Gaining Weight on Keto Diet: Why Does This Happen?

When it comes to unusual weight gain while on keto, a few studies have claimed that it must have something to do with the calories.

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Diet regimens like the ketogenic diet are meant to help in losing weight. But why does gaining weight on keto diet happen? Find out more in this article.

Can You Gain Weight Even While on a Diet?

Most diet regimens have strict principles that must be followed. Once a single one of those principles is not properly followed there will be consequences, and that consequence may be an ineffective diet. Another possibility is that other factors are not taken into consideration, such as the calorie count. This is one of the problems that people who go on diets often face. When on a diet, no matter what principle must be done and followed, the individual must be able to monitor all the other possibilities and not just those that are mentioned to be their focus. In the case of a keto diet, this frequently happens.

The principle of ketogenic diet focuses on food groups that contain the following: fats, protein, and carbohydrates. The only problem with having this kind of principle that involves a thorough measurement since there is a ratio to be followed when it comes to the consumption of the three mentioned nutrients.

The usual proportion for the ketogenic diet is 75-20-5 and once there is even the smallest bit of lesser or too much amount, possibly the individual may not achieve being in the state of ketosis and thus the diet will not take place. For those who are into keto diet or are still thinking if they will be doing it right now or in the near future, just be sure that you are careful and really serious about your diet or else everything will just be a waste of time and money.

Calorie Count

When it comes to unusual weight gain while on keto, a few studies have claimed that it must have something to do with the calories. Other diets focus on their calorie count to achieve the weight they aim by the time they finish. But for the keto diet, there may be times when people forget about checking their calorie intake because they get too attached to the counting of the prohibited calories in the said diet.

We can say that the keto diet is similar to other diets when it comes to calorie consumption, as it is proven to also be important in the case of keto. So once an individual mistakenly consumes calories that are more than enough (the body only needs certain amounts of calories), no matter how careful they are in counting down the carbs but forgot about the calories, there will be no effect. Or there may be some people who are unfortunate enough that instead of losing weight they start gaining more weight.

Gaining Weight on Keto Diet

The given example is just one incident that may lead to gaining weight on keto diet, and it involves the miscalculated consumption of calories. However, there are actually more reasons out there why this occurs even if someone thinks they’ve been working so hard on their keto diet. So let’s see the possibilities that lead to gaining weight on keto in order to not make the mistakes that others may have already experienced. Especially since keto is a very serious diet that one must perform religiously or else it will just be wasteful and exhausting.

You consume more carbs than you think.

One problem with carbohydrates is that they can actually hide and become unnoticed in most foods. This is the reason why no matter how much some people are careful with their carb intake, for “unknown” circumstance they still seem to gain weight even while on keto.

Other people, however, totally do not mind about their carb intake and this is hurting their keto diet entirely. Plus there is also the fact that only those who reduce their carbs will completely experience the state of being in ketosis, which is something that must be encountered as proof that you are doing your keto diet right.

If you cannot let go of your favorite carbs, especially sugar, maybe keto diet is not for you; or dieting, in general, will be very hard for you. Do not worry though, because it will be really hard to control it in the beginning and that is acceptable, but there should be an improvement as time goes by and you should be able to hold it in to have a successful keto diet in the future. Always remember that being in ketosis is very crucial for the keto diet;  this means that without ketosis, there will be no occurrence of the ketogenic diet.

The food choices you eat are not nutritious.

Let’s face it, fast foods and processed foods are really bad for our health no matter the situation. And even if you are not on a specific diet, it is better to avoid eating too much of this.

Unfortunately, there are a few mistakes that people continue to commit while they are on a keto diet. It is true though that most fast foods and processed foods contain fats, the fats that they contain are not advisable even for the keto diet because they are considered unhealthy. Not only that, but there will be greater risk to health conditions like heart issues and obesity so you better be careful about these kinds of food.

Remember that the best way to take control of any diet is by eating healthy and whole foods. There will also be additional benefits when we stick to eating foods like these, which is also applicable for people who are not doing specific diet regimens. That is how important choosing the food list is.

An underlying medical issue is causing weight gain.

Sadly, there are situations where there are possible hindrances with weight loss even if you’re doing everything correctly. Maybe it’s time to consider checking yourself if you have a medical issue that makes it hard to lose weight, and possibly it may have the possibility to make you gain weight instead.

Polycystic ovarian syndrome or PCOS, hypothyroidism, Cushing’s syndrome, hyperinsulinemia, and depression are some of the health issues that contribute to unexpected weight gain which may occur to an individual even if they are undergoing a diet regimen.

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