What Does PEMF Machines Do?

Before talking about PEMF equipment it’s important to talk about PEMF itself. What’s it all about? There’s been a lot of research done about pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy. Today many scientists and doctors are learning more about this game-changing approach to health and wellness.


Have you ever thought about exercising your body’s cells? When we think about exercising, we usually focus on jogging around the block or lifting weights at the gym. However, you can also “exercise” or “recharge” your cells. One way to do that is by using equipment known as a PEMF machine. After being turned on these machines function by charging up electrons and causing the body’s cells to also be charged. This is an interesting way to super-charge the body because it doesn’t involve options like caffeine or exercise. The body’s cells can then heal and work better so the person’s health improves.

Why is this machine so important? Some researchers have explained that this Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) machine is something the body needs. This might be surprising because we usually think of food, water, sleep, and oxygen as things our bodies need in order to stay alive. What’s it all about? The earth has an electromagnetic field. This field has a big effect on life on earth and affects different factors including birds’ navigation. This is the reason why PEMF supporters argue that we not only need to recharge our bodies but also our cells. PEMF has been called the “fifth element.”

What Is PEMF Therapy?

Before talking about PEMF machines it’s important to talk about PEMF itself. What’s it all about? There’s been a lot of research done about pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy. Today many scientists and doctors are learning more about this game-changing approach to health and wellness.

PEMF is a type of therapy that can be used for a wide range of different conditions.  What’s it all about? PEMF is used to make a positive impact on energy within cells that are damaged/injured. The process is done by creating pulses in the direction of the cells that are affected. This helps to produce healing.

The process is very basic. A device gives out the electromagnetic pulses. The device is put directly on or in the area of the area that’s injured/damaged. Energy is then transferred from the PEMF device to the affected cells. This provides patients with several benefits.

One way to think about this process is considering each body cell as a tiny battery. The cells can wear down like the charge in a battery. There are various causes like stress, damage, and age. What happens is the cells become weak so it’s difficult for them to protect themselves. 

A big difference with PEMF from other medical devices is it’s not really used for treating conditions. It’s instead used to help the body heal itself by recharging its cells.

The FDA has already given a green light for these devices to use for certain conditions. They include bone growth/repair, and depression when prescription drugs don’t work.

Research shows that PEMF seems to help with areas like reducing pain. The machine seems to help with fixing damage to muscles and cartilage. PEMF therapy can help to heal these body parts. One benefit is this therapy isn’t painful for the patient. Keep in mind PEMF equipment can’t be used in patients with pacemakers.

Effects of PEMF Machines

You might be wondering about the results of PEMF devices. When you get therapy from these machines you can feel a magnetic wave entering the body. The wave finds areas within the body that have been injured/damaged.

It’s important for patients to learn about PEMF therapy and how the machines work. They should even learn some basics about theory related to PEMF machines. It also helps to see a demo of the devices being used.

However, there’s no substitute for people actually using the PEMF equipment. This allows them to experience how the machine can boost people’s cells so they can help heal the person’s health issues.

One of the benefits of these devices is they work at different frequencies. This helps to treat the tissue types that are causing a personal health problem. This approach can provide various benefits related to issues like circulation, inflammation, pain, and mobility.

The theory that PEMF devices are based on is quite interesting. When cells are resting the inside is negative and the outside is positive. The electrical currents are controlled by charges that move across a cell’s membrane.

What happens when a cell gets stimulated? Positive charges then enter the cell. This causes the cell’s exterior to become more positive. This has an effect on people’s being including thoughts, movements, and behaviors.

The body’s electrical currents are important. When they’re unbalanced it can result in illness. PEMF can help to change the body’s electrical current to the original form. This, in turn, can help restore the body’s cell.

One thing you won’t have to worry about is the safety of PEMF wave frequencies. In fact, these frequencies are 100% safe. This is different from X-ray machines, which could cause problems in terms of the wavelengths. That’s something you’ll want to avoid when you’re trying to heal your body instead of making it damaged.

Need-to-Know PEMF Facts

It’s helpful to know some facts about PEMF and devices that use them for therapy:

The first PEMF machine was very large

The first devices were life-size units that looked like they were space-age. The patient was put inside the machine to get treatment.

The situation has changed. Today the devices have the dimensions of a yoga mat. They’re a little thicker since they have special coils to create an electromagnetic field that’s even.

In fact, there’s a wearable device. You just put it on or near the area that you want to treat. Then you can continue with your day-to-day activities. This is much less intrusive than the early machines.

The procedure is 60+ years old

It might be surprising but PEMF therapy is 60+ years old. Over the decades it’s provided help for many people who have received relief from pain due to various health conditions.

PEMF therapy has been effective in many of these situations. In fact, The US FDA approved this treatment 4 decades ago in 1979. This was for healing a certain kind of bone fracture.

This figure shows that PEMF has a long track record. Patients have used it for decades to treat various health issues.

Many of the first units were designed in Eastern Europe.

Some of the first PEMF machines were made in the Czech Republic. In fact, much of the continent was already familiar with PEMF by a couple of decades ago in the late 1990s.

The machines work for animals

It might be surprising but PEMF therapy can also be used for animals. Studies show that the devices can help to heal animals and it can happen very quickly.

In one case a koala’s wounds started to heal when a device was placed near the small animal. It worked, which shows that you can get many benefits from PEMF machines.

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