Signs that you are in ketosis

Ketosis signs and symptoms may differ for everyone. Our body has its own unique way of reacting to all the chemical changes of Ketosis.

signs of ketosis

Ketogenic Dieting is becoming more and more popular for weight loss. Aside from the vast result you can get from it, your body will also receive countless health benefits.

But before you start shredding down fats, your body will have to enter the state of Ketosis first.

Having your body in Ketosis is an ultimate goal for those who are in the Ketogenic dieting. Most especially if you are new to Keto dieting, you will most likely consider it an achievement.

So in order to know if you’re in the state of Ketosis already, we will cover some Ketosis signs and symptoms below.

Signs of Ketosis

1. Lack of Appetite

Ketogenic diet has this effect in your hunger hormones that will make you feel less hungry. As a result, you will gradually feel a decrease in your appetite. Your brain may give you reactions of not being hungry due to the ketones that are burning more fats in your body. In the long run of being in Ketosis, the calorie and carb deficit will reduce your cravings and will somehow make you lose your appetite.

2. Bad Breath

One common sign of ketosis is catching a bad breath. This is due to the number of ketones increasing in your body. Ketones will most likely be released in your urine and breath causing the foul odor that you’re experiencing. There is nothing to worry about the bad breath because it’s actually a good sign that your diet is effectively working.

3. Increased Thirst

Most likely, you will feel more thirsty that you were before. Once in Ketosis, your body will be excreting a lot of water leaving you with a dry mouth and a more thirsty feeling. It might concern you that you will be losing some electrolytes such as potassium, sodium, and magnesium as you excrete water. But that’s nothing to worry about. Electrolytes leaving your body will make you consume less sodium next time.

4. Weight Loss

Of course, this is what everyone is after in Ketosis. Rapid weight loss is a good sign of Ketosis. When in Ketosis, your body will be burning stored fats. Your sudden drop in weight will first be the result of your body getting rid of the bloat and water weight. Once it’s done, your body will then start burning excessive fats that you’ve always wanted to get rid of.

5. High levels of Ketones

Another sign of Ketosis the increase of ketones in your blood. Ketones are the fuel that give you the burning effect in your body. You can even check if you’re body is in full Ketosis if you have your ketones amount measured. A test kit will most likely cost you $30-$40 plus an additional fee for the test. You may have your ketones checked once a week or once in two weeks to keep track.

6. Increased Focus and Energy

Another sign and symptom of Ketosis is increased in focus and energy. Due to the increase of ketones in your blood, your brain will have more fuel to prevent you from feeling tired and weak. And when your brain has enough ketones, you will end up feeling more focused in whatever you do – which is a good thing so you don’t get distracted with all the food you’re refrained from eating. But if you’re just starting with your Ketogenic Diet, it might take you days and weeks to have this sudden increase of energy.

7. Temporary Fatigue

I know it sounds ironic when we were just talking about increase in focus and energy. Upon entering Ketosis, your body will have to shift to a complete transition. Temporary or short-term fatigue is due to the loss of electrolytes and glucose. In order to fight this, you need to make sure you will replace the electrolytes that your body is losing. Once you get a hang of all the signs and symptoms of Ketosis, you will then get used to the chemical deficit your body is experiencing. You have to wait for your brain to have enough ketones to supply your body some energy.

8. Digestive Problems

A common sign that your body is in Ketosis is when you start to experience toilet issues. You may feel symptoms such as constipation and diarrhea and that’s pretty normal for Ketosis. Transitioning your body from a high-carb regimen to a low-carb program can give you unexpected toilet issues. However, you need to take a look at the foods that you feed your body. You might be consuming something that can also result to digestive issues.

9. Sleep Deprivation

Similar to other low-carb diet programs, it is possible for Ketosis to give you insomnia. This is because of the lack of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates make you sleepy so a drastic change in your carb intake will make you feel restless or sleepless at night. Once you’re in Ketosis for a long-term already, your body will soon get back to your old sleeping habits.

10. Decrease in Performance

Only for a short-term period, you might experience a sudden drop in performance. This is not even a big deal. In fact, it’s a good sign your body is in Ketosis. As mentioned above, this symptom goes hand in hand as you experience temporary fatigue. Lack of carbohydrates will result in lack of energy and a decrease in performance. Since your body is still adapting to a new source of energy, decrease in performance will only be experienced temporarily.

All of the stated Ketosis signs and symptoms may still differ from each and everyone. Our body has its own unique way of reacting to all the chemical changes of Ketosis. It’s even possible that you might not notice any possible signs of Ketosis. So it would still be best to have your ketones measured every now and then.

The point is, if you are strictly following the guidelines of a proper Ketogenic diet, then you’re all good. You may experience some of the signs stated above and the least you can do is to just give your body a little more time to adjust.

Being in Ketosis is like being a neophyte in a totally different city or environment. You will be experiencing changes and might even face unwanted challenges. For the long run, you will also know the ropes. Change is good anyway. Most especially if we’re talking about changes in body weight.

Signs that you are in ketosis


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