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Totally Natural Remedies MCT Oil 3000

Totally Natural Remedies Pure MCT Oil Capsules make getting your healthy fats easy with convenient capsules that deliver potent MCTs derived from red palm oil. This MCT oil supplement is marketed as non-GMO, paleo and keto approved, gluten free, and manufactured in a CMP certified and FDA-inspected facility in the U.S.A.

You get all the MCT oil benefits—energy, mental endurance, and fat-burning—in these cold pressed, quality-controlled capsules, which Totally Natural Remedies says are “maximum potency” and “pure.” They’ve made the cut on our Best MCT Oil list, but how does Totally Natural Remedies MCT Oil stack up to competitors? Let’s find out in this Totally Natural Remedies review!

Ingredients and Side Effects

The medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) in this MCT oil are the fast-acting caprylic acid (C8) and capric acid (C10) extracted from red palm oil. These MCTs hop on the digestion fast track where they are directly metabolized in the liver and are more quickly and easily digested than other fats, like long-chain fatty acids.

C8 and C10 MCTs activate your body’s thermogenic mechanism, so you burn more calories and store fewer calories. A win-win for weight and fat loss!

MCTs also help increase your energy and endurance, both physical and mental, and you don’t have to worry about the sugar crashes and jitters you may get from other energy enhancers, like coffee or energy drinks.

In terms of the potency of these MCT oil capsules, Totally Natural Remedies claims they are “maximum,” however each serving (4 capsules) brings in 1652 mg of C8 and 1052 mg of C10, which is a 55% and 35% makeup respectively. We’ve seen higher potency in some of our other Best MCT Oils in our 2018 review.

The capsules are made from bovine gelatin with vitamin E to help extend shelf life.

We would like to address the debate surrounding palm oil. Red palm oil, not to be confused with palm kernel oil, comes from the fruit of the oil of the palm tree and is so called for its dark red color when it is unprocessed. Not only is red palm oil a great source of MCTs, but it also has antioxidant properties.

The downside is that palm oil, even with efforts made to sustainably farm the oil, is not an environmentally sustainable oil as of yet. It has been called out for the harm caused to indigenous cultures, the environment and its impact on deforestation, and its extreme detriment to wildlife, such as the orangutan population.

Totally Natural Remedies has made no indication that their MCT oil capsules come from red palm oil that is “sustainably sourced,” which is a misnomer on its own, because there is no regulatory agency to monitor the sustainability claim.

In consideration of the environmental impact of palm oil, you might want to try an MCT oil made from sustainable coconuts, which are also a wonderful source of energy-enhancing and weight-loss promoting MCTs.

MCTs are often associated with stomach upset if you don’t start taking them slowly, although we didn’t see any reviews on Amazon that indicate such a side effect from Totally Natural Remedies MCT Oil.

Price and Quality

The price is a definite lure for the budget-conscious keto and low-carb dieter looking to supplement with MCTs. Priced at $21.99, although it appears that Totally Natural Remedies regularly reduces the price to an even more attractive $16.99, the 120 four-capsule servings should last you a full 30 days. You’re looking at 72 cents a serving, which is around standard.

You can also subscribe and save 5% when you order them off Amazon.

Company Review

Phone number:1-800-924-0710

Email: [email protected]

Address: 1835 E Hallandale Bch Blvd

Hallandale Florida, U.S. 33009

Totally Natural Remedies MCT Oil Capsules are pushed further down on our Best MCT Oils of 2018 list in part because they don’t have the risk-free, money back guarantee of other companies, and their customer service department doesn’t appear to be as easy to reach.

On their official website, they have the disclaimer: “Due to the volume of emails we receive every day, we’re not able to answer every single email we get, but we do our best to get to as many as possible!”

Their refund policy isn’t as customer-friendly as other keto supplement companies either. You have 30 days to refund or exchange, and the product must be unused and kept in the original packaging. Also, they don’t refund sale items and the customer is charged for shipping.

You can always take these MCT oil capsules for a test drive by ordering the 60-count bottle for just $15.99, which is currently on sale for $12.99.

Customer Reviews

There aren’t that many reviews available with Totally Natural Remedies MCT Oil Capsules, but those we found on Amazon focus on the advantages of taking the capsules over the liquid form of MCTs, and praise the sustained energy effects.

Here are some testimonials:

“For a couple of years I was an avid consumer of Bulletproof Coffee. While I valued the benefits – greater alertness and focus, improved weight management, etc. – I found the preparation to be burdensome. After some time away from use of MCT Oil due to this reason, I ran across Total Natural Remedies’ MCT Oil Capsules. This is a fantastic product. I obtain benefits that exceed exceptions with the ease of use in a capsule form. I am back to realizing the benefits of MCT Oil that include improved focus, energy, and ability to manage my weight. Excellent product and equally excellent service from the company.”

“Wow! I’ve tried MCT oil before but hated taking the liquid. It had a bad taste but thsee capsules are SO much easier. Literally take 2 in the morning and it keeps me focused and energized most of the day. Great find!”

“I’ve been taking this for about a week and already notice a difference. I seem to have more stable energy and less sugar cravings during the day. Will definitely order again!”

“I have been taking these capsules for about two weeks now and have felt a surge in my energy throughout the day, and feel like I have been recovering much better from my workouts. I have also felt like I am sleeping better and am able to think more clearly at work. Would definitely recommend to anyone!”

EDITOR’S TIP: Supplements are best taken for 3 months to really measure the full effects.

The less positive reviews focus on packaging mishaps.

“I’m upset about receiving this bottle with six or more broken capsules inside. All of the capsules are now oily on the outside. I will be returning this product.”

“I have bought these 3 times the last order that came the capsule have leaked all over the bottle. So far about 10 capsules have been empty. I haven’t had a issue until now.”

The Verdict

MCT oil, when purely processed and delivering C8 and C10, can be counted on to boost energy, help enhance mental faculties, produce ketones for better fat burning, and help optimize your health all round. Totally Natural Remedies MCT Oil passes that test.

We also like that these MCT oil capsules are independently tested for best quality and purity. If you’re okay with purchasing a product made with palm oil and don’t care about a money back guarantee, then we recommend giving these budget-friendly MCT oil capsules a try.

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