Is One Meal A Day Healthy? The Hidden Risks You Should Know

So many people have tried out this diet plan and have stated some benefits they get from it. Here’s a list of benefits you could get from this diet plan.

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If you pick up your phone right now and search Google on how to lose weight you will be surprised. There are so many articles that have been written to help lose weight. Also, there are sites that provide diet plans to help you lose weight. Among these diet plans is the one meal a day diet plan. This is one diet plan that helps you lose fat quick. And that’s because your calorie intake is drastically reduced since you will be eating once a day.

Over time this one meal a day diet plan has become quite popular. Especially among people that want to lose weight as fast as possible. The idea of this fasting is to help people lose weight by either intermittent fasting or alternate-day fasting. When a person is following this diet plan the person would only eat once a day. Most times the person takes only dinner. Well, many have come up with proves that this is quite beneficial. At the same time, there are risks involved. We will be taking a look at both.

Benefits of This Diet Plan

So many people have tried out this diet plan and have stated some benefits they get from it. Here’s a list of benefits you could get from this diet plan. 

Helps burn fat

The idea of one meal a day is not to eat for 23 hours and then eat for 1 hour in a day. When you don’t eat for 23 hours your body feeds on the glycogen stored in your liver. But after some time it begins to burn fats to provide energy. Now here’s the thing your body does not switch to burning fats until after some days. So if you want your body to burn the fats you have to use up your glucose storage. Doing something in the morning would help out with that.

Increased lifespan

Well, people consider this to be the greatest benefit you can get from one meal a day diet. Research shows that this diet helps increase the lifespan of mammals. That’s because the processes that can cause diseases are reduced. For example, if a person does not consume so much sugar risk for diabetes reduce.

Low blood glucose levels

Blood glucose level is on a high rise when too much glucose is consumed. And that’s when a person develops type 2 diabetes. If a person with diabetes begins to fast every day, the weight of the person would reduce. At the same time, the blood glucose levels would also reduce.

Hidden Risks of One Meal a Day You Should Know 

Some people believe that that the risks involved with one meal a day outweigh the benefits. Well, let’s find out if that’s the case.

Extreme feelings of hunger

Many people that follow this one meal a day plan face this. At first, it’s quite hard to adjust to. The body is not used to not been supplied with glucose for that long. So you get really hungry as the day goes on. One thing though is that over time you get used to it. But at first, it could be really hard to deal with.


This is also attributed to the fact that your body isn’t supplied with glucose.


Right here is yet another side effect of fasting. You would feel really weak. Especially in the first few days that you start. And this might affect your daily activity.

The inability to concentrate

This is something most of us experience even when we’re not fasting. Anytime we’re very hungry we can’t get to concentrate on whatever we’re doing. All that’s on our mind is just to get something to eat. So you can imagine if a person hasn’t eaten for long hours. It would be hard to concentrate at work or school.

Binge eating

Binge eating is defined as a disordered pattern of eating. A person would eat large amounts of food within a short period of time. And the bad thing is that the person does not stop even when the person is full. That’s something someone eating once a day might develop. Because they want to store up enough for the next. And this is bad because it could lead to binge eating disorder.

Also, it’s not advisable for people with other medical conditions to follow this diet plan. That’s because it could be detrimental to their health.

Interestingly, this diet plan does not only have physical side effects but also emotional ones. When a person is hungry and can’t eat because of a diet plan you would expect the person to be angry. The proverb that says an angry man is a hungry man is no lie. At the same time, the person is easily irritable. And this isn’t so good for people around you.

Healthy Weight Loss Options

As good and pleasing as one meal a day diet plan sounds there are other better ways. Well, it’s true that you can lose weight in no time but it could pose harm. The important thing is losing weight while you stay safe. Here are some alternative ways you can lose weight.


In losing weight exercise is very important. You need at least 150 minutes of cardiovascular exercise each week. So you can either run or do aerobics. You can be sure this would go a long way in helping you lose weight.

Keep track of what you eat

It’s important that if you want to lose weight you keep track of what to eat. You can’t just eat anything anytime, please. Always watch you eat. Check if your calorie consumption is not too much. That way you can lose weight over time.

Eat a balanced diet

There’s no rule that states that for you to lose weight you must not eat healthily. It’s important that you get the nutrients needed from every meal. That way your immune system is still in a good position. Take enough fruits and vegetables. And restrain from eating junk food that is high in calories.

Have a Good Support System

Losing weight isn’t that easy. And many people get tired along the way. But when you have friends and families that cheer you on, the race becomes easier. You would be able to carry on with what you started even when you’re getting discouraged.

Talk to Your Doctor

Interestingly, there are some medical conditions that lead to increased weight gain. Talking to a doctor can help detect those conditions. And once that condition is treated you can get back in shape.

One meal a day has gained so much popularity over the years. It seems like the best option to opt for. Because the results are amazing. But the truth is that the risks are also scary. They could pose serious harm to your health. So try looking for other safer diet plans other than one day a meal.

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