Keto friendly chinese food

Here is an overview of the top keto friendly dishes that you might want to look out on your next visit at a Chinese restaurant.

keto friendly chinese food

Everyone would agree that during stressful and tough days, food is the ultimate comfort provider. This is where it can get tough…especially for Ketogenic Dieters. Since it’s always a good idea to eat out every once in a while, people who go Keto would sometimes be tempted to try out various dishes that don’t fit with their diet.

During days that you really feel like binge eating, pizza and burgers would be the first option. However, you do not need that much carbs in your diet. For a change, you might want to satisfy your cravings through something different. You might be aware that there is available keto-friendly pasta, pizza, and burger for you. But if you aren’t aware of the keto-friendly Chinese food, then we will be adding more keto-friendly entrees for you.

Here is an overview of the top keto friendly dishes that you might want to look out on your next visit at a Chinese restaurant:

Chicken and Broccoli

Chicken and Broccoli from the name itself is just white meat and vegetable in brown sauce. If you are going to calculate the macros here, you won’t be disappointed. Chicken is pure protein, broccoli has fewer carbs, and its brown sauce is made to be a low-carb one.

Moo Shu Pork

This low-carb Chinese food is a delectable item for your Keto meal plan. This dish is a combination of snow peas, bok choy, shiltake mushrooms, celery, bell peppers, and many more. Some branches would even include the dish with rice wine sake. However, you can also request for chicken broth if that’s what you like.

Egg Foo Young

Egg Foo Young has a lot of nutrients and you surely don’t want to miss this one out. Aside form being a low-carb dish, it is also rich in protein. For a combination of lean chicken and eggs, this dish contains approximately 12g of carbohydrates only – making it very keto-friendly.

If ever you’re having a hard time looking for these keto-friendly Chinese dishes, below is a list of the safest Chinese food choices that you can also order:

  1. Meat and Vegetable mixes
  2. Walnut chicken
  3. Mu Shu
  4. Black Bean Sauce
  5. Thin soups (Egg drop)
  6. Whole steamed fish
  7. Steamed Tofu
  8. Stir-fried dishes
  9. Szechuan prawns
  10. Moo Goo Gai Pan
  11. Chicken with mushroom
  12. Curry chicken

When it comes to dippings and sauces, a lot of Chinese sauces are high in sugar content. Though rest assured that there are also low-carb sauces out there for you. You just need to ask and request for the lowest-carb dish that is available.

Remember, It’s still safe to do your research before heading out to eat. For a well-formulated Ketogenic diet plan, you can also ask for a safe choice of cuisine that fits the guidelines of your diet plan.

Eating outside is always a challenge for Ketogenic Dieters. You can only stick within your eating plan if you would select the best low-carb options for you.

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