How much should I exercise while doing keto?

Sticking to the right form of exercise to supplement your diet is also equally important to get the best results out of any diet even keto.

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Maintaining a good balance of diet and exercise is key to a healthy body. Exercising on keto is a great way to maximize your weight loss goals. And while most think that cutting off a huge amount of carbs can be harmful for doing strenuous activities, it isn’t actually the case.You can exercise on keto but with a few considerations in mind.

Here are few of them:

The food you eat

Let’s start off with that kinds of food you should be consuming in order to fuel the body for exercising.

  • Carbs – Since the keto diet mainly restricts how much carbs you eat and since exercise requires the muscles to use glycogen to fuel itself during exercise. How much carbs you eat on your diet could make or break your exercise routine. If you only intend aerobic exercises that don’t require short bursts of energy, following the standard keto diet is fine. However, if you intend to do anaerobic exercise we recommend you switch your diet to targeted or cyclical keto diet which ups your carb intake.
  • Fats – since fat replaces carbs in the keto diet it’s important to eat the right amount of fat in your diet. Eat too little and you starve and lose weight which isn’t healthy, eat too much and you’ll gain weight. It’s important to remember that while on the keto diet fat amounts up to 70% of your daily food intake.
  • Protein – another equally important component to your diet, protein promotes weight loss and preserves muscle mass. It’s recommended that you stock up on this macronutrient too especially while exercising. The recommended amount of protein intake is 2.2g per kilogram of your body weight.
  • Supplements – are a great way to boost your energy during strenuous workout sessions. Loaded with both macro and micronutrients not only is it great for working out but it’s great for your health overall.

The kind of exercise you should do

When you are exercising while on keto you should probably pay close attention to what kind and how much exercise you should do. We recommend that exercising on low-intensities is best while on the keto diet except for anaerobic exercises.

There 4 basic types of exercises you can do while on keto.

  • Aerobic – also known as cardio exercises. They last for longer than three minutes and it takes little amounts of carbs in order to perform it. At low-intensities cardio can be fat-burning so it’s perfect for people on keto.
  • Anaerobic – requires high amounts of carbs because it is done with short bursts of energy. So fat alone can’t provide the fuel for this type of exercise. So this type of exercise can be a little tricky to do while on keto.
  • Flexibility – stretches out the muscles, supports joints and improves muscle range. This kind of exercise is also suitable for people on a diet.
  • Stability – strengthens muscles and controls movement. Again, you could probably do this type of exercise on keto in low-intensities.

The kind of diet you should follow when exercising on keto

When exercising on keto, the type of keto diet you follow could go a long way for you to get the best possible results even if its weight loss or muscle building. Here are the variations of the keto diet to keep in mind so you can better suit to your intended exercise.

  • Standard keto diet (SKD) – allows for 20-50g net carbs per day and is best for doing aerobic exercises.
  • Targeted keto diet (TKD) – allows for 25-50g net carbs per day and is taken 30 minutes before or after workout session.It is recommended for highly-active individuals or athletes
  • Cyclical keto diet (CKD) – requires you to eat low-carb for a couple of days followed by eating high-carbs after.


Exercising on keto is possible if you have the right mindset and with a few adjustments to your diet, you can get the best results out of your diet and your exercise routine.

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