How to: Keto Meal Planning

Here’s what you need to know about keto meal planning plus a few keto diet recipes to get you started on creating the perfect meal plan.

How to- Keto Meal Planning

So you’ve finally decided to try out the keto diet. You’ve done enough research about it to convince you to give it a go but a few days in and you’re already finding it hard to keep on the diet. Why? Probably because you don’t have a solid enough keto meal plan or worse you don’t have a meal plan at all (yikes!)

Not having a meal plan or sticking to a poorly-constructed one might make it hard for you to stick to the diet in the long run in fact, it might not even let you stick to the diet at all. So meal planning should be taken seriously in order to get the best results should you decide to start on the keto diet.

Anyway, we’re here for you whether you are a keto beginner learning the ropes or you’re a veteran looking for new ideas to add to your keto food list. Here’s what you need to know about keto meal planning plus a few keto diet recipes to get you started on creating the perfect meal plan.

A few helpful tips

Before you get to planning, there are few things you need to consider. Here are some of them.

  • Health history – is a very important thing to consider while creating your meal plan. The keto diet is known for lowering your blood sugar levels it is also reported that the keto diet raises your cholesterol levels when you do it long-term so it’s probably a great idea to keep tabs on your health. It’s highly recommended that you consult with a dietician about your diet so you can get a better idea on where to start.
  • Count’ Em – while most people forego trying to count calories on the keto diet since it mostly relies on fats, which satiates the body longer than carbs does, we recommend that you do keep an eye on it. Counting calories and macros are a great way to tell you what’s lacking or what you need to get more of in your diet.
  • Quantity AND Quality – how much you eat and what you’re eating are things to keep in mind even when you’re not on a diet. While there are an array of foods out there that are keto-friendly making sure and reading labels is highly encouraged and while experts say that how much you eat is completely up to you while you’re on keto, the recommended times you should eat throughout the day is 4 times with a few keto-friendly snacks in between.
  • Prepping is key – For a hassle-free experience with meal planning, it’s recommended that you prep your meals throughout the week. Having ingredients prepared beforehand will result to smooth stress-free week.

What to eat

So now that we’ve covered some basics, we went ahead and gathered some keto-friendly recipes and made a sample of keto meal plan to help you get started.

For breakfast:
  • Scrambled eggs with bulletproof coffee
  • Keto breakfast cups
  • Avocado breakfast bowls
For lunch:
  • Cobb salad
  • Italian keto plate
  • Keto turkey plate
For dinner:
  • Loaded cauliflower
  • Shrimp with cauliflower ‘grits’ and arugula
  • 15-minute garlic shrimp zoodles
Some snacks:
  • Pork rinds
  • Hard-boiled eggs
  • 1-min keto mug bread


Being on a diet is no easy feat but having a solid plan and sticking with it is a guaranteed way for you to succeed.

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