Milk on Keto: What’s the Best Course to Take?

Milk on keto: is it a good idea? Learn more about how the ketogenic diet works for your health goals and whether or not drinking milk aids in a wise diet management plan.

Milk pouring on a glass

Milk on keto diet hangs a question for many health-minded followers: is it going to be a benefit? The ketogenic is a popular, fast-working diet that focuses on high-fat amounts and low carbohydrates. This low-carb diet instead promotes the intake of whole foods, seafood, cheese, eggs, greek yogurt, water, coconut oil, avocadoes, and other beneficial selections to make it a truly beneficial diet for the long haul. 

Dairy contains plenty of nutrients such as calcium, however, it also contains moderate amounts of lactose and sugar. Lactose is that ingredient that gives milk that extra goodness. A cup (236 ml) of milk is found to contain 13 grams of sugar; quite a high amount. This then makes it more challenging to have milk work with a ketogenic diet, a diet strict on the consumption of minimal carbs. Fortunately, there are now several substitutes to resolve this concern you can read in this article. And what about other dairy products? It is found that dairy products high in fat contain less lactose when you compare them to low-fat dairy or regular milk. This is goods news for strict followers of the keto diet. Examples of dairy products that are high in fat include butter and fatty yogurt (not low-fat yogurt). Learn more about milk on keto and how it should be followed for a better health plan below.

Milk on Keto

If you’re a fan of the creamy delicious drink that is milk but you’re on a keto diet, not to worry, milk substitutes that are low in the carb are available. An average cup (236 ml) of non-low-fat milk is already equal to 13 grams of carbs, so drinking regular milk is generally not a wise option when on a keto diet. Because the ketogenic diet limits 30 grams of carb intake daily, it’s best to choose foods and beverages that contain less than 10 grams of carb for each serving. Pasta, pizza to other bread is a huge no-no. Below are well-loved substitutes to replace milk for a workable ketogenic health plan.

Nut Milk

Derived from its name, nut milk is simply milk sourced from healthy nut varieties then converted into healthy milk substitutes. They can also come in varying flavors. Popular nut milk sources include almond milk, hazelnut milk, and cashew milk. You can soak healthy nuts like pecans and peanuts with water and make a blend out of them. Use a nut milk bag for ease.

Note not to pick sweetened nut milk off the grocery shelf because that would be a minus. Be alert in checking labels to meet your keto diet goals.

Almond Milk

As top milk on keto substitute, almond milk is abundant in many grocery shops and health stores. It tastes more like milk and hints of the almond flavor. This plant milk is very nutritious and creamy and you can also find flavored ones. Just be careful of the sugar content, so pick and check wisely. Almond milk is low in calories and there is an unsweetened option to pick out as well.

Some of the nutritional components of almond milk other than calcium include vitamin C, potassium, vitamin E, and zinc. This milk on the keto option contains only 40 calories a cup with up to 2 grams of carbohydrates. Be creative with almond milk and add it to oatmeals or other healthful meals and desserts of your liking.

Hazelnut Milk

Although not as well-picked as almond milk, hazelnut milk is another tasteful plant-based dairy milk substitute. It also carries a richer flavor. What’s great about hazelnut milk is is high in vitamin E (a strong antioxidant), is amazingly free from lactose, soy, and gluten, and contains no saturated fat, cholesterol, and is very low in calories. 

You need to consume hazelnut milk within one week after opening the box. This milk is more popular as a creamer so it would be great on that cup of joe.

Cashew Milk

Tasty and low in calories, cashew milk has zero lactose and is quick to digest in the stomach. It is packed with nutrients, protein, and healthy fats that promote excellent heart and eye health, and even carries anti-cancer advantages. More so, cashew milk is good at boosting the immune system and promotes healthier skin.

Did you know? One serving of cashew milk on keto fills 45% of our calcium daily requirement. Of the three nut milk, it is the nuttiest in flavor, and also contains more vitamin E than almond milk. Cashew milk is made up of only 40 calories plus 3 small grams of carbohydrates per cup. Homemade, you can acquire 6 extra grams of protein.

Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is deliciously rich milk on keto alternative which is an extract of matured coconut pulp. It contains high amounts of healthy oils and is used to flavor sumptuous Asian to African dishes. Also, it is packed with amazing nutrients like manganese, potassium, and lauric acid.

While it is fatty, coconut milk contains very low carbohydrates. One cup of this milk contains 13 grams of carbohydrates, 5 grams of fiber, and is 550 calories overall. While it is flavorful, careful not to glug it down in copious amounts. 

Soy milk, low carbohydrate powder milk, and protein powders are other wonderful sources to replace milk on the keto diet if you are loyal to this food group. These are low in carb, add flavor to food, and are nutritious. Full-fat cheeses are other smart ketogenic choices. These include cheddar cheese, Swiss cheese, brie cheese, and parmesan cheese: plenty of good fat but limited in dairy. 

Any good and successful diet is a lifestyle to be practiced every day. Learn to cut down those cravings and always be aware of serving sizes. Always pick milk with more fatty content and measure what you’re about to chug. Milk on keto, with its varying nutritious substitutes, will give you a balanced and healthy body you aim for in due time, and with patience and discipline.

Milk On Keto
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