The keto diet and brittle fingernails

Numerous factors point out that brittle nails are possible to develop on the keto diet. The reason for this lies in the body’s biochemistry. Here are some of them.

keto diet and brittle fingernails

It is no surprise that when shifting your diet, you will experience some bothersome changes in your physical state.

This does not mean your new diet is unhealthy. But it just so happens that the change has some effects on your physical chemistry and it manifests in your appearance.

Once it settles down, though, you will be glad you did your best to withstand all that. The benefits most definitely outweigh the challenges you will face in the beginning

One of the most common side effects that keto dieters experience is brittle fingernails.


Does it not automatically mean that when your nails are weak, your physical state is not ideal? Why should you go on with your new diet? Is it really worth it? Or are you compromising your overall health just to look good?

Surely, a bazillion of thoughts will run wild on your brain when you notice your peeling fingernails.

So, what is really going on here?

Keto Diet and Brittle Fingernails

The reason for this lies on the body’s biochemistry. Numerous factors point out that brittle nails are possible to develop on keto diet. Here are some of them:

1. Low carbohydrates

We all know that keto is a low-carb and high-fat diet. One of the most commonly associated issues for women who takes in small amounts of carbs daily are prone to hypothyroidism. This is not the case for everyone. Although, it can happen to the vast majority.

Glucose should be present in the blood to create T3, a form of the thyroid hormone that is active. If there is a lack of T3 in the system, it will be hard to burn fats and there will be a dramatic decrease in hormone production. Another result will be dullness of skin. Most symptoms of the condition includes brittle hair and nails and constipation.

2. Imbalanced diet

Keto diet and brittle fingernails are also associated with an imbalance of what you eat. Since you are running low on carbohydrates, you may be gobbling in other foods, driving your system in an imbalance.

3. Nutritional deficiencies

Most keto dieters play it safe, neglecting to play up with their eating. A lot of people do not branch out on their menu for fear of going beyond the restrictions of the keto diet. Naturally, peeling fingernails will ensue because of the decrease in vitamins and minerals.

This may come from lack of protein, iron, and omega fats.

Okay, hold up. You might be wondering, there is no way you will be suffering from decreased protein intake because your diet is made up of a lot of protein already.

Fine, that might be true, but just because you are eating foods that are high in protein does not mean your iron needs and omega fats are being met. They are just as essential. Plus, healthy fats are required to speed up ketosis, so it may be a good idea to amp up your intake in that specific food department.

Lack of iron is one of the main causes of brittle and peeling fingernails. Lack of vitamin B12 can also affect the body’s iron levels, so it is important to keep track of it, as well. This vitamin is important in the production of red blood cells and their metabolism and production. Without it, skin dryness, hair loss, and brittle nails are to be expected. Certain things can prevent iron absorption, so be wary of what these are. Low stomach acid and foods with phytic acid should be avoided at all costs. If you want to enhance your iron levels, take Vitamin C supplements.

If you load up on omega fats, you will be doing your keto diet and brittle fingernails a favor. The essential fatty acids it contains help in the nourishment of skin, hair, and nails. It fights off inflammation and manages the production of oil while reducing the signs of aging Additionally, you can expect for increased production of healthy cells when eating foods rich in omega fats. You can also try supplements like Fish Oil, if you feel you are not meeting the daily recommended value.

If you are doing keto diet and brittle fingernails is an issue to you, here are some things you can do:

  1. Take Vitamin A: This vitamin can help your nail grow. It also has positive effects with bones, teeth, and tissues. It serves as antioxidants that will put an end to the harmful free radicals lurking about. Foods that are keto-friendly are eggs, spinach, and milk.
  1. Increase your zinc levels: Zinc deficiency does not only retard nail growth, it also causes discoloration. Zinc is crucial for a lot of biochemical reactions that stimulates cell growth and division. These processes have an effect on skin, fingernails, and hair. Foods that are abundant in zinc, such as cashew nuts, flax seeds, spinach, soybeans, and cashew nuts.
  1. Have some biotin supplements: You probably have heard of how effective biotin supplements can be for your hair and nails, so it will be a good idea to include it on your diet. Vitamin H is another term for it, and this gets absorbed in the very core of your nails. This is the part that generates cells! If you would rather not take supplements, then eat lettuce, walnuts, and a few raspberries every now and then.
  1. Include Folic Acid on your diet: Also known as vitamin B9 also promotes nail growth. The cells of your nails are considered as the fastest growing ones. You will need folic acid to nourish these nails and moisturize the tissue growth. Foods that contain folic acid includes beetroots, avocado, and eggs.

Protein and omega-3 fatty acids should also be added in balance with your diet. There is no need to tolerate the peeling fingernails and wait it out until your keto diet finally settles.

Keto diet and brittle fingernails do not need to co-exist. Do what you need to do to keep your body healthy inside and out.

keto diet and brittle fingernails

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