Keto Breakfast No Eggs: Low-Carb Recipe Ideas Without Eggs

If you are following the keto diet, then it might be difficult to eliminate eggs to make a meal plan. In this article, we listed some keto breakfast no eggs recipe ideas and egg alternatives when you are allergic to one.

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Creating and planning your own diet meals makes one become more creative and open to mixing and matching different kinds of food, especially if the diet involves a specific food group and lots of restrictions and limitations. It may be hard at times, but the challenge is all worth it in the end, people even get to learn the basics of nutrition that they can use more in the future. If you are following the keto diet, then it might be difficult to eliminate eggs to make a meal plan. In this article, we listed some keto breakfast no eggs recipe ideas and egg alternatives when you are allergic to one.

Normally, eggs aren’t restricted to the ketogenic diet. In fact, it is one of the preferred and acceptable foods for the ketogenic diet, this is also the same for other diets especially boiled eggs that are commonly eaten as a complete meal itself. If eggs are allowed whilst on the ketogenic diet, what makes an individual not able to eat this food and add it to their diet?

In this article, the following will be discussed: reasons why the consumption of eggs is restricted and a few keto breakfast no eggs recipe ideas. Do not lose hope if you are not allowed to eat eggs as you plan your keto diet, there are a lot more alternatives out there which can sometimes be better than meals that contain eggs.


Sometimes, there are people who avoid eating eggs because of their nutrient profile. Others also see eggs as a source of high cholesterol, so they would prefer to not include this on their diets. This is probably one reason why a lot of people think of eggs as irrelevant, specifically people who are health conscious as they are very picky with each food that they eat. Still, not all non-egg eating people have this reason to blame as to why they cannot include eggs in their diet; there are some people out there who are literally not allowed to eat eggs or eat foods that have even the slightest amount of egg ingredients in them.

Egg Allergy

When it comes to egg allergy, it is more common for children than adults. But there are still chances when the allergy goes with the individual until adolescence, and situations like that must be taken with precautionary measures because the symptoms of most allergies are sometimes unpredictable.

As the eggs are consumed, the body mistakenly detects their protein as a harmful substance, therefore resulting in allergic reactions that include the release of chemicals like histamine. Although allergic reactions are quite normal for people suffering from food allergies, they must be monitored since there is always a possibility that the next symptoms might include those that are life-threatening.

Who is prone to get affected by egg allergy?

Based on studies, children are more prone to egg allergy compared to adults; but there are still a few cases of adults who develop egg allergies (or they had it since they were young and they just did not get to outgrow the allergy) which are at times rare conditions. No matter how many times they say that it is rare for adults to have this allergy, the possibility is still there. It is better to be safe and prepared.

Other possible factors include existing allergies and genetics. For existing allergies, this may be skin allergies like eczema. There was a lot of proof regarding this, wherein children with skin conditions such as eczema have developed food allergies. When it comes to genetics, it may be either one of the parents or both of them. Or cases like having a family history of allergies, even if not directly from the parents, may contribute to the development of food allergies.

What is the main cause of egg allergy?

Usually, food allergies are triggered by specific proteins found in the said food. In the case of egg allergy, it is the protein albumen that causes an allergic reaction. This protein is found in the egg whites, but it does not necessarily mean that it is the only available protein that causes allergy. There are also some proteins in the egg yolk that can give the same results and allergy.


Eggs have been considered to be a staple food for the keto diet, but not everyone can eat eggs anytime they want. Here is a list of possible keto-friendly breakfast meal combinations that anyone can try – minus the eggs of course.

Keto Waffle

Maybe if you are feeling a little fancy and want something that tastes like a legitimate breakfast, how about some waffles? Waffles are not always equal to eggs, there are a lot of keto-friendly ingredients like coconut flour, full-fat cream or milk, and butter that can be used in making waffles that can be eaten by people who undergo keto diets.

Keto Overnight Oats

Overnight oats are pretty famous breakfast and snack ideas with regards to most diets. This meal idea is also allowed for the keto diet, and it is a delicious breakfast too. You may want to add a few pumpkin seeds and nut butter for additional flavor and sweetness.

Salmon and Avocados

Thinking of eating salmon and avocados together? Not only are they both keto-friendly, but you can also just imagine the number of healthy fats you can get from them and you can already feel your body get more fit and healthy.

Keto Turkey Meal

The good thing about the keto diet is that you can actually eat meat! Also, if you want to boost your meal the moment you start your day, you may try this fully packed meal idea. Turkey strips, sliced avocados, lettuce, cream cheese for flavor, and a few drops of olive oil that are considered as one of the healthiest fats to ever exist – the diversity of flavor and nutrients is amazing.

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