Keto diet and ulcers

Ulcers are common place with people in new the keto diet when they don’t get enough fluids in their body as the process of producing ketones results to dehydration.

Keto Ulcer Example

So you’ve been on keto for a long while now and it’s been going amazing for you but we’re here to tell you that it’s not always smooth sailing especially if you’re already on or reaching ketosis. Especially if it causes some pain or discomfort, symptoms like stomach pain or ulcers can be a little worrying. But we assure you that though these symptoms are uncomfortable at most it is completely normal as your body is getting used to the changes that come with going on a keto diet. If you’re patient enough to weather the storm or if you’re willing to change a few things with your diet you’ll definitely have a high chance of avoiding or alleviating some of the unpleasant symptoms.

Why does it happen?

Ulcers are common place with people in new the keto diet when they don’t get enough fluids in their body as the process of producing ketones results to dehydration.

Now there are two reasons why ketosis dehydrates the body

  1. As the body makes the change from glycogen to ketones, it burns through the water stored in the body as glycogen needs water for it to function and to be stored properly.
  2. When you go through the change from glycogen to ketones, it actually lowers the insulin levels of your blood which allows your body to release excess fluid stored in the body.

Ulcer is not the only symptoms you might experience when your dehydrated and on keto. Side effects such as headache, nausea and and low motivation are but some of the unpleasant symptoms you might experience if your dehydration goes unchecked.

What to do about it?

Now for some relief. Here’s what you need to do if you ever find yourself experiencing stomach pains or ulcers.

Keto side effects like ulcers are no joke for most people, some who’ve experienced it have been traumatized and quit the diet right away. But quitting is never the way. In fact there are multiple, simple solutions you can try to relieve or even avoid stomach pains or ulcers altogether. Here are some that we found:

  • Up your fluid intake – Since you’re dehydrated, it’s wise to make sure you have enough water in your body to replace the ones you’ve lost. Doing so will help your stomach and your body out when you’re going through the keto diet.
  • Up  your sodium intake – Sodium is great for dehydration because it allows fluid to re- distribute evenly throughout the cells. Adding more to your meal can go a long way especially when your experiencing stomach problems
  • Up your fat intake – As your main source of energy, fat plays an important role in your body’s transition towards ketosis. So adding even more fat to your diet can actually help you ease into ketosis faster.
  • Some patience – Sometimes, time and a little patience is needed when experiencing stomach problems. YOur body probably just needs to adjust to the various changes going on so keep at it and stay strong.


Stomach pains can be alarming and might encourage people to quit halfway through their keto journey. But when this comes it’s important to remember that some of these symptoms are temporary and that you can actually choose to do something about it so hang in there.

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One thought on “Keto diet and ulcers

  1. I have been strict keto for 3 years. Lately I’ve been having terrible abdominal pain. Finally I went to see my PCP. I was diagnosed with severe gastritis or gastric ulcers after a major workup. I initially thought it was my gallbladder, which would have been a death sentence b/c I have crps and surgery would kill me. Turns out that at 68 my gallbladder is in perfect health, no stones, not even sludge. I asked my PCP how a woman my age could have such a healthy gallbladder, she answered; “diet”?. But my concern is why now? Can the acidity of keto be eating holes in my stomach? So many conflicting ‘opinions’ about this on the internet. I do believe that my stress levels are thru the roof lately (last 2 years). Can anyone help me figure out if the ketogenic diet is making my stomach worse? For me, this is a medical diet and in every other way, it has helped me very much.

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