What is a Fasting Mimicking Diet and How to Do It?

Fasting-mimicking diet is crafted by Dr. Valter Longo who is an Italian Researcher and Biologist. In this article, let us explore on how this diet will benefit you.

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With today’s hectic lifestyle and busy work schedules, people are looking for ways to improve their overall health.  Individuals will usually look for ways to improve their general condition through increased physical activity, consumption of healthy food items, and the use of more natural and alternative treatment options for various illnesses. People, however, also look for diet programs or routines that can help them achieve a better quality of life and enhanced Health. One such diet program is known as the fasting-mimicking diet. People who want to undergo the said diet, however, may be wondering what its all about and how the can successfully do it. In this article, we will look at what the fasting-mimicking diet is and how to successfully undergo this diet program.

Fasting Mimicking Diet: A Brief Overview

The fasting-mimicking diet was originally put together and crafted by Dr.Longo. This diet aimed to imitate the action of fasting, particularly its health benefits, while still ensuring the provision of enough nutrients and minerals to dieters. His diet modification also sought to avoid the deprivation of calories usually observed in other diet programs.

The Fasting Mimicking Diet or some people would call it “the fast mimicking diet” is a form of dieting that primarily utilizes the concept of fasting that is intermittent. This kind of diet, however, is different from the other more traditional fasting methods such as a method known as  16/8.

The fast mimicking diet also draws on research and clinical studies that were conducted over a span of several decades. While anybody can start using the fasting-mimicking methodology for their diet program, Dr. Longo himself is selling a more specialized brand of the aforementioned diet plan focused on achieving weight loss in as short as five(5) days.

How does Fasting Mimicking Diet Work?

The fasting-mimicking diet plan includes a five (5) day meal kits that are already prepackaged. These prepackaged meals will offer food items that are plant-based and derived whole food. These meal packs will also have food items that contain healthy fats such as flax and olive and will have little to no proteins or carbs. Within the Five-day diet program, dieters will only consume what is available in the prepackaged meal plans.

For the first day of the diet program, the diet can provide dieters with calories amounting to 1090 kcal which can be broken down into 34% carbohydrates, 56% fats, and 10% protein. The next few days within the five-day program will then only provide dieters calories amounting to 725 kcal which can be broken down into 47% carbohydrates, 44% fat, and 9% protein.

This low-carb, high-fat, and low-calorie meal approach will result in the body generating energy coming from sources that are non-carb based once stores of glycogen have been consumed. This mechanism is also known as gluconeogenesis.

One study showed that this diet program was designed in such a way that it will provide dieters with around 34% to 54% of the recommended daily intake of calories. The restriction and reduced intake of calories will then help the body mimic the response of its biological processes when faced with fasting. These biological responses will include fat loss, inflammation that is decreased, and regeneration of the cells. The fasting-mimicking program, however, recommends that prospective dieters consult a healthcare professional first before embarking on the aforementioned diet program. These healthcare professionals may include doctors or dietitians.

In addition, it is important for dieters to note that this diet program is not a form of one-time cleanse. It actually is a diet program that must be observed every six (6) months to achieve results that may be considered optimal.

What food items should dieters eat and what food items should be avoided?

As mentioned earlier, the fast mimicking diet will come prepackaged meals that come in meal kits or boxes. These five (5) individual boxes will correspond to each day of the diet program (one box for each day) and will have a chart that will detail which foods they are allowed to consume and the ideal time to consume them. Some food combos are also recommended per meal types such as breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner.

This special combination of food items can help in tricking the body into responding to the food consumed as if it is undergoing some form of fast, when in fact, it is getting its required energy for the day. It is important to note though, that dieters should never carry over or transfer one food item or packed meal from one day to another as this can derail their dieting efforts. More importantly, however, dieters need to remember that the food items included in the fast mimicking diet will only have food items that are lactose-free, gluten-free, and vegetarian. The packaged food items will also come with a nutritional fact sheet or list.

Listed below are some of the food items usually included in the packaged meals:

  1. L-Drink- This is an energy drink that based on glycerol and can be taken from the second to the fifth day particularly when the dieter’s body has already undergone gluconeogenesis.
  2. NR-1- This is a veggie supplement that will come in powdered form and can provide dieters with important dosages of minerals and vitamins that will normally be taken in by dieters during a traditional fasting program.
  3. Olives- These will be provided to dieters as a form of snack that is considered as high fat. A pack will be allowed on the first day while two (2) packs will be allowed from the second to the fifth day.
  4. Kale Crackers- These crackers will have various ingredients as its components. These ingredients will include pumpkin seeds, herbs, kale, nutritional yeast, and flax seeds.
  5. Dark Choco Crisp bar- This choco bar will serve as the dessert of the diet program
Fasting-mimicking diet is crafted  by Dr. Valter Longo who is an Italian Researcher and Biologist. In this article, let us explore on how this diet will benefit you.

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