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Sports Research MCT Oil is derived from non-GMO Project Verified coconut oil and contains the “full spectrum” of MCTs, with caprylic acid (C8), capric acid (C10), and lauric acid (C12). This vegan friendly and keto and paleo certified (it’s been tested by 3rd party labs) MCT oil is marketed as “brain and body fuel” that can provide “sustained natural energy” and support “healthy weight management.”

Holding strong as an Amazon Bestseller, Sports Research MCT Oil is a definite winner and an attractive choice for keto dieters and low-carb health nuts looking for an MCT oil that includes lauric acid. But how does it compare to the others on our Best MCT Oil list, and is liquid MCT really the right choice for you? Let’s see!

Ingredients and Side Effects

One tablespoon delivers 13.5 grams of medium-chain triglycerides from coconuts (which is a tad higher than our other MCT Oil liquid winner, Onnit MCT Oil). A little bit of math gives us approximately…

  •  42% C8
  •  27% C10
  •  30% C12

…per tablespoon.

The MCTs C8 and C10 have a unique chemical structure that enables them to avoid being broken down in the intestines and instead take a more direct route to the blood for quick energy. MCT oils feature these two healthy fatty acids because they convert fat into ketones the quickest, which is the fat-burning, keto-inducing effect we want in an MCT oil.

The addition of lauric acid isn’t a must in an MCT oil, but there are many keto connoisseurs who believe it’s a big plus. Lauric acid can be labelled an MCT in the U.S., but, according to biochemists, it isn’t a true MCT due to how it behaves, and it doesn’t increase ketones as effectively as C8 and C10 do. It’s a longer chain fatty acid that gets processed in the liver and takes more time to digest. But it does come with other health benefits. It’s noted for its antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antiviral properties, all of which aid gut health.

So, you’re losing a bit of fast-acting and energy-enhancing C8 and C10, but you’re gaining an all-around health ally in C12. It depends on your ultimate reasons for taking an MCT oil.

In terms of side effects, MCT oil, particularly in liquid form, has been saddled with the reputation for stomach upset. For this reason, Sports Research recommends starting with 1 tablespoon a day and then increasing to no more than 3 tablespoons according to your personal tolerance.

Price and Quality

Sports Research MCT Oil retails at $32.00 on the official website product page, but you can get it cheaper at the time of this review on Amazon at $27.95.

63 tablespoon servings run you approximately 50 cents a serving, which is upper end of the price spectrum for MCT oils, but considering they are vegan friendly, sustainably sourced, independent 3rd-party lab tested, and housed in a BPA-free bottle, we’re giving it quality controlled kudos.

You can lower the price and save $1.40 by subscribing to Amazon’s autoship.

Company Review

Phone number:(310)519-1484

Address:784 Channel St.

San Pedro, CA 90731

We were unable to find an email for Sports Research, but they have a handy contact form on their website.

They offer a 90-day full refund on first-time purchases minus the return costs.

They only have two reviews on the official product page, but they have a 4.6 rating on nearly 3000 reviews on Amazon! Let’s hear what customers have to say.

Customer Reviews

Reviewers mention the increase in energy and mental clarity, and the 3- to 1-star reviews tend to focus on digestive upset, packaging issues, and blending issues.

Some highlights:

“Amazing product that makes you feel naturally energized. Easy to add to drinks, smoothie or to cook with. Love this supplement, use it daily!!”

“I like this oil a lot, but the packaging (squirt bottle) makes it hard to measure because it squirts out so fast. I have wasted some because it squirts out on to the counter instead of into the spoon.”

“I take MCT oil for over all health. I like that this MCT oil contains lauric acid as most don’t. I give it to my mother who has mild Alzheimer’s and it has not progressed over these past two years. I’ve also recommended this brand to several friends and coworkers.”

“We love this!!! We just started the Ketogenic Diet in January and have been adding this to our morning coffee. This was the first brand of MCT Oil we tried, and we are so pleased we are sticking with it. We just ordered our second bottle. It is great quality and has very speedy delivery.”

“This product seems to be hit or miss for some. It completely wrecked my stomach and I will no longer use it. I had an upset stomach and explosive mud butt for the 3 days I used it. Not fun. I was adding 1tbs to my morning protein shakes.”

“Will. Not. Blend. So, I tried for over a month to like this product, but the verdict is that this product absolutely sucks for cold prep.”

If you experience stomach upset with MCT oil in liquid form, you may have more luck with MCT Oil Softgels.

EDITOR’S TIP: For best results, use for 3 months. Take advantage of a subscription plan to save 5%!

The Verdict

If you’re looking for an MCT oil in liquid form that also contains lauric acid, look no further than Sports Research MCT Oil. Although there’s no mention of organic, it’s derived from non-GMO Project Verified coconut oil and has a great breakdown of C8, C10, and C12. We also love that it is naturally tasteless and odorless for easy mixing into your favorite drinks and coffee, comes with a 90-day money back guarantee, and is quality controlled so you don’t have to worry about additives, fillers, or sustainability.

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