Keto Ice Cream: How To Make Your Own

Ice cream while on a ketogenic diet? Why not? It is easy to make ice cream that is keto-friendly.

Keto Ice cream

It is a must to sacrifice all our previous eating habits and favorite foods when we are currently doing a specific diet. As such, people who are into ketogenic diets seem to have a few cravings at times; especially foods that are full of carbohydrates such as sugar. However, did you know that there are some ways to make alternatives for your cravings? Such an example is the case of people who are into a ketogenic diet but they are still able to eat their favorite ice cream desserts which are pertained to as keto ice cream.

Keto Ice Cream

Nowadays, it won’t be a serious problem for ice cream lovers to get into a keto diet. Thanks to the amazing minds that thought of making low-carbohydrate ice creams, not only are the keto diet users will benefit from this; also people who are into other kinds of diet or those who just want to cut off the carbohydrates without actually getting derived from their favorite desserts. But ice cream with fewer carbohydrates and is keto-friendly? Yes, there are actually a lot of them that can be seen and bought in markets already. It is also possible for anyone to make homemade keto ice cream which makes it a bit more challenging and fun.

So far, the usual ingredients that made up regular ice creams are known to be full of carbohydrates, calories, and not really diet-friendly. Also, for people who are going through a ketogenic diet, it is never advisable to eat scoops of their favorite regular ice cream. The ingredients used to make those ice cream do not prioritize the consumers’ intake of certain nutrients, because their aim and focus are to provide great-tasting and deliciously sweet ice cream flavors. Thus, the sweeter and the more flavorings, the better.

It’s All About the Ingredients

The amount of sugar and other additives that are used in making regular types of ice cream will never help a person in a diet. In fact, it will ruin the diet for some reason; leaving the person into a state of panic where sometimes it marks the end of their dieting journey. Since maintaining the state of ketosis is very important for a ketogenic diet, one must not eat any food that will ruin the state of the body because it will totally not work and take effect once that happens.

The main ingredients of the usual and go-to ice creams that people normally eat are cream and sugar. Unfortunately, they are ingredients that are known to contain a great number of carbohydrates; which makes them a restriction when it comes to the ketogenic diet. A single cup of the traditional ice cream can already provide the number of carbohydrates that is allowed for a whole day while you’re in a ketogenic diet. So maybe you can eat regular ice cream while on keto but you have to be sure that it will be the only food that will contain carbohydrates, which is somehow impossible.

Since cream and sugar are considered as the main ingredient of ice cream, how is it possible to make keto-friendly ice cream without using those ingredients? The answer is sugar substitutes. For the manufacturers of ice cream products that are keto-friendly, they instead use natural sweeteners and sugar substitutes like stevia and monk fruit. When it comes to alternatives for cream, there also a lot of natural products that can give ice cream products the same creamy feel of the traditional ice cream. Natural ingredients like chicory root and acacia gum will do the trick since they are well known and are actually widely used natural thickeners for most foods; especially desserts.

How Strict is Ketogenic Diet?

To know a little background about the ketogenic diet, here are a few facts we should be aware of regarding this kind of diet:

  • To easily identify if the diet is ketogenic, see if the main principle of the diet is eating foods that are low in carbohydrates but high in fats.
  • The diet works by using fats as an energy source, instead of the usual carbohydrates.
  • There are times when the ketogenic diet will require intermittent fasting.
  • The diet is strict in terms of consuming fats, protein, and carbohydrates. Because if one fails to follow the required amounts of the three nutrients, the body will not be able to reach the state of ketosis which is the diet’s main point.
  • Ketogenic diet started as a treatment for neurological diseases like epilepsy.

Making Your Own Keto Ice Cream

If you want to experiment and be free in following your taste and preference while you’re on the ketogenic diet, it may be better to try making one yourself. It’s just easy to do anyway, keto ice creams can be made even with a minimum of four ingredients.

There are also ways to make ice cream without the use of an ice cream maker, and this is how it is done with homemade ice creams. So, making your own keto ice cream just follows the necessary steps in making homemade ice cream, the only difference is the ingredients used for the keto-friendly one.

Here are the ingredients that you’ll be needing for making homemade keto ice cream. There are just four of them since this will serve as the base ice cream. You may instead add other flavors or fruits if you do not prefer vanilla-flavored ice cream, but be careful on which ones to add since it may affect the balance of the ice cream and in turn, it will become non-ketogenic.

An Easy Recipe for Keto Ice Cream


  • butter
  • heavy cream (or better if almond milk)
  • sugar substitute (either powdered erythritol or you may use stevia)
  • vanilla extract


  • The first step will be combining the first three ingredients into a pan and letting them boil (while slowly stirring) and this is when they will start to thicken.
  • The next step will be the continuous mixing of the product in order to achieve the desired thickness and texture. During the second step, MCT oil may be added as it helps in providing better texture for the ice cream. If not using MCT oil, you will have to properly whisk the mixture well until it gets thicker. That is it for the condensed milk.
  • For the third step, a new batch of heavy cream is beaten by using a hand mixer. This heavy cream mixture will serve as the base of the ice cream.
  • Fourth step, gently add the heavy cream to the condensed milk mixture and mix them together using the folding method.
  • Lastly, you may transfer the completed mixture into a container for placing it in the freezer.

More Ways to Make Keto Ice Cream Better

It is easy to add other flavors to your keto ice cream, just be sure to choose foods that are suitable for the ketogenic diet to avoid ruining the ketosis state of the body. You may opt to add a few choices of fruits for additional flavor.

Samples of fruits (and some nuts) for additional flavor for your keto ice cream:

  • Blueberries, strawberries, and other berries
  • Avocado
  • Coconut strips
  • Almonds
  • Other nuts like walnuts, peanuts, or macadamia nuts
How to Make Ice Cream Infographic
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