Is Krill Oil Safe? And How You Should Take It

The popularity of the oil supplement began to blossom a few years ago, it was also during those years that it was hailed to be at the same level as fish oil - which was a very well-loved and well-appreciated oil supplement for a few years now.

Krill Oil Supplement

Thinking about the wide range of alternative ways to lose weight that do not require strict diets and intense exercise routines are really magnificent and it is very interesting to give them a try. Another good thing about these alternatives is that they are known to provide more health benefits other than being weight loss agents. Do you have an idea of what these are? A great example could be fish oil supplements that have long-established their interesting reputation with regards to weight loss and overall improvement of the body’s condition. However, there is something similar to fish oil that is starting to move its way up into being known as a good alternative for the fish oil itself – the krill oil.

In this article, we will be introduced to the new player that gets to join the fish oil as they battle each other for being the best oil-based supplement out there; this new player is called the krill oil. We will get to see if it can live up to its current reputation of being at the same level with fish oil, if it is safe to use, and how it should be taken into the body.


It was not until 1999 that the distribution of krill oil was approved, this also marked the oil-based supplement’s start of being introduced to the public by being available for sale on the shelves of markets. The approval was led by the Food and Drug Administration of the United States, and they stated that the oil is better used for its purpose of being a dietary supplement.

The popularity of the oil supplement began to blossom a few years ago, it was also during those years that it was hailed to be at the same level as fish oil – which was a very well-loved and well-appreciated oil supplement for a few years now.

These days, krill oil has boasted a lot of health benefits. It is also said to contribute a lot of those benefits to almost everyone who used the supplement. So it is safe to say that it is slowly building up a more powerful reputation and it may even be considered as a better alternative to fish oil. Although fans of fish oil will totally be against this, krill oil has somehow proven how it can take the place of the fish oil in terms of health benefits.


Based on its name, krill oil is made up of another sea creature that is really small but is usually large in quantities when they are seen in the ocean. They are common food for other sea animals like whales and penguins, and they may also have the same features of other crustaceans such as shrimps, but instead, they are a lot smaller to the point where they can be considered as the ants of the ocean. Krills can also be eaten by people and made into some pastes that can add flavor to most dishes, but somehow people started to prefer harvesting the oil content of krills since they were proven to be a great source of healthy fatty acids such as omega-3.

While the process of producing lots of krill oil supplements that get sold in markets continues to flourish, the biodiversity of the sea creatures is somehow starting to get compromised. Because when compared to other sources of omega-3 fats that are used to make fish oil, krills are very small and they contain a lot less content of the fatty acids. So what they do in order to harvest huge amounts of the oil, they tend to catch too much of the krills for the purpose of extracting more omega-3 oils.

Still, the health benefits that the oil supplement can provide is still undeniable. It is also because of these claims that people started to believe that it is indeed better than fish oil.


Benefits of Krill Oil

The benefits of the oil are almost similar to what we can get from fish oil. Thanks to these benefits, both oils are currently reigning the title of being the best and healthiest supplements that we can easily buy from the market. Beauty and health enthusiasts are also into oil supplements nowadays, they say it is because they love how the supplements provide not only one health benefits but also a lot more in addition.

It is very rich in healthy fats

People have always loved the idea of consuming a lot of healthy fats, preferably those that belong to the category of polyunsaturated fats such as omega-3 fatty acids. These healthy fats are common to seafood, which is why they are considered to be the best sources of healthy fats. Healthy fats are very helpful in terms of achieving improved cardiovascular health.

Krill oil is effective against inflammation

Again, this benefit has something to do with the omega-3 content of the oil supplement. By being anti-inflammatory, the oil can help fight off and prevent the possible development of health conditions that mostly begins from some inflammation in the body.

The oil can actually help in losing weight

The keyword: omega-3 fatty acids. If you want the weight loss to be more effective, reduce the intake of unhealthy fats and take a lot of healthy fats instead; such as the ones you can get from oil-based supplements. Other than being heart-healthy that also contributes to better physical performances, the omega-3 content of the oil can help boost a person’s metabolism and burn necessary amounts of fat. Also, those who intake krill oil are said to experience reduced appetites which helped them control their hunger and prevented them from eating too much.


Yes, krill oil is safe to consume. But there are just a few possible side effects one can get from misusing the supplement. It may also be possible for some people to not consume krill oil at all, this may have something to do with allergies or sensitivities to supplements like it.


The oil supplement is easy to buy and very accessible, you will be able to buy them in different drugstores and supermarkets and they also come in a lot of varieties depending on the dosages and the number of capsules per container.

It is advisable to try the supplement little by little, and then try adding a few more amounts as slowly as possible in order to properly introduce it to the body. Some people use the oil supplement like their daily vitamin; they drink a capsule every morning before they start eating their well-balanced and healthy breakfast.

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