner, it can be a struggle to create a meal plan by yourself. It’s hard to figure out an effective meal plan that can help you lose weight without having to feel down and out and lacking in energy.

Almost all diets are carbohydrates-laden. Take the staple American diet, for example. There are also some limitations on setting your diet. For example, if you are a vegan trying out keto, your options tend to be limited. Also, consuming foods high in fat is not usual in the traditional diet.

So, how can you adjust to this new change effectively?

Experts weigh in and provided some suggestions on which food to take to make your keto diet journey triumphant.

One tip all experts agree on is that you need to have a clear and concise plan. It is never a good idea to just wing it. Having a plan means setting a start date and committing to it. Throw away all your high-carb food in your pantry. Plan out meals and buy healthy snack choices. In all honesty, snacks will get you through keto diet. Since your carbs will be decreased, you will need to replenish your energy regularly. If you do not have a keto-friendly snack at bay, you are most likely to get tempted when grabbing any food near you.

Another reason why having a ketogenic meal plan can help you is because most people do not have any idea what to eat. It is easy to turn back to your regular diet when you run out of idea of what to eat.

First and foremost, ask your physician if you are capable of following such a strict diet. Get your bloodwork levels checked first. Make sure that you are in good health because vitamin D and cholesterol have the tendency to get messed up once you begin your keto diet. Some people who go for a prolonged keto diet suffer from high cholesterol or some nutritional deficiencies.

Unlike other diets, going for a keto diet gives you the freedom of no longer have to count calories. Eating foods that are high in fat and protein can satiate your cravings and keep you energized throughout the day.

Of course, you still need to track what you eat to make sure there is a good ratio of carbs, protein, and fat. The most recommended one is to consume 70 percent of your caloric intake from healthy fats with the remaining 30 percent to be distributed between protein (20 percent) and carbohydrates (10 percent). If you can follow this rule through all your meals, including snacks, you will achieve the results you are aiming for in no time. However, this is far too idea. You can still get positive results if you switch up the ratio of your macronutrients depending on your meals. On the most part, however, you should pattern all your meal with this ratio in mind.

Below are some sample ideas for keto foods meal plan:

Keto Breakfast Ideas:
  1. Create a perfectly energizing keto omelet by throwing in mushroom, spinach, and some feta cheese. This savoury meal will go with a keto coffee. You can add your MCT oil of choice, butter, or even bone broth protein.
  2. If you like a sweet breakfast, try whole milk with yogurt and sour cream and add some chia seeds, raspberries, and walnuts. However, you need to ensure that your measure the macronutrient ratio because it contains yogurt that has lactose, which is basically a carb. To balance things out, add two boiled eggs for more protein and fat.
Keto Lunch Ideas:
  1. Baked salmon and broccoli. Salmon has very healthy fats and the broccoli is a good source of fiber. Not to mention, this can perk you up mid-day because it tastes really delicious.
  2. Get your fiber on with delicious leafy greens. If you are not a fan of salads, it is a good thing you can add eggs and bacon on your keto meal. Avocado is also a good choice to add.
Keto Dinner Ideas:
  1. Eat some healthy protein with a sauteed ground beef in tomato sauce. If you are  a pasta lover, you can put a good amount on top of zucchini noodles or low carb noodles that are available in the market. To increase the amount of healthy fat, you can sauté the zucchini or low fat noodles in olive oil or add a drizzle of garlic oil in the sauce.
  2. Missing rice? Try the cauliflower grits. Add in some shrimps and arugula to satisfy your cravings. No need to give in, this meal is a good way to cap off the night.
Keto Snack Ideas

These treats are something you can munch on and enjoy when you get hungry:

  1. Turkey roll-ups with avocado.
  2. Cream cheese sandwiched between two slices of cucumber.
  3. Beef jerky
  4. Mixed nuts or nut butters
  5. Kale chips
  6. Cacao nibs
  7. String cheese
  8. Pork rinds
  9. Pickled olives
  10. Dark chocolates

Now that you have ideas, you can easily mix and match depending on your preference. Keto diet does not have to be stressful or anything. Being well-informed can help you make the rightful choices.

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