Break A Fast: How Many Calories Is Considered?

When it comes to fasting you would have to consider a few things. What are you allowed to eat or drink while fasting? How many calories break a fast? These are questions you sure need answers to when you start fasting. That’s why we’ll be taking a look at the answers to these questions.

Break A Fast

In the world of diets, we’ve had so many diets evolve. So many people have come up with so many diets that have different benefits. But most of them are centered on healthy living and also losing weight. One of the many diets happens to be fasting diets. They are well-known for their weight loss effects. But the thing though is that when it comes to fasting diets there so many things involved. There are certain things you can eat that can or cannot break a fast. There is also a certain number of calories considered to be able to break a fast. So how many calories break a fast?

Well, that’s a question so many people have tried to come up with an answer for. And different people have different opinions as to breaking a fast. For some anything that contains calories would break a fast. While for some as long as you don’t consume more than a particular number of calories you haven’t broken your fast. Well, opinions would always differ. But when it comes to your health we need something a bit definite. So which one would you choose to believe? Or to put it in better terms, which one is better is follow? Well, you’ll only find out the answer to this question if you keep reading.

What are Fasting Diets?

The truth is that people opt for fasting diets for different reasons. The most popular reason happens to be to lose weight. For some, it is to detoxify the body.

There are different kinds of fasting diets. And all these diets work in different ways to help you in achieving your goal. Some fasting diets would allow you to consume fluids like water, tea, and juice. For some, the number of calories consumed is drastically reduced but there is still food consumption. While for some diets, you would have to do a complete fast every day.

Many people have issues with using fasting diets to lose weight. And that’s because when you follow any fasting diet your body is switched up to a starvation mode. In this mode, the amount of energy used up by the body is reduced. At the same time, metabolism is also slowed down.

The thing though is that once you stop fasting you would start gaining weight back. And for some, they would even gain more weight than they have lost. That’s because when you stop fasting there’s a high chance that your appetite would greatly increase. And that would lead to an increase in the amount of food you consume. It could even lead to overeating.

Fasting in itself isn’t bad. If it’s for some days, then it’s a good idea. As long as you stay hydrated during the fast then it has no bad effects. But when it’s for a long time then that’s not a good idea.

That’s because you would be depriving your body of the needed nutrients. And that could lead to so many conditions such as constipation, fatigue, dizziness, and dehydration.

How Many Calories Break a Fast?

So let’s look at this closely. For some people, foods that contain less than 50 calories can’t break your fast. But the truth is that any food that contains calories would break a fast. That’s why when you don’t want to break a fast you should opt for water, herbal tea, black coffee, green tea, and black tea. All these contain zero to very minimal calories. So consuming them wouldn’t break your fast.

There are quite a lot of misconceptions about breaking your fast. And you must get the right information before starting any fasting diet.

When fasting the idea is to avoid a spike in the insulin level in the body. Why? Because this hormone is responsible for regulating the storage and release of fat in the body. So when you have low insulin levels in the body fat is being used and not stored up.

So anything that contains calories that can cause a spike in the insulin level in the body should be avoided.

Foods That Will Break a Fast

When fasting water is very important. It helps keep you hydrated. And at the same time, it contains zero calories. So it wouldn’t break your fast. Also, drinks like black coffee and herbal teas wouldn’t break your fast. That’s because the calorie content is too small to cause a spike in insulin level.

Adding milk or creamer to your coffee though would break your fast. That contains a lot of calories. And would cause an increase in insulin levels in the body. And in the end, would lead to fat storage.

Chewing gums as well should be avoided. There’s no doubt that they are good. But they also contain sugar. Even sugar-free gum has added sweeteners that are not allowed during fasting. All kinds of gum would lead to an increase in the insulin level. In the end, it negates your goal of weight loss.

Also, stay away from diet drinks. They sure have fewer calories compared to regular drinks but contain compounds that are considered harmful. There has been a lot of debate on the negative effects diet drinks have on the body. So the best thing is to just stay away from it completely.

Fasting entails, you reduce the amount of food you consume regularly. It gives you a break from consuming processed foods and junk. And with this weight loss is possible. At the same time, your body gets a break from many chemicals that can be found in drinks. That way you would be able to stay healthy and also lose weight easily.

When you decide to fast do it thoroughly. Stay away from all those foods that wouldn’t be of benefit to you. Stick to black coffee and herbal teas, and other healthy drinks that are non-caloric. All these wouldn’t break your fast. We hope you now have a better understanding of how many calories break a fast.

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