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Keto Capsules MCT Oil On the Go!

Keto Capsules: MCT Oil On The Go, distributed by Happy Hour Vitamins, is the budget winner of our Best MCT Oils of 2018 list. Each serving delivers a 90% potency MCT oil blend of caprylic acid (C8) and capric acid (C10) extracted from palm oil.

As noted on the label, MCT oil can help “boost energy and endurance” and “support cognitive function.” And these MCT oil capsules are convenient, easy to swallow, and easier to digest than some of the liquid forms of MCTs.

MCT oil capsules are the supplement of choice for anyone on the keto diet or who lives a high-performance, on-the-go lifestyle, working all day, every day and engaging in high-intensity sports and workouts. MCT Oil On The Go is ideal for the keto and low-carb consumer who is looking for inexpensive over high quality. In this best MCT oil review, we’ll weigh the price and health benefits against the possibly less beneficial quality control of this “fast fuel for your brain and muscles.”

Ingredients and Side Effects

MCT Oil On the Go is made up of 55% C8 and 35% C10, which is a standard breakdown of medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) in popular MCT oil products.

C8 and C10 are the MCTs that take the shortest time to digest and they convert to caloric energy the quickest, which is how MCTs are able to give your body the energy boost it craves, especially on a low-carb regimen like the ketogenic diet. They work far faster than the fatty acids that make up coconut oil.

The advantage of MCT oil over coconut oil is that MCT oil is more highly concentrated in C8 and C10. While coconut oil only has about 15% of these MCTs, MCT oils such as these keto capsules boast as much as 90%.

Both C8 and C10 are easy to digest and convert to energy, but C8 also has some notable anti-microbial properties that can help keep your gut healthy. It’s also the fastest MCT to convert to energy in the brain, which can help with mental clarity, focus, and all-around cognitive function.

In addition to C8 and C10, these keto capsules are housed in a gelatin capsule made from bovine and also contain vitamin E.

The C8 and C10 comes from palm oil, which is a good source of MCTs for sure; however, there is no indication that the palm oil is sustainably sourced…which is one reason this MCT oil is cheaper than many others on the market. Happy Hour Vitamins also reveals no quality control assurances, so where it is manufactured, how it is manufactured, and the quality of the supplement ingredients are unknowns.

Before choosing this product, here are some quick things to consider about the harvesting of palm oil, an unregulated industry despite attempts to create sustainable options, according to Scientific American.

“Palm oil production is the largest cause of deforestation in Indonesia and other equatorial countries with dwindling expanses of tropical rainforest. Indonesia’s endangered orangutan population, which depends upon the rainforest, has dwindled by as much as 50 percent in recent years. The clearing of these forests is a big factor in global warming, given how much carbon dioxide (CO2) trees store when left alone. Once forests are cut, tons of CO2 heads skyward where it does the most harm. Also, when not replaced by palm oil plantations, rainforests help maintain water resources by absorbing rainfall and then releasing it into streams and rivers, thus minimizing flooding and soil depletion.”

Side effects of MCTs, as noted in our other MCT oil product reviews, include digestive troubles such as stomachaches and diarrhea. For this reason, always start with one capsule at a time to see how your system reacts.

Price and Quality

MCT On The Go Keto Capsules retail on Amazon for $13.97 with discounts activated regularly.

A 120-capsule bottle is a 1-month supply at 47 cents a day. So, your MCT oil habit, a very good habit to have, won’t break the bank. And you can subscribe and save 5% according to Amazon policy.

Company Review

Phone number:1-888-384-1333

Email:[email protected]

There is no address listed on the Happy Hour Vitamins official website, and it appears that you can only order from Amazon, who is responsible for fulfillment. Amazon storefront reviews are at a 96% positive rating for Happy Hour Vitamins, which bodes well for customer service.

They also offer a 100% hassle- and risk-free money back guarantee for 90 days from the date of purchase. Coupled with the low-price and Amazon backing, it truly is a risk-free purchase for those who want to try MCT oil for the health and weight-loss benefits.

Customer Reviews

MCT Oil On The Go currently has a 4.6 out of 5-star rating on Amazon. Reviews highlight increased energy and clear thinking, as well as the neutral taste, appetite-suppressing effects, and ease of use.

Check out some testimonials:

“These capsules are quickly becoming one of my favorite morning supplements. Since taking them, my energy level has increased and I swear that my thinking has become clearer in the mornings (which is saying something because I tend to have an adult beverage or two nightly). Overall I am highly satisfied and have been recommending them to friends and family.”

“The product is great, it really makes it easy to consume the oil in a pill. Less messy, easy to transport, and the capsules don’t seem to break easily. All that said, what set this product apart from others is the company’s customer service. They sent an email after I purchased the product to ensure that I would use it correctly. They gave a quick breakdown on dosing so that my experience would be optimal. And it has been! Solid product, epic’s a win-win! I’ll definitely be coming back for more.”

“Great product! I always used to feel that I was running low on energy and would reach for a Red Bull or 5 hour energy. This is much healthier and doesn’t make me feel jittery. Also, much less expensive then getting my caffeine fix…great product!!”

“What a great product! I’ve done ketosis off and on since 98 and by far the worst part is feeling cloudy, and lethargic from the initial lack of sugars. After doing some research I decided to give these a try. They have everything your looking for in a MCT oil capsule and at a great price. I would recommend these to anyone whether on a ketogenic diet or not. A+++ Keto Capsules MCT oil on the go!!!!”

EDITOR’S TIP: Supplements are best taken for 3 months to see the beneficial effects.

Here are some more lackluster reviews, but nothing that would stop us from recommending these budget-friendly keto capsules, as there is no way of knowing if consumers are taking MCT oil as instructed.

“These had no effect at all. Will not spend my money on them again.”

“Rather than bigger soft gels, you are getting easy to swallow, easy to open capsules (to pour in your coffee, maybe?). Be careful about carrying them in your hand or pocket for any length of time as capsules can come apart and the oil will leak out. The packaging is confusing, as the per capsule dosage is not listed, but rather, the 4-capsule serving estimated dosage of 3000mg. After talking to the vendor I learned each capsule has 675 mg of MCTs. 4 capsules = 2700mg MCT, so to get the 3000mg recommended daily dose you have to take 4.5 capsules…The bottle arrived quickly and the seller was very responsive.”

The Verdict

MCT oil is scientifically proven to raise ketone levels for long-lasting energy and get you in the fat-burning zone. These keto capsules promise to do just that.

While we can’t vouch for the quality of the ingredients in this MCT oil supplement, it appears the company responsible for their manufacture has excellent customer service, a well-managed 90-day money back guarantee, and positive customer reviews. The capsules are easier to swallow than many of the bigger softgels from other top brands, and although the MCT oil capsules are made of palm oil, they deliver an appropriate blend of potent MCTs. For these reasons, MCT Oil On The Go gets a hearty thumb’s up!

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