Keto Hair Loss: Why Does It Happen? + Prevention Tips

Hair loss while on keto? Learn what causes it and ways to prevent it from happening.

People are always on a quest to adopt the latest diet trend that would at least help obliterate their excess fat and, of course, make their bodies healthy and trim. Through the years, diet plans such as Atkins, Paleo, Cleansing, liquid, and the like have become popular, with many people reportedly having reached their desired goals. Others, not so much, either only going through a yo-yo weight imbalance or suffering from debilitating ailments due to lack of nutrients or excessively adopting the diet without proper consultation.

These past few years, Keto Diet has so far become the most followed diet, although it has also attracted a lot of skepticism from some quarters due to its concentration on fats and drastic reduction on certain food groups. While many have benefitted from this diet plan, there is one adverse effect that few have experienced, especially women – and this Keto hair loss.

Keto In A Nutshell

The Keto diet is putting the body in a state of ketosis. Instead of using sugar to fuel energy, the body uses stored fats. The process thus involves consuming fewer carbohydrates and more on fats and lean protein. The liver then produces ketones from the fats – basically metabolizing the fats for energy. Practitioners say that this is better instead of burning sugar for energy since it reduces the inflammation in the body.

The diet was originally developed for epileptics, however, dieticians have seen its value in managing weight loss and at the same time using fats for fuel. The caveat, of course, is focusing on consuming fats instead of carbs. Many have already reported losing excess weight and at the same time achieving mental clarity and feeling energetic.

Side effects do occur, such as going through keto flu when the body shifts from sugar burning to fat burning, fatigue, sugar cravings, constipation, and heart palpitations. Keto hair loss is also one potential side effect that could happen months after following this diet. And often, women experience this.

Keto Diet And Hair Loss

There are many reasons why hair loss happens when one is on a keto diet. Other underlying reasons could also lead to hair loss when combined with other outside factors too.

We should, however, always understand hair structure and why diets, such as the Keto diet, for instance, can negatively impact hair growth.

Hair is divided into two, the follicle which is the part that is embedded on the scalp, and the visible part, which we call the shaft. The hair is made up of pf proteins, so it needs certain nutrients and support from other bodily enzymes to flourish and shine.  

The most interesting part of the hair structure is that it undergoes phases and that outside stressors can hasten the cycle of the hair – shortening it at times. Hair loss or shedding is normal as humans can lose around 100 hair strands on a single day. However, beyond the usual needs proper advice from medical professionals. 

Reasons Why Keto Hair Loss Happens

Although reports suggest that hair loss should not be solely blamed on the Keto diet, it does occur especially to those who are new or have just adopted the diet. Here are the potential reasons for Keto hair loss:

1. Sudden change in calorie intake

People who diet, like adopting a new diet like Keto suffer caloric deficit as they cut down on certain types of food that contain nutrients like zinc, vitamin c and b, and other types of nutrients that even our hair and skin needs. When this happens, especially to those who experience massive weight loss in the beginning, the body copes by shedding hair so that it can save energy for other organs of the body. This can be easily reversed after the body adjusts or the caloric deficit is mitigated by consuming nutrients that can replace the losses.

2. Stress

Sudden dietary changes, cutting down on certain food groups, experiencing food cravings can trigger stress. When this happens, the body sheds hair thus, in the initial Keto diet, Keto hair loss happens. It is however temporary in keto hair loss as it will most like stop after a few months, once the body has adjusted and the hair loss has been properly mitigated.

3. Triggering thyroid disorder

While the Keto diet is effective in weight loss, certain food groups, like carbohydrates are reduced. Those who have thyroid-related ailments need a healthy amount of carbs as they contain glucose that is essential for the generation of thyroid hormones. Thus, keto hair loss can happen to some people especially those with a thyroid disorder.

4. Insufficient protein

Since the keto diet only allows a moderate intake of protein while high on fat, some could experience inadequate amounts of protein in the body. Hair loss then happens since hair is made up of proteins, and in-order for hair to grow and remain healthy, it needs ample levels of amino acids which proteins, both animal and plant-based can provide.

5. Insufficient Biotin and other B vitamins

Hair loss or Keto hair loss is also a manifestation that there is insufficient Biotin in the body. Biotin is essential for skincare and healthy hair. The problem is in the Keto diet, foods that contain biotin and other B vitamins are reduced, hence hair loss occurs.

6. Affected gut health

Keto diet also requires certain foods to be cut down so certain types of carbohydrates that protect the gut are also affected. When the gut is affected, it could lead to toxins infiltrating the internal system. When the body becomes affected, even hair loss is highly possible.

How To Prevent Keto Hair Loss

Again, hair shedding is a normal occurrence as we shed hair every day. Switching to a dietary regimen can also make the body lose hair temporarily. To prevent keto hair loss, here are some tips that one can follow while doing the keto diet:

  • Incorporate biotin-rich foods that complement Keto diets such as mushrooms, spinach, nuts, avocados, eggs, salmon, and cauliflower. You can also take biotin supplements.
  • Consume bone broth as it is rich in proteins that enhance the skin and hair.
  • Eat foods that are rich in zinc since zinc is also good for hair. Foods packed with zinc but are also keto diet friendly include chicken, mushroom, lamb, and cashews.
  • Massage coconut oil on the hair. Coconut oil is not famous for hair growth, but it can strengthen the hair.
  • Iron also helps strengthen the hair, so eat foods that contain iron.
  • Get enough sleep and rest. While trying a new dietary regimen can be stressful, which leads to keto hair loss, you can manage it by making sure you’re getting enough quality sleep and rest.
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