Healthy Strawberry Fat Bombs for the Keto Diet

Why add strawberry fat bombs to your keto diet?

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The healthy strawberry fat bombs for those into ketogenic diet do not only look amazing but maybe a nutrient ball of your dreams.


The Keto Diet

A keto diet came to fame around the 1920s when it was for treatment of people suffering from epilepsy was developed by one of the pioneer doctors on the epileptic study, Dr. Henry Rawle Geyelin. In his study, medically beneficial fasting changes the way the human body process nutrients and lessened seizure episodes of his patients. He further established that patients on a fasting period, glucose level decreases while the ketones increase.

Seizure reduction is linked to ketones because it gets burned easier as compared to glucose, as an effect relieves the brain too much work. His study went further on how to maintain such condition on epileptic patients that a new diet called keto diet was developed. It may work well to diabetics because it lowers blood sugar and insulin levels.  Today, it is not only used for epilepsy treatment but also a healthy alternative diet with various health benefits.

In a keto diet, the body is in a state of ketosis where the fats are converted into fatty acids and ketone in the liver to power up the body and brain instead of powering up the body with glucose from carbohydrates. There is a body carbohydrates starvation and use the fats as a consequence.


Keto Fat Bombs

Fat bombs like healthy strawberry fat bombs are made for followers of the ketogenic diet, a mix of ingredients such as butter, coconut oil, fruits, nuts, and protein powders. Officially a coconut or dairy dessert, snack or a side dish but with low carbohydrates sweeteners like stevia or sugar alcohols such as xylitol.

The protein and energy are just what you need when the level of energy decreases. A  source of energy for those in a keto diet. Gone are the days when eating food rich in fats was thought unhealthy. Keto treats like strawberry fat bombs are good for you because it’s a source of healthy fats that keeps you energized even when on a low carb diet. It can be your perfect between snack to munch until your next meal time.

Its versatility makes fat bombs a healthy snack choice to both dieters and bodybuilders. Take for instance the healthy super delicious strawberry fat bombs come with health benefits.


Strawberry Fat Bombs Health Benefits

Improves the Immune System. Strawberry fat bombs are rich in vitamin C, an antioxidant is also that is essential for the body to combat common infections.

Relieves Allergy Symptoms. Strawberry fat bombs may be good for allergies because they contain flavonoid anti-allergy called fisetin.  Fisetin plant chemical is found in skin pigments of fruits and vegetables and most rich in strawberries.

Supports Heart Health. Strawberries in the strawberry fat bomb are high in flavonoid that lower the risk of atherosclerosis and protects the body from the damage of bad cholesterol. Its polyphenol content lowers blood pressure and will, therefore, lower cardiovascular disease occurrence. It also reduces levels of homocysteine, an amino acid found in the blood that is linked to causing damage to inner arteries lining.    


Strawberry Fat Bombs Recipe

There is no question why the healthy strawberry fat bombs are a healthy addition to your keto diet, now are you ready to try making your own strawberry fat bombs?  This simple recipe will yield 18 strawberry fat bombs serving with an amazing 47 calories and will inspire you to make your own.

Ingredients you will need:

  • ½ cup strawberries cubed
  • 1 teaspoon Stevia sweetener or sweetener of your choice
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • ½ cup softened cream cheese
  • ¼ cup softened butter or melted coconut oil

How to make healthy strawberry fat bombs:

Mix and Mash. Using a small bowl and a fork, mix and mash strawberries, vanilla, and Stevia.

Beat It. Mix and beat it using hand mixer the softened cream cheese and softened butter to the mashed ingredients in your bowl until it is smooth.

Refrigerate. For at least 30 minutes refrigerate your smooth mixture in the bowl to solidify.

Scoop, Shape, and Freeze. Take your tablespoon portion scoop and shape into 18 balls and freeze for at least an hour or until it holds its shape.

There you can now make your own strawberry fat bombs! You may want to add crushed almonds or other healthy nuts of your choice for ingredients variety. There are more amazing recipes you can try using strawberries for your fat bombs like strawberry cheesecake and strawberry coconut fat bombs. Once you get to make these amazing nutrient balls, the rest should be easy. You can keep store your strawberry fat bombs in your freezer at least a week, and keep in mind that it must be consumed as you take it out from its frozen state.

To maintain your state of ketosis, eating a strawberry in moderation is advisable and in a strawberry fat bomb form. You still get its fruity goodness added with fats without the addition of carbohydrate in your diet.


Why add a healthy strawberry fat bomb to your keto diet?

With strawberry fat bombs, you will:

  • Quench your cravings for fruits as well as other sugary sweets
  • Feel satisfied after eating strawberry fat bombs in contrast to fresh fruits
  • Maintain your state of ketosis staying away from loads of carbohydrates from fresh fruits

To keep your state of ketosis is a challenge especially to those of you who are starting out on a keto diet. But you will love fat bombs as this is indeed a heavenly goodness nutrient of your dreams. Everybody else can have their desserts and you will be happy with your strawberry fat bombs. Soon you will be making this nutrient balls not only for yourself but for your entire family as well. Indeed, your craving buster in your keto diet.  

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