Keto vs Atkins: What’s the difference and which one is better?

If you're not sure whether to do Keto or Atkins, take into consideration your own personal goal.

keto vs atkins

Unfamiliar to some, the internet got flooded by a lot of questions coming from dieters when another high-fat kind of diet plan got introduced to the market.

For some who is fond of shifting from one diet to another, this high-fat, low-carb diet which is slightly similar to Keto Diet may be another option for you. Atkins Diet, is a program made primarily for weight loss.

But what exactly are the hidden claims of Atkins Diet?

The Atkins Diet was first introduced to us by Dr. Robert C. Atkins who convinced the public that even though this diet requires you to consume fat, but with the proper amount of intake, one can also lose fats.

Somehow similar with Keto Diet, Atkins Diet is said to make you shred fats by eating a high amount of fat and protein but with very limited or low amount of carbs. Over the years, it has been proven that high-protein, low-carb diet is as effective as it can be for weight loss and one may achieve his/her target weight in no time. A lot may have still raise their eyebrows when they first heard about the Atkins Diet attesting that this diet plan might not be sustainable for the majority since this requires a high intake of saturated fat. However, Dr. Atkins made it clear through a series of writings on some of his published books and articles that it has been tested and proven that Atkins Diet brings no harm to the body regardless of the saturated fat intake and that on the other hand, may results to different health and physique improvements.

Atkins Diet being a 4-phase plan has its secret when it comes to trimming down fats. It has been supported by different studies that aside from this diet being a high-fat diet, it also is a low-carb, high-protein way of dieting which is really effective when it comes to shredding down fats. The higher the amount of carbs our body take, the more we crave for more. This is where the beauty of Atkins lies since high-protein intake will make you feel full faster limiting your stomach to feel empty at a sustainable period of time. This diet is also known to be helpful in muscle building. Having protein as one of the biggest percentage in the diet plan breakdown of Atkins, the consumption of protein helps build muscles resulting to a more toned and more shredded physique.

Similar to Keto Diet, your body needs to undergo the four phases of Atkins Diet:

  1. Induction – For a stronger kick of weight loss at the beginning of the Atkins Diet Plan, you need to limit your carb intake amounting to not more than 20 grams of carbs a day. This cycle will run for two weeks
  2. Balancing – This phase will give you the option to slowly add good carbs on your diet (fruits, nuts, leafy vegetables)
  3. Fine-tuning – Once you start seeing results, your body needs to be fed by more carbs to decrease the pace of weight loss
  4. Maintenance – After reaching your target weight, you may now fully enjoy all the good carbs without worrying for gaining back the weight you’ve lost

As long as you get your food from good sources of protein and fat, you will surely lose weight. However, Atkins Diet may sound fun and easy but there are still a lot of junks that you have to avoid while undergoing the four phases of Atkins. High-carb fruits and vegetables, sugar, grains, starches, legumes, trans fat, and “diet and low-fat” food are to be avoided when you’re on Atkins Diet.

Just like everyone else, we tend to compare one diet to another. Some may even confuse Atkins with Keto since both diet requires high-fat intake.

Keto or Atkins?

Unlike Atkins Diet, Keto Diet doesn’t require you to undergo the four phases of dieting anymore. Hence, you will only have to sustain the high-fat, low to moderate-protein, and low-carb macronutrients until you reach your wanted weight or body.

Another truth that lies between the difference of Keto and Atkins, is the primary goal of each diet plan. Since we now know that Atkins is primarily for weight loss, Keto on the other hand is actually a treatment for seizure and epilepsy. Keto diet being low in carbohydrates, makes us understand that the absence of carbohydrates in the body will convert stored fats into ketones which will later be used as energy for the cells.

Going Keto will also give you a lot of health benefits. Aside from it being an aid to some malfunctions in the body, the effects of turning stored fats into energy will effectively help you lose weight in no time. Having said, placing your body under the state of Ketosis for a longer period of time may not just affect your physical body, but might also contribute to your performance level and resistance when training.

Now that we’ve known the clear distinction between Keto Diet and Atkins Diet, let’s also try to evaluate which diet plan is more effective and sustainable for everyone:

Knowing Atkins is fundamentally for weight loss, this kind of diet plan may only be used for a short period of time only. While Keto, could be used as a lifestyle that can offer you longer health benefits and at the same time, promise you weight loss. Numerically speaking, under the Induction phase of Atkins, you will need 20g of carbs per day while Keto will require you to eat 2,500 calories or is equivalent to 30g of carbs per day. With very little difference, both diet plan will still give you the same effect in weight loss.

It may still be confusing for you to decipher whether to go Keto or Atkins but a more effective way to help you discern would be to consider your own personal goal. Keto can be used for long-term, while Atkins can be used for short-term purposes. Regardless of the period of time, both will still help you lose weight and reach your goal – it’s now up to you.

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