How to get into ketosis

Getting into ketosis is not that easy, especially since it comes with many challenges along the way. So, how do you speed things up? Here are six helpful ways to get into ketosis effectively.

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Automatically, you know the word has something to do with the keto diet. If you are curious as to what ketosis is all about, let us just put it simply:

Ketosis occurs when your body no longer has enough carbohydrates to process. It is quite a normal metabolic process that happens when one skipped on a meal or tried fasting. If you eat foods that are low in carbohydrates, your body will turn to fat for an energy source. Ketones are the by-products of this process.

Normally, our body does not utilize ketones when we eat a fair amount of carbohydrates. However, when we cut down on it, the body will run on ketosis to get energy.

Ketosis has multiple benefits. It aids in suppressing the appetite, leading to dramatic weight loss. According to many studies, ketosis is great in the management of type 2 diabetes and other conditions, including neurological problems.

However, getting into ketosis is not that easy, especially since it comes with many challenges along the way. So, how do you speed things up? Here are six helpful ways to get into ketosis effectively.

How to Get into Ketosis with Ease – Six Golden Secrets

1. Lessen your carbohydrates.

Tweak your diet, including as minimal carbohydrates as you can. This may be the most basic tip to get yourself started on the ketosis kick, but this is the hardest. Most diets include a huge amount of carbohydrates, so it is not surprising that a lot of people find it hard to adapt to the whole idea.

The usual metabolic process involves the use of glucose as the primary source of energy. Once all of it is used up, the body will try to find other fuel sources, such as fatty acids and ketones.

With a low carbohydrate intake, the glycogen found in the liver and muscles are reduced. Fatty acids are then released from their storage. These fatty acids are converted into ketone bodies, which are utilized by some parts of the brain.

However, there is no definite amount of carb restriction to jump start ketosis. It differs from person to person. Some claims that when they lower down their intake to 20 grams a day, it happens to them. There are a few fortunate ones that have no problem getting into ketosis while eating at least 40 grams per day.

But as a rule of thumb, if you are wondering how to get into ketosis, the keto diet is restricted to at most 20 grams a day go carb intake in a span of two weeks.

Once the body adjusts, small portions of carbs can slowly be added to your diet to ensure that the ketosis is still achieved.

2. Incorporate coconut oil into your diet.

Adding coconut oil to your diet is a simple trick that can get you on ketosis. Coconut oil has medium chain triglycerides, which are absorbed by the body easily. These fats are transported directly to the liver and are immediately changed into ketones.

Coconut oil has four types of MCT, but half of it is comprised of lauric oil. This is good news because studies suggest that lauric acid can produce a sustained amount of ketosis because of its ability to get gradually metabolized compared to other MCTs.

How to get into ketosis with the use of coconut oil? Start slow.

Going all out will cause your digestive issues like diarrhea or stomach cramps. Instead, start with one teaspoon a day until you can take three tablespoons a day. If possible, the transition should take just a week.

3. Get on the treadmill (or just get physical!)

Ketosis is considered to be very helpful in all types of athletic performances. It is known to improve endurance. The good thing about this premise is that it is a cycle. Getting active also is a good practice because it is one of the few ways on how to get into ketosis.


Exercise depletes the body of its stored glycogen, which is easily replenished once you eat crackers (or any form of carbs). However, if you lower down your carb intake afterward, the liver will start producing ketones.

If you work out on a fasted state, you will surely have no problem getting into ketosis.

4. Load up on some healthy fat.

As you lower down your carbs, you should ramp up your fat intake. When you consume healthy fats, your ketone bodies will also increase. Your diet should consist of 60 percent of healthy fats, which you can get from nuts, avocados, coconut oil, butter, and many more.

Always check out nutrition labels. You do not want to be consuming fats that are also rich in carbs. That would be in the way of you getting into ketosis.
For individuals looking into weight loss, monitor your caloric intake to speed up the results.

5. Give fasting a try.

Another surefire way of how to get into ketosis is to do fasts. A lot of people experience mild ketosis at night, after dinner and before breakfast.

Intermittent fasting is one option. You will only need to do quick fasting.

Another method that will give your ketone levels a boost is to do fat fasting. You eat only a thousand calories a day with almost 90 percent coming from fats. This should only be done in a span of three to five days. Otherwise, muscle mass may get affected.

These methods are some of the most basic tips involved in keto dieting. The challenge is to maintain this for a few weeks. You should not expect that your body will easily go into ketosis in just a few days. The beginning is the most challenging.

How long does it take to get into ketosis?

Most people seem to get into ketosis in just three days, while there are others that seem to get into the state in one week. Bear in mind that even if these methods will rev up your ability to produce more ketone, it will take longer for your body to adapt to the new metabolic state, usually in one week to one month.

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