How Much Sugar is Present in Almond Milk?

Almond milk is helpful to our health. It has sweetened and unsweetened variants, while some have high levels of sugar. Read on and learn more about how much sugar there is in almond milk.

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Considered by many people as a healthy beverage, almond milk is a superfood made out of almonds. It is available in various kinds including almond coconut milk, choco almond milk, unsweetened almond milk, and sweetened almond milk. The health benefits and nutrients will vary depending on what varieties you are planning to consume. Some products contain high amounts of sugar, which can be a problem especially for individuals who are trying to lose weight. The same issue can arise for people who are watching closely what they eat. Read on and find out how much sugar in almond milk.

Carbs in Almond Milk

Unsweetened almond milk contains only a gram of carbohydrate. For each gram, a carbohydrate can give you a total of 4 calories. This means that carbohydrate is the source of 4 out of the 30 calories you can get from this beverage. Things can be very different though if you purchase the sweetened or flavored versions. These sweeter variants usually contain higher amounts of calories and carbohydrates than the unsweetened versions.

Based on research, a cup of sweetened almond milk contains 16 grams of carbs and 93 calories. A cup of sweetened choco almond milk has 23 grams of carbs and 123 calories. A cup of vanilla almond milk has 14 grams of carbs and 80 calories. A cup of unsweetened choco almond milk has 3 grams of carbs and 51 calories. Lastly, a cup of unsweetened vanilla almond milk only has 1 gram of carbs and 30 calories. These details are somehow enough to give you a better picture of how much sugar in almond milk.

Unsweetened almond milk is considered a low glycemic food because it has a glycemic index of 25. Low glycemic foods are products with a glycemic index of 55 or lower.

Fat Content of Almond Milk

In terms of fat, almond milk has about 2.5 grams. Every gram of this can give you 9 calories. Based on this, you can get about 20 calories by drinking unsweetened almond milk. Polyunsaturated fat is the source of a small part while monosaturated fat is the source of the bigger part. Good fats come from unsaturated fats because they can help improve the health of your heart and boost your blood’s HDL cholesterol levels. No matter what flavor you purchase, the amount of fat you get from almond milk does not significantly change.

Protein Content

Regardless of the flavor you purchase, a cup of almond milk would give you a gram of protein. Determining how much sugar in almond milk is as essential as knowing its protein content. This element is important because it helps build and maintain the body’s muscles. Protein-rich foods can give you healthy hair, skin, cartilage, and bones. Regardless of how much fat it contains, a cup of milk can give you around 8 grams of protein.

Valuable Micronutrients

You can get various important micronutrients from a cup of almond milk. These will help you reach the daily recommended values for minerals and vitamins. For instance, a cup of almond milk can already give you approximately 45 percent of the required daily intake for calcium. This is around 481 milligrams based on a daily diet of 2,000 calories. Calcium is essential because it can boost nerve function, proper muscle contraction, and help build stronger bones.

You can also get a healthy amount of vitamin E just by drinking almond milk. This is important in the metabolism of cells and is considered helpful in protecting against oxidative stress. When you have the right amount of vitamin E, you can have a healthier heart and a reduced risk of developing diabetes, arthritis, and cancer.

Low Sugar Content of Unsweetened Variants of Almond Milk

You only get a gram or two of carbs by drinking a cup of almond milk. The amazing thing about this is the carbs are mostly dietary fiber. This is better than milk because a cup of it has carbs of about 13 grams which are mostly sugar.
It is important to remember that many versions of almond milk are commercially available as flavored and sweetened beverages. These variants are not the best to have because of their added sugars. For every cup, you get a sugar of approximately 5 to 17 grams.

To avoid these added sugars, it is highly recommended for customers to always check the list of ingredients as well as the nutrition label. The unsweetened varieties are best for individuals who are trying to limit their intake of sugar. This is very true for patients with diabetes who have to restrict the number of carbohydrates they consume daily. This can be done by drinking almond milk instead of dairy milk.

Additional Notes

Almonds are known to have high-fat content and calories. This can confuse especially how some people view almond milk. The reality is only a super small part of almond can be found in the end product because of the unique processing of almond milk. For this reason, almond milk is the perfect beverage for individuals who want to lose weight and cut calories.

Combined with exercise, limiting your consumption of calories is a very efficient way of losing weight. Losing 5 to 10 percent of your total body weight can already help manage and prevent diabetes and other conditions. To do this, substitute 2 to 3 servings of dairy milk daily with almond milk. This practice is said to reduce your calorie intake to just around 348 calories.

You can lose weight just by drinking almond milk because the consumption of about 500 fewer calories daily is recommended in moderate weight loss methods. You may have to search for other calcium sources to boost your diet when making almond milk at home. Leafy greens, legumes, seeds, yogurt, and cheese are among the top options.

Almond milk is also an amazing source of vitamin D. This nutrient is very important to obtain good health. It is known to boost immune function, bone health, and heart function. Many people fail to get enough levels of this nutrient because the body can only generate it when their skin gets sunlight exposure.

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