Is yoga good for the keto diet?

Yoga is a great way to introduce regular exercise into your keto diet. It is low intensity and highly effective way to help you shed more pounds!

keto diet and yoga

Pairing yoga and keto together is like combining an ancient art form with a modern program. It is like experiencing the best practices of both worlds in terms of achieving a healthy well-being.

But, is it ideal to do yoga when you are on a keto diet?

Will you have the energy or the physical ability to do yoga exercises regularly?

Yes and yes!

When you go on a diet, you are committed in improving your physical state, right? Otherwise, you would not be too eager to monitor what you intake. But, it is not enough. You might shed off the extra pounds, but you will not get toned and lean in just diet alone.

As one of the most popular diet this day, keto diet promotes a low carb and high protein. Your body will burn off the fat as it switches to ketosis. Because your body will start running on low carbohydrates, it use fats as energy sources.

In the beginning, you will experience some weakness, as well as physical and mental exhaustion. It can be tempting to give up, but you just need to hold on for a little while. Once your body is used to the new mechanism, everything else will run smoothly.

So, how will doing yoga help?

Lifestyle change is necessary for a boosted weight loss effort. It goes a little more than just dieting. Yoga is one of the first exercises to try when your body is adjusting to the new diet.

While your body is busy burning fat, the proper way to go is to do moderate intensity exercise. You should avoid using too much of what is remaining of your calories. Although, this does not mean you should not do high intensity workouts if you are keen to lower the scales. We all know how HIIT workouts can help in the building of muscles. It also is beneficial for heart health and keeps you energized and bombarded with happy hormones.

You still can do HIIT workouts, but remember to add yoga and other low intensity workouts. You can skip hitting the gym and instead go for a light walk. Because if you do it, you will easily exhaust yourself. Most people who overexert themselves end up with lowered performance, body pain, and lesser gains.

Here are some yoga exercises for weight loss you can do while on the keto diet

Practice this few yoga steps and speed up your fat loss right away:

The Wide Legged Forward Bend

Get extra stretch on your shoulders on this pretty simple pose. Spread your feet about four feet apart. When you bend forward, make sure you do so through the hips and not the waist. Avoid bending your back. Keep it as straight as possible.

To know if you are doing the bend correctly, there should be a pull in the hamstrings. When you are sure you are doing the right pose, hold it in place for 5-6 breaths. Once you are comfortable enough, clasp your hands behind your back. Reach out towards the ceiling and you are done.


If you have been doing leg workouts lately, this pose will surely be good for your legs and hamstrings. If you keep this up, it will also improve your performance for next time.This will also benefit those who work behind the computer from 9-5.

Wherever you place your hands will determine which muscle group you will be working on. Raise your arms up and tilt them backwards. Alternatively, you can put your hands to the side stretch your lower back. Lastly, you can put your knees in front and stretch out your hips. In all these options, however, be sure to keep your front knee at a 90 degree angle. Hold for about thirty seconds and then switch to the other side.

The Warrior Poses

For Warrior I

On your weight loss journey, Warrior I is one of the best keto yoga poses. From this pose, you will transition to Warrior II, then to Warrior III – all done in a smooth flow. The Warrior I is quite similar to a high lunge. The key difference is that the back foot is pointed outwards at a certain angle instead of being tucked under. The front knee still should be at a 90 degree angle. If you are just a beginner, it will be a bit difficult. Practice makes perfect, however. Hold for thirty and then transition to Warrior II.

Warrior II

From Warrior I, extend your arms towards the sides while you move your hips and chest towards the direction of your back foot. Keep your front knee close to a 90 degree angle as much as you can. Your arms should be parallel to the ground. Now, time to shift to Warrior III.

Warrior III

Coming from the Warrior II yoga pose, prepare yourself because this pose is the hardest of all three. It can be a struggle for beginners. While on Warrior II, revert back by facing the front direction and bring your arms straight forward to gain your balance. Some beginners may have to adjust the position of their back legs to stay grounded in the position. Slowly lift your back leg up. There is absolutely no rush in this. Your palms should be together as you place it in your chest to avoid toppling over while lifting your leg. When you have adjusted, place your arms forward. Hold for 30 seconds.

When you are done with all the three warrior poses on one side, repeat on the other side.

Squeeze in a few of these poses in between days of intense workouts and you will notice a huge difference. Not only will you feel more energized and fueled for your next power workout, you will also notice how stretching your muscles can really up your performance. Great news, right. That is not all, however, you will also maximize your fat-burning potential in a calm and relaxing way. Now, it’s time to get started on some Keto Yoga!

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