The best vegetables for the ketogenic diet

Vegetables play a vital role in the Ketogenic Diet. Since not all vegetable is suitable for the diet you are aiming, you have to be extra picky.

best keto vegetables

All sort of vegetables contain their own macronutrients. What’s good with including veggies in your Keto Diet is that they give you that relief that what you eat is surely healthy. However, if you are strict in calculating your carbs, it is safe to know what kinds of vegetable will be best for your diet. As much as we all consider vegetables healthy and guilt-free, there is also an equal distribution of macronutrients in the kingdom of plants.

Some Ketogenic Dieters would scout for vegetables having carbs lower than 5 grams. While some on the other hand, would base on the calorie intake instead. On a strict Ketogenic diet, you will have to be more careful when using vegetables with your meal. Little do we know that there are vegetables that contain higher amount of carbs. If you are following the 20 grams of carbs a day, you need to look for vegetables with less than 5 net carbs. Even though they’re relatively healthy in nature, our macro counting must also be looked after.

Not everyone is aware of the general guidelines when it comes to choosing low-carb vegetables.

Generally speaking, vegetables that are considered keto-friendly are the ones that has leaves – Spinach and Lettuce are good options to name a few.

Another helpful guideline for Ketogenic Dieters is the color of the vegetable. It is always believed that green-colored vegetables are known to contain fewer carbs compared to colored ones.

Keep in mind that as you go Keto, our body must be limited to 20-30 grams of carbs per day. If you wish to keep your body under your carb limit, it is also necessary to pick the vegetables that are high in nutrients. In that way, your appetite could be suppressed in some way leaving you a fuller feeling.

One last tip that you can use in choosing which vegetables to eat; low-carb vegetables are most likely to be found above ground.

The list provided below is the listing of all the best vegetables that are low in carbohydrates and very rich in micronutrients:

  1. Zucchini – being a popular partner in Ketogenic Diet, Zucchinis are mostly partnered with zoodles. The amount of carb Zucchini has is as low as 3 grams only per cup. Aside from this being a healthy partner of Keto Diet, Zucchini also provides a boost of vitamin C that can help strengthen the immune system.
  2. Cauliflower – we all know cauliflowers are popular to the Keto Community. This very low-carb vegetable has so many functions – it can be used as a wrap, casserole, and even as pizza. It obviously is one of the most used low-carb vegetable in the kitchen. With only 2g of carbs, a cauliflower contains high amount of vitamin K and C that is beneficial to one’s health.
  3. Cabbage – Other than using cauliflower as a wrap, cabbage can be too! A cabbage only contains 3g of carbs. It is often seen in some Asian dishes that cabbages are being used as a base. It is no surprise that even some famous Keto Vegan Lunch Ideas use cabbage as wraps or toppings.
  4. Lettuce / Kale – Who would not include lettuce in the diet list? Lettuce and kale are not just good recipe for salad making, but are also effective in supporting weight loss. The two may differ in taste but they both are rich in vitamins.
  5. Green Beans – Unlike legumes, green beans have fewer carbohydrates. A single cup of green beans will only contain 6g of carbs. It is a good option to always consider green beans in your dishes. Aside from they’re healthy, they also help in improving brain functions as an individual age.
  6. Spinach – If you are looking for a perfect vegetable to pair up with your salad, spinach could be an option. This veggie can provide you with tons of vitamins and minerals. Spinach is also famous for being good for the heart. It says that with all those vitamins you can get from Spinach, you won’t just lose weight but you’ll have your heart protected also.
  7. Asparagus – For only 4g of carbs per cup, Asparagus can be a perfect choice to wrap in a bacon. Since this veggie is an excellent low-carb ingredient, it can be paired up with a high-fat sauce that you can always find fulfilling.

Vegetables play a vital role in the Ketogenic Diet. Since not all vegetable is suitable for the diet you are aiming, you have to be extra picky. Making vegetable a part of your daily meal plan could be a huge recipe for weight loss. It may sometimes be inconvenient to keep choosing the vegetables but it’s always going to be worth it.

Remember that no matter how frequent you try to eat vegetables that are low in carbohydrates, that is not enough. Since Ketogenic Diet is a critical diet, your hundred percent dedication and effort will be needed. Make sure you also avoid unnatural foods. It is best to eat those vegetables while they are fresh and natural. In that way, you can keep the solid nutrients each vegetable has to offer.

It is also best to keep in mind that even though dressings and sauces are allowed in the diet, you must still avoid sweet and starchy vegetables. These kind of vegetables are surely high in carb content. They can not only exceed your daily carb limit; they will also make you feel bloated in some ways. Just like how other studies suggest, the sweeter the vegetable, the more forbidden it is. Because the sweeter the vegetable is, the higher the content of sugar it has. We do not want that to happen. As much as possible, we try to avoid to over-saturate our diet. It’s still better to stick with the natural way of dieting. Though from time to time, it’s also okay to add a bit more taste to our vegetable meal.

best vegetables for keto diet

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