How long should I do the keto diet?

Is it healthy to stay in ketosis for a long time?

keto diet duration

So you’re planning to start or are months into your keto diet, it’s a long and difficult journey but you’re getting there and you’re closer to your ideal body weight and all the while enjoying the health benefits that it comes with. But what happens when you actually reach your target weight? Can you still continue being on keto after your initial goals? Is it healthy to stay in ketosis for a long period of time? What are the long term effects of the keto diet?

Here’s what we found out on the matter.

The process of ketosis (and keto)

As the most important component of the keto diet, ketosis by which the body replaces its usual source of fuel which is glucose in place ketones since the main source is severely depleted. In order to achieve ketosis, a strict restriction on carbs and a high intake of healthy fats that accounts for most your diet, is needed.

We stress the importance of this process since it is related to fat burning and how you’re actually going to lose weight while on the keto diet.

The production of ketones and your body remaining on the state of ketosis is the secret to the incredible weight loss results you get while on keto. High-levels of ketones turns the body into a fat burning machine, burning more fat than when you’re on a regular diet.

Aside from the weight loss results you’ll be getting when you’re on keto, the diet also boasts of numerous health benefits such as:

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Reduce the risk of heart disease
  • May decrease risk of cancer
  • More energy
  • Clearer mind

And loads more. With keto’s stellar track record, it’s no wonder people are loving it. Even people who’ve had long-term health issues follow the diet and their right to do so. The keto diet was originally designed for those who suffer from epilepsy, now other people are willing to try it from women who have fertility problems to people who are on chemotherapy.

How long should the keto diet last?

While the keto diet proves to be effective if you’re trying to lose weight, most experts don’t really recommend it. In fact, they don’t really think that the keto diet is worth sticking to for more than a year or two. Cutting back on major food groups is considered unhealthy. Plus, the lack of nutrition may cause serious health issues in the long run.

While it’s completely fine to follow keto long-term, experts recommend that you try to carb up often as well especially for those who do high-intensity training ( HIT) since strenuous activities tend to use up a lot of energy.

While the keto diet can do you a lot of good and provide you with great short-term results, it is not recommended that you keep at it for a long time. Remember that you started the diet with a goal and now that you reached your goal it’s time to move on. But that doesn’t mean you get to laze around after keto, make sure you balance diet and exercise in order to achieve a healthy life.

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