Top 5 keto friendly dairy products

Some people would agree that there are existing dairy products that are good for weight loss. And I must say, it works for Ketogenic diet, too.

Top 5 keto friendly dairy products

Dairy products are often associated with negative benefits most especially when it comes to losing weight. Little do people know that dairy products are actually needed in order to maintain the balance in the macros.

Let’s find out why.

Dairy products are any kind of foods produced by milk from mammals. Ice cream, milk, and cheese are some of the dairy products that first come in mind whenever we hear the word, “dairy”.

A dairy product is consisting of 4 major components that can provide you with the healthy benefits that you need; lactose, casein, whey, and fatty acids.

Lactose – Lactose being primarily a sugar is caused by the breakdown of enzymes. These sugars are then being transferred to your bloodstream. Some people lack enzymes which causes them to be lactose intolerant.

Casein – This certain kind of protein is beneficial when it comes to repairing muscles. Casein takes up almost 80% of the dairy product. Unlike whey, casein takes a longer period for digestion. Approximately it might take your body 3 to 4 hours before casein gets metabolized.

Whey – Whey is also a complete source of protein. Very similar to casein, whey helps in building muscles as well.

Fatty acids – There are numerous fatty acids that can be found in a dairy product. This is why fat content in dairies are too complex. These fatty acids are saturated, monounsaturated, and polyunsaturated.

Some people would agree that there are existing dairy products that are good for weight loss. And I must say, they said it works for Ketogenic diet too. Majority of the people who undergo Keto dieting usually incorporate butter and cheese in some of their meals. They even attested that these keto-friendly dairy products were able to support their weight loss. On the other hand, there are also a few who choose to remove dairy products in their meal plan. This is prolly because of the misconception that dairy products tend to slow down the fat burning process of the body.

As promised, there are several health benefits that you may get from dairy products.

Benefits of Dairy Products

Appetite suppressant

This may seem questionable for some but some studies state that dairy products such as cow’s milk or goat’s milk contain an appetite-suppressing effect. Some Keto dieters even attested that upon consuming such dairies, they have experienced prolonged satiety and felt less hungry than the usual.

Reduction of abdominal fat

Dairy is said to help lower the cortisol levels or the stress hormones of the body which causes the reduction of fat in the abdominal part.

High levels of CLA

One good component of a dairy product is its high content of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), a fatty acid that is responsible for fat burning.

Keto-friendly dairy products might have caught your attention now. We have provided you a list of the top 5 Keto-friendly dairy products that you may include in your Keto diet.

There is still a misconception on dairy products with people who try to lose weight. However, a moderate consumption of dairies can actually be healthy for you since they can provide you with a lot of nutritional benefits. Some people even try to enjoy dairies at a fairly regular basis. In regard with this, I have provided a list of all the dairy products good for keto.

Keto Friendly Dairy Products


Butter is exclusively fats. It is so full of quality fatty acids that can even account to an increased fat burning. Butter is also rich in antioxidants and other fat-soluble vitamins that your body will surely benefit from. If you’re eyeing to pair butter with your Keto meals, then good! You’ll enjoy your meals by then since butter is light and easy on the stomach.

Greek Yogurt

I know for sure that yogurts are enjoyed the most when they’re flavored and sweet. But that’s doesn’t apply if you’re in a Keto diet. Greek yogurts are pretty low in carbs also. One good thing with consuming yogurts is that they also have this appetite-suppressing effect. If you eat yogurts in moderation, you will also feel less hungry since yogurts tend to give you a fuller feeling. For a more satisfying macro calculation, you may also try the full-fat version of this yogurt since it has a well-balanced composition.

Brie and Camembert cheese

Majority of the benefits of brie comes from its protein and fat content. Which is good since we all know protein contains a complete pack of amino acids that are healthy for the body. Brie also has a mild flavor and a perfect texture which you will positively enjoy while consuming it.


Classified as butter, Ghee is created when you have the water and milk solids removed. It is also primarily made up of fats which makes it more Keto-friendly. Some dieters enjoy eating Ghee over butter because of the nutty taste it has. If you happen to be lactose sensitive, Ghee could be a more conducive option for you than butter.


There are different kinds of cheese in the market. When you’re on a Keto diet, it is possible for you to include cheese in your diet program since this dairy product is quite low in carbs. However, the macros of your carb intake would solely depend on the kind of cheese you’re planning to get. We recommend getting cheeses like parmesan, gouda, cheddar, goat cheese, brie, and mozzarella since they contain less than 1g of net carbs for every 28g of serving.

Cheese is also high in fat. You will not only enjoy consuming a low-carb dairy product but you will also accumulate some quality fats that you need for your Keto diet. Regardless of the carb and fat content, it’s still better to check the labels before consuming a certain kind of cheese. To not stall your diet and to make sure this dairy product doesn’t slow down your weight loss, you may even consume them at a moderate pace.

Deciding what dairy products to get when you’re on a strict Ketogenic diet is really a struggle. Most especially when you didn’t know which kinds to get at first. I know it’s really fun to consume dairies at a regular basis since they’re just too good not to. Which shouldn’t be a problem to you anymore if you’re to lose weight.

Now that you have a grasp on which dairy products are keto-friendly, you will surely enjoy your next dairy treat.

Top 5 keto friendly dairy products

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