How Many Carbs Are In A Taco?

How many carbs in a taco? Learn more about the famous taco, its origins, and how many calories or carbs it holds.

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How many carbs in a taco? In this article, learn more about what’s in a common taco, taco varieties, how many calories it packs, and particularly the carbohydrates it contains. Knowing this information enables you to manage your diet plan and learn fun facts about tacos in general. Let’s face it,  who doesn’t love a good taco, right? First, let’s reacquaint with the taco: it is a Mexican dish/snack by tradition that comprises wheat/corn tortilla which is either soft or hard. It sandwiches various fillings of pork, beef, seafood or chicken, and is topped by vegetables and spices like onions, tomatoes, pepper grind, lettuce, and finally cheese for flavorful fusion goodness of taste. Wow!

The word “taco” means “wad” or “plug” in Spanish. Did you know? Next to Mexicans, Americans eat the most tacos at four billion pieces per year alone. Munch! Tacos go way back in fact, long before the cheese and its other ingredients were a part of the dish. Tacos were there when European settlers came to Mexico, and tacos were seen as a primary food source indigenous Mexicans called Aztecs loved to eat. In fact, the name “taco” was something miners in Mexico used to name the papers that originally served as gunpowder wrapping as they worked all day in mines. Did you know? Tacos were originally only comprised of seafood. It was only in time that it upgraded to more varieties due to many cultural influences. Learn more about the taco and how many carbs in a taco there are below. Read on.

How Many Carbs in a Taco: Breaking Down the Taco

How many carbs in a taco? Study the numbers to know more about various taco types, shells, and ingredients that combine to make a delicious snack loved for already hundreds of years and across multiple countries.

Generally, a taco with vegetables including salsa mix, tomato, lettuce, cheese, taco/tostada hold 11 grams of carb goodness/badness–depends on how much you choose to eat. Moreover, a regular taco with beef, lettuce, and cheese has about 220 calories. The net carbs total for various taco types, you’ll learn more here. The numbers are the closest approximation, but servings vary.

Taco TypeTotal Carbs
1 taco w/beef, lettuce, cheese16 grams
1 taco w/beef, lettuce, cheese, salsa11 grams
1 taco w/beef, lettuce, cheese, salsa, beans12 grams
1 taco w/beef, lettuce, salsa, tomatoes11 grams
1 taco w/chicken, lettuce, cheese, salsa, tomatoes10 grams
1 soft taco w/beef, lettuce, cheese24 grams
1 taco w/ beans, salsa, lettuce, cheese, tomatoes16 grams
1 taco w/beans, salsa, lettuce, tomatoes16 grams
1 taco w/fish, tomatoes, salsa, lettuce10 grams
1 soft taco w/beef, lettuce, cheese, salsa, tomatoes30 grams
1 soft taco w/chicken, lettuce, cheese, sour cream, tomatoes18 grams
1 soft taco w/beef, lettuce, cheese, sour cream, tomatoes24 grams
1 soft taco w/chicken, lettuce, cheese19 grams
1 medium-sized taco corn shell9 grams
1 medium-baked taco shell9 grams
1 regular-sized taco flour shell18 grams

Other foods that are taco related you might want to try include enchiladas, fajitas, taquitos, burritos, tostadas, quesadillas, nachos and so on.

More Crunchy Taco Facts

1. Tacos, no matter how messy they can be eaten, would be a shame if eaten with utensils.

2. There used to be taco parties, and the first one ever recorded was held by a Spanish conqueror in the early 1500s named Hernan Cortes. Bernal Diaz del Castillo, one of the Spanish soldiers, reported about these taco parties.

3. Refugees from the Mexican Revolution introduced tacos to the United States when they came over.

4. Taco Tia was later changed to the now popular Taco Bell. It was founded in 1954 by Glen Bell. Taco Bell sold burgers and hot dogs as well. In fact, both Taco Bell and McDonald’s branches are found in the same town.

5. The first-ever taco truck was run by two housewives from NYC in the late 1960s. However, tacos were also found in 1900 San Antonio USA. It was also sold by women in taco carts who called themselves “Chili Queens.” Chili Queens sold by the railroad which brought more tourists in the vicinity. Later, “Tex-Mex” was birthed.

6. Did you know? A super expensive taco was made that cost 25 grand. Its ingredients consist of a gold-flaked taco, beluga caviar, Kobe bees, brie cheese, black truffle, langoustines, and homemade salsa. This taco is still served in Mexico in a resort named Frida, named after the famous artist, Frida Kahlo.

7. The largest taco serving ever prepared was over 1,200 kilograms from Mexican food franchises El Tizoncito and UberEats last 2017. Moreover, the biggest serving held 36,300 taco pieces. Almost 700 drivers from UberEats were dispatched. Now that’s what you call a taco party.

8. Mexican cuisine is one of the world’s favorites. It’s no wonder Mexicans are reported to have the most obese number of people. Their food is prepared in numerous colorful styles and flavors that UNESCO gave Mexican cuisine the label “Intangible Heritage of Humanity.”

9. Ensenada, Mexico is home to the fish taco which is second in line to the famed beef taco.

10. A woman by the name of Maris Bustamante patented taco in the year 1979.

11. The record-breaking biggest taco ever made was 246 ft. last 2011.

13. Taco Bell is so popular in the United States that half of the USA’s population are recorded to eat from the franchise at least once per month.

15. There is such a thing as “Taco Day” and Americans celebrate it on October 4.

Today, tacos are served during breakfasts, lunches, dinners to late-night snacks. It is loved by so many people worldwide. How many carbs in a taco: quite a lot, so try to manage how many you’re going to eat, but who can resist!

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