Is Silk Almond Milk Good For you?

Do you want to try almond milk as part of a healthy diet? Silk is a well-renowned brand for its reliability and packs plenty of the right nutrition for your bones. Read more about Silk almond milk nutrition facts in this article.

Silk almond milk

Learn about nutritious almond milk, particularly Silk almond milk, and Silk almond milk nutrition facts in this article. Almond milk is similar to milk but is ground from almond nuts then mixed with water. It is a plant-based highly-nutritious, dairy-free, milk substitute with very minimal calories. Drinking almond milk regularly strengthens the bones and diminishes heart disease risk. The brand Silk was founded in 1978 by Steve Demos of Colorado and the very first product was launched in 1996 in California. Silk quickly grew a following internationally as an organic brand.

For five straight years, Silk has been awarded by the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy with the Green Power Leadership Award. The company is also a primary member of America’s Soyfoods Association which provides helpful information on the many benefits for health by drinking soy. In this article, we will learn more about almond milk. It is a delicious milk source and is widely used by health buffs, mainly vegans. It contains an abundant source of vitamin D, E, calcium, and sugar and is a less-fattening alternative to regular dairy milk. Cow’s milk is 2x fattier than almond milk. If you look at the Silk almond milk nutrition facts, you’ll see that its nutritional value places much higher than regular milk. Read further to learn more about Silk almond milk and how it contributes to your health’s benefits.

Silk Almond Milk Nutrition Facts

Almond milk is naturally high in vitamins and minerals, particularly vitamin E. Its other nutrients include vitamin D, calcium, and riboflavin. More and more consumers are beginning to find the benefits of almond milk vs. regular dairy milk. A 2016 statistics revealed almond milk sales rising to $894 in just five years. That’s almost a 300 percent increase. Plant source products provide a much healthier for overall health and are less fatty too.

Did you know? 65 percent of the world’s population is intolerant of lactose in their body. Luckily, leading brands like Silk, manufacture awesome products that replace dairy for everyone to enjoy if they decided to take the healthier route. Some Silk almond milk nutrition facts are as follows: 60 calories per gram, only 2.5 grams of fat, and zero saturated fat. All of its flavors only contain a gram of protein with every serving compared to cow’s milk.

Did you know? Just a (240-ml) cup of almond milk gives 20 – 45 percent of your doctor’s recommended calcium intake already. Now, taking almond milk alone cannot supply this percentage in one day, so if you want to meet it, you can pair your goals with seeds, leafy greens, yogurt, cheese, or legumes.

Silk Almond Milk Detailed Nutrition

Let’s learn more about almond milk. Per serving, almond milk is rich in calcium which provides 20 to 45 percent of one’s recommended daily requirement. Calcium is very good at preventing osteoporosis and fractures. Another important nutrient this milk offers is vitamin D. A lack of vitamin D in the body can lead to high blood pressure, cancer, autoimmune diseases, heart diseases, and so on. Because it is plant-based, it supports one’s immune system, bone health, and heart performance.

This is an excellent thing because only very few food sources have rich vitamin D. These include yogurt, cheese, margarine, and cereals. The American Heart Association advises for a healthier you, women should take in a maximum of only 6 teaspoons of sugar daily, and 9 teaspoons for men. Silk’s unsweetened and original almond milk versions fit well within these rules.

Comparing it to regular dairy milk from cow sources, Silk’s popular unsweetened version has 0 sugar, contains more calcium, and packs fewer calories. A popular Silk product, the Silk Vanilla Almond Milk contains 50 percent more calcium than standard dairy milk does. Moreover, Silk almond milk nutrition facts for the vanilla flavor also has 0 grams in saturated fat with every serving, 2.5 grams in fat content per cup, and is only at a minimal 80 calories. It is free from gluten, cholesterol, carrageenan, and functions as a strong antioxidant too. Silk Almond Milk Vanilla is also free from any artificial flavorings and colorings.

Additionally, the unsweetened version of Silk’s Almond Milk at 96 ounces per bottle contains 0 sugars, cholesterol, and saturated fats in every serving. It only has 30 calories a cup and is free from gluten, cholesterol, and carrageenan. It also functions as a strong antioxidant like its Vanilla counterpart. It is free from any artificial flavorings or colorings.

Silk’s Dark Chocolate version of almond milk is delicious and has only 100 calories, no saturated fat, and 2.5 grams ft only for every cup serving. If you’ve noticed, Silk ensures its products contain 0 saturated fats, which is well in line with the health expert’s tips to take in as little saturated fats in the body as much as possible. Based on the American Heart Association, an average person must take in only up to six percent of their calorie intake off of saturated fats to retain a healthy body. As an example, only 120 calories of saturated fat should be taken out of a 2,000-calorie a day diet. Examples of foods that are high in saturated fats include potato chips, pastries, or cookies.

When it comes to vitamins and minerals, you may have learned by now that Silk almond milk nutrition facts ensure is highly nutritious. The milk is an abundant source of vitamin D and calcium, supportive toward optimum bone health. This reliable brand offers 25 percent of expert-recommended vitamin D units for the age range 1 to 70. Vitamin D aids in effective calcium absorption.

More than that, we can rely on Silk for its antioxidant-rich source. Meaning, it can protect your body from cell damage. Silk also prevents the risk of brittle bone development. This almond milk brand already has 45 percent of the thousand-milligram suggestion health experts suggest you take in daily.

Other flavors you ought to try from the Silk brand is Silk’s Coconut Blend. Still mainly almond-based, a cup of this almond milk is just 50 calories. However, watch out for the sugar at 5 grams and fat which contains 2.5 grams plus another gram for saturated fat. There is also Fortified Almond Milk by Silk for better fiber sources, and Chocolate Protein Milk. Silk almond milk contains 4 percent of the required daily value of magnesium, riboflavin, and vitamin A. So, based on the Silk almond milk nutrition facts, don’t you want to buy the product already?

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