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Health Kit MCT Oil Capsules

Healthkit MCT Oil is a GMO and chemical free MCT oil in capsule form sourced from palm oil and great for travel and for people who have experienced stomach upset using liquid MCT oils. Made by Healthkit Labs, these MCT Oil capsules are marketed as “pharmaceutical grade,” “sustainably sourced,” gluten free, and kosher.

The company claims that their MCT oil can provide “support for energy, weight loss, digestion, mental clarity and focus, and heart health,” and MCT oils are indeed associated with all of these health benefits and more.

But how do Healthkit’s MCT Oil Capsules measure up to some of the other MCT oil capsules on the market, and can the claims be substantiated? Our review team investigated and has these answers and more for you below!

Ingredients and Side Effects

Medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) are fast-burning fatty acids that provide a quick and lasting source of energy in your body in the form of ketones, so you no longer have to burn carbs for fuel and instead can start burning stored fat.

MCTs are the go-to fatty acid ally of keto and paleo dieters, because they raise ketone levels and help support a state of ketosis in which your body burns fat and ketones as energy. MCTs can help enhance brain power, aid in weight loss, improve endurance and increase energy, and even help with digestion and nutrient absorption.

The precise makeup of MCTs in Healthkit’s MCT Oil is 55% caprylic acid (C8) and 35% capric acid (C10) derived from sustainably sourced palm oil. C8 and C10 are short-chain MCTs that break down into ketones for energy the fastest. While the concentration of C8 and C10 MCTs in Healthkit’s MCT Oil will certainly do the trick, we’ve seen even higher concentrations in other top ranked MCT oils on our Top MCT Oils of 2018 list.

Then, there’s palm oil, which is undeniably a wonderful source of MCTs, but not so environmentally sustainable. The harvesting of palm oil has had disastrous effects on the environment. It has been tied to deforestation, the displacement of indigenous communities, wildlife deaths, and massive greenhouse gas emissions…so much so, it’s no longer considered vegan even though it comes from a fruit!

Now, Healthkit’s MCT Oil is sustainably sourced, but this label unfortunately doesn’t mean much. It’s not even RSPO certified. RSPO is the only global certification program, but the standards are so weak and lax, that even that stamp of approval doesn’t hold weight.

All “sustainable” really means is that the palm oil may or may not have come from a palm plantation grown on cleared rainforest. And in the United States, any company can make sustainable claims because there is no government regulatory agency to monitor that claim.

If you are at all concerned about the environmental and ethical impact of palm oil, there are many MCT oil products made from true sustainably sourced coconuts to try.

Other ingredients in Healthkit’s MCT Oil include bovine gelatin (for the capsule) and vitamin E. Bovine gelatin is not vegetarian and is a protein that can help strengthen bones, joints, and nails. Vitamin E is often added to supplements to extend shelf life.

In terms of the “pharmaceutical grade” claim…well…to make that claim the product has to exceed 99% purity from natural sources and contain no binders, fillers, dyes, or other unknowns. Fewer than 3% of all products on the market are actually pharmaceutical grade, so this high quality is a definite plus!

We love that Healthkit products bear the Made in the U.S.A. label and are manufactured in an FDA-registered and GMP-certified facility for quality control.

The side effects associated with MCT oils are stomach upset and diarrhea, so start your MCT regimen slowly.

Price and Quality

If you’re on a budget, Healthkit’s MCT Oil capsules are a great option. You can currently buy a 30-serving bottle on Amazon at $17.95. They suggest taking 4 capsules a day, or starting with 1 and building up if you are new to MCTs so that you don’t have stomach upset. One bottle can last you about a month if you follow the serving suggestions. So that’s about 60 cents a day!

Company Review

Phone number:800-361-3160

Address:960 Haddon Avenue #114

Collingswood, NJ, 08108

You can contact Healthkit directly by email on their website,, but their MCT oil hasn’t yet made it on the product list of the website.

They don’t have a huge online presence, with a scanty following on their Facebook page, and just a smattering of reviews (all positive) on Amazon. As far as company feedback goes, they have a 98% positive rating on Amazon based on 57 ratings, and their return, refund, and shipping policies follow Amazon’s.

Customer Reviews

As the company continues to build its online presence, reviews remain glowing.

Here are some testimonials:

“This is a great supplement to take for a boost in energy! It has worked wonders for me!”

“I have noticed in only three days of taking the MCT oil: More energy. Kinda like it’s refining the energy that coffee gives me anyway. Suppressed appetite. That lasts from 6:30 till about 10:30. I’m not hungry during that time. I’m not jittery during that time (which I have to watch because I have a pacemaker…so a bit more squeamish on those things that might mess with the ticker).I do not have an upset stomach after it either.”

“I was taking the liquid version of the MCT oils that upset my stomach, but I found these and I get all of the great benefits without the upset.”

“Noticeable energy bursts!! This is great!”

EDITOR’S TIP: For best results, use for 3 months.

The Verdict

If you’re not concerned about the true sustainability of palm oil and are looking for an MCT oil to support your keto or paleo diet and provide an energy and brain boost, Healthkit MCT Oil Capsules are recommended.

We are big fans of quality control and love that the product is made in the USA. We also give a thumb’s up to the ease and convenience. Capsules make it easy to get your MCTs on the go. And Healthkit’s MCT Oil Capsules dissolve in liquid, so if you don’t want to swallow them, you can add them to your coffee, tea, smoothie, or favorite beverage.

Take advantage of this budget-friendly MCT oil today!

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