Is La Croix Keto-Friendly? + List of Keto Drinks

La Croix keto sparkling water contains only natural flavors for its carbonated water featuring zero calories, zero sweeteners, zero sodium, vegan, kosher and gluten-free. Not an only friendly drink for a keto diet but any other healthy diet.

Keto-friendly green tea

Water makes 3/4th of the human body weight and essential to bodily functions to survive. Plain water is probably your best keto drink. Do you know that you have many alternatives that are keto-friendly like the zero calories sparkling water La Croix Keto?

La Croix keto sparkling water contains only natural flavors for its carbonated water featuring zero calories, zero sweeteners, zero sodium, vegan, kosher and gluten-free. Not an only friendly drink for a keto diet but any other healthy diet. Popular among millennials because it is marketed as a healthier option as compared to sugar-loaded sodas and as a chaser of some drinks. The La Croix started in La Crosse Wisconsin by G. Heileman Brewing Company ins 1981 and later the brand got sold to its current owner National Beverage Corporation. Not only did La Croix captured the market but created a la Croix mania of dieters ditching sodas in America. The rise of La Croix is the market is because Americans start to stay away from sodas to a more healthier alternative. La Croix keto-friendly drink.

To keep on your state of ketosis, drinks need to watch out for. For the main reason that they are hard to resist temptation but can be a source of carbs and calories. If La Croix keto-friendly sparkling water, there are other drinks you must be careful of, because most are loaded with sugar and carbs that can compromise your ketosis.

List of Keto-Friendly Drinks


A top list of a keto-friendly drink because it’s zero carbs. Not all love the taste of plain water, to give it a kick try adding lemon or herbs to add flavor but still maintain your ketosis. There are readily available water enhancers to make your water tastes better without the calories, they come in a powder or liquid droppers.

Here are some of the water enhancers you may enjoy:

  • Stur
  • Skinnygirl
  • Water Enhancer
  • Crystal Light Liquid
  • Dasani Drops
  • Propel Water Beverage Mix

Here’s some Keto-Friendly Sparling water available:

  • La Croix Sparkling Water
  • Ferrarelle Aqua Minerale
  • San Pellegrino
  • Voss Sparkling
  • Perrier Sparkling Mineral Water

Keto-friendly Seltzer Brands:

  • Polar Seltzer
  • Vintage Seltzer
  • Schweppes Seltzer

Coffee and Tea

Of course, you can have your black coffee and teas as you usually do in certain times if the day to keep you energized just don’t add sugar. You can use sugar-free sweeteners and milk alternatives such as almond milk, coconut milk, cashew milk or heavy cream.

Tea is another keto-friendly drink because it has zero carbs on its own with a low-calorie count, tea has been around for many centuries for good reasons. Here is a list of keto tea drink options for you:

  • Green Teas. Green tea is a keto-friendly drink with loads of health benefits. The energy boost from this tea added with keto milk alternative will last longer than the black tea.
  • Black Teas. Black tea is packed with flavanols that are good for your guts good bacteria.
  • Herbal Teas. This tea does not have caffeine kick is another keto-friendly drink to your list.

Diet Soda

Regular soda is a big no to keto diet however, diet sodas have zero sugar are of course considered keto-friendly. Take into consideration that diet soda’s use artificial sweeteners, opt for diet sodas that are most natural. You may even want to opt for La Croix keto drink as another alternative.

Juice Alternatives

Fresh fruit juices are always healthy however most are naturally loaded with sugar, if you are on a keto diet you can still enjoy fruit or veggie juices that are keto-friendly such as berries or juice alternatives:

  • Mix water to your juice. To still get the fruity or veggie flavor, you can just add water to your fresh fruit juice to lessen its carb content. Just make sure you take note of the carb content.
  • Power Aid Zero. This zero-sugar sports drink is a good alternative if you are into sports drink but will not keep you out of ketosis.
  • Vitamin Water Zero. A keto-friendly drink alternative will give you the vitamins that you need without the sugar.
  • Flavored Water Enhances. If you are craving for fruit juices, these flavored enhancers can be your other choice to stay in ketosis.
  • SoBe Water. This is another healthy alternative to fruit juice, using natural sweetener stevia and added vitamins.
  • Hint Water. This keto-friendly drink is infused with a natural fruit flavor without the sugar.

Keto Milk Alternatives

Milk has been a comfort drink to most of you but in a keto diet, you need to switch to milk alternatives to keep off the carb of regular milk. It is ideal to limit your low carb milk to a cup a day and should you prefer a specific brand you need to take note of its carb counts on its package nutritional information.

  • Unsweetened almond milk:1g of net carbs per cup
  • Coconut milk beverage: 1g of net carbs per cup
  • Coconut milk canned: 3g of net carbs per cup
  • Cashew milk: 1g of net carbs per cup
  • Flax milk: 1g of net carbs per cup
  • Hemp milk: 1g of net carbs per cup

Low Carb Smoothies

You can still enjoy this delicious drink with low carb veggies or fruits such as kale, avocados, and blueberries with dairy substitutes incorporating high-quality fats, yogurts, MCT oil, and vegan proteins to stay on your keto diet.

Keto-Friendly Alcohol

Yes, you can even have an alcoholic beverage on a keto diet. There are low-carb alcohols such as pure alcohol products like vodka, whiskey, gin, tequila, and rum, and zero carb mixers and chasers like La Croix keto drink that you can enjoy in the keto diet.

To keep your body’s state of ketosis will not mean you have scrap your favorite sparkling water-drink La Croix keto, coffee, tea and most of your staple drinks. Sure, you must make some dietary changes to stay on your keto diet and you get to enjoy your favorite La Croix keto along the way.

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