Low-Carb Crackers Alternatives to Try While on Keto

If you want to cut carbs, one of the best ways is with crackers and especially non-grain versions. You can pick from different low and no carb crackers when on the keto diet. These tasty snacks can help by providing a tasty and low-carb option.

No carbs crackers

Are you looking for low-carb snacks for the keto diet? This low-carb, high-fat diet swaps out carbs for fat and protein. It might seem tough to pick snacks that fit into these plans but it’s possible. That includes a wide range of different low and no carb crackers. Yes, that’s right! You might think that you have to go with boring saltines, but that’s simply not the case. You can choose from a wide range of snack foods that will help you stay in a state of “ketosis.” This involves getting your energy from fat and protein instead of carbs. If you’ve done a 24-hour fast, then your body went into a state of ketosis.

What are these crackers all about? Like other foods on the keto diet, these are low-carb and high-fat. The fat is from sources like almond and coconut flour or even butter. Everything’s better with butter, right? Many people have the misconception that fat is always bad. What you want to avoid is stuff like saturated and trans-fat. Fun Fact: A 1950s study found that heart disease among Alaskan Inuit was 1%. This is interesting since they often eat a high-fat diet that includes whales and seals.  

Keto Diet and Carbs

Before we take up low-carb crackers, let’s talk about the keto diet and carbs. What’s it all about? The keto diet focuses on high fat and moderate protein. Then some carbs are kept low.

A low-carb diet prevents your blood sugar from spiking. However, it might seem challenging to follow this kind of diet if you’re used to a high-carb diet.

Keep in mind low-carb doesn’t mean you only eat meat. For example, a classic keto diet dinner could include grilled steak, broccoli, and garden salad with herb butter.

There’s often some debate about what qualifies as a truly keto diet. However, the two key components are low-carb and high-fat. If you can achieve those goals with foods like crackers then you’re on the right track.

So, what exactly is “low” carb? This is generally defined as 100g or fewer carbs each day. This is much higher than a standard Western diet that often includes 250+ carbs every day.

There’s some leeway in the keto diet for how low you can go in your carbs. For example, a standard keto diet allows 20g or fewer carbs per day. A moderately low-carb diet allows between 20g to 50g of carbs per day. Then there’s liberal low-carb that allows for 50g to 100g of carbs every day.

How do these guidelines affect your meal prep for keto diet plans? When a particular recipe has ultra-low-carb percentages you can boost the protein a little. Fat should stay at 70% or higher.

What if a low-carb cracker recipe is higher in protein? This is a moderately low-carb diet vs. keto. It can help to lower your blood sugar levels but isn’t the best option for staying in ketosis.

An X-factor to consider is fiber. The fiber from veggie skins isn’t counted in the keto diet’s carb counts.

Low/No Carb Crackers

Crackers are a great option for diet plans in general since they tend to be low-calorie. You have to watch out for unhealthy spreads but the crackers themselves are generally healthy.

When you’re on the keto diet the key is to make the crackers low-carb AND high-fat. It can be tougher than you might think. For example, one of the problems with refined flour is it’s high-carb.

So how should you approach keto crackers? The goal is to boost the amount of “good” fat they contain. Here are some options:

1. Basic keto crackers

These are the original and (arguably) the best keto crackers. They get their fat from stuff like almond flour, coconut flour, olive oil, and (wait for it) better. These are all excellent sources of good fat. While helping you stay in ketosis the ingredients are 100% better than alternatives like lard.

2. Grain-free Graham Crackers

Who doesn’t like Graham crackers? OK, there’s probably at least one person in the world who isn’t a fan. That said, this is easily one of the most popular types of crackers. It’s sort of a cross between a cracker and cookie.

What’s the keto version all about? It’s wheat and gluten-free. 

The big difference with this version is it swaps out the wheat flour and swaps in almond flour. This might seem like a small change but almonds are high in much more good fat than wheat. It’s also much lower-carb than refined wheat flour.

3. Flax Crackers

It is made from seeds instead of grains, so it’s high-fat and low-carb. You also get healthy fat from ingredients like cheese, and eggs. However, the big difference with this keto cracker is in the flaxseed.

4. Pepperoni Crisps

If you’re a fan of crispy snacks then this is one of the best options. You get the high-protein goodness of pepperoni without all the carbs of a pepperoni pizza.

One X-factor is pepperoni crisps won’t win any awards for how they look. However, if you’re looking for a low-carb and high-fat/protein cracker then this is a great option.

In a sense, these are actually like mini pizzas. The difference is they just include a little Mozzarella and Italian seasoning. There’s no double-stuffed crust filled with tons of high-carb cheese and refined flour crust.

Low to No Carb Crackers

Other Keto-friendly Snacks

When you’re on the keto diet you can pick from other low-carb, high-fat snacks that won’t kick you out of ketosis. Here are some of the best options:

  1. Iced Coffee: Here’s a great excuse for coffee fans to have another cup of joe. Freshly-brewed coffee is already low-carb. You can make it high-fat by adding a little real milk or cream. Make sure to use the real stuff and no “non-dairy” products that are not keto-friendly.
  2. Sugar-free Jello: This is iffy if you’re not a fan of fake sugar. There are also some question marks about the Jello itself. However, it certainly qualifies for keto due to the low carb content.
  3. Pork Rinds: This is probably one of the biggest shockers. They’re pork AND fried. Well, it’s all about the skin. Studies show that pigskin contains healthy fat. Just make sure not to overdo it since the crispy goodness can be addicting.
  4. Olives: You can pick black or green—they’re both great keto snacks. Consider how healthy olive products are and especially olive oil. Why not also snack on the real thing? Fun Fact: olives are technically fruits because they have a seed.
  5. Seaweed snacks: It is is a great option for sushi fans. Watch out for added ingredients that could add more carbs. You should also avoid any exotic flavors that could have the same effect. Dried seaweed snacks with a little oil are the perfect keto snack.
  6. Macadamia Nuts: These are a great option for various ways. They’re an exotic nut that is tougher to find in cold-climate regions. They also have an interesting flavor that’s significantly different from almonds, walnuts, etc. When you pick macadamias covered with healthy dark chocolate, it’s a great keto snack like no carb crackers.
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