Vitamins and Mineral supplements that will help you while doing keto

With proper keto diet and exercise, along with proper supplementation strategies, you will be able to reach your target weight in no time.

keto diet vitamins and supplements

A lot of people take supplements on a daily basis. Of course, as the word implies, supplements are only adjuncts to improve your overall state of well-being. Do not expect to get your  physical health boosted just because you are taking supplements everyday. It can never be an excuse for improper diet.

For people who are shifting into ketogenic diet, however, they wonder what they can do to reduce the impact of the dramatic metabolic change. If you have done your homework before beginning your keto journey, you know very well that your body will undergo changes at the initial stages as it goes into ketosis. So, it might be a good idea to add supplements into the mix.

In keto, a specific food group is going to be decreased, along with it the nutrients it provides to the body. Below you will find the list of supplements that can aid in enhancing the benefits while also decreasing the negative side effects of a ketogenic diet.

What are the Highly Recommended Keto Vitamins and Minerals Supplements?

First on the list is the B Vitamins.

Switching to fat-burning from the typical sugar burning our body is accustomed to means you need to load up on vitamin B complex, certain minerals, and electrolytes. Unfortunately, the body does not permit a huge amount of B vitamins to be stored in our system. This is where B vitamins supplements come in handy. Some foods can be great sources of these vitamins B, but loading up on supplements will ensure you get the right amount everyday.

The following B vitamins will make your transition to keto diet become healthier:

  • Niacin and Vitamin b3, can help promote circulation of blood and keep the heart functional and healthy.
  • Pyridoxine and Vitamin b6, will reduce attacks of depression and anxiety. It is good in alleviating negative emotions, which is usually made worse when dieting.
  • Biotin and Vitamin b7, is helpful in keeping your hair, skin, and nails on their prime condition.
  • Folate and Vitamin b9, is essential in the neurological development as well as detoxification processes.
  • Cobalamin and VItamin b12, is a great energy source. It supplies your cells energy for a quick boost.

Grains, which are to be eliminated or greatly reduced in the keto diet, are good sources of B vitamins. B complex vitamins aids your body in the conversion of carbs to glucose, keeping you energized along the way. Additionally, they help use up fats and proteins, too. If you work-out on a ketogenic diet, taking B vitamin supplements is strongly advised.

Next is Vitamin D. Apart from trong bones, it is can provide your body with increased magnesium and other trace minerals. If you are looking to get toned, it also facilitates maintenance of strength and growth of muscles while providing cardiovascular support and immediate  boost of the immune system. Unfortunately, supplements are necessary because getting enough Vitamin D in food is a difficult feat.

WIth regular intake of Vitamin D supplements, the need for vitamin A may rise. You need to consider this when taking supplements. For people who have autoimmune disorders, vitamin A deficiency may be higher.

The fist mineral on the list is Sodium. This may come as a total surprise because we have been told time and time again that too much sodium is bad for our health. Almost every diet will require you to get rid of sodium as much as possible. However, in a low carb diet, an extra bit of sodium will do you a great favor. Without it, you will suffer, from headaches, fatigue, palpitation, and even constipation. A good amount of sodium (around 5000 mg a day) is good for a person on a keto diet.

Next is potassium. You got it right! It is where bananas are rich in. Potassium serves the same purpose as other electrolytes and should be monitored when doing keto. Unfortunately, though, you cannot munch on bananas because it is a high-carb fruit. Alternatives like avocado, mushroom, or kale are much keto diet-friendly.  Without sufficient potassium, you might suffer from muscle weakness, reduced lean muscle mass, and even heart problems if you let it get too severe.

Additional calcium, in the form of supplements, should also be taken for safety measure.One good source would be dairy, but there are a lot of people who are lactose intolerant. Good food choices like fish, bok choy, broccoli, or soy and almond milk are great alternatives. Calcium gets flushed out in the system during the transition. While most people have no problem finding foods that are rich in calcium, some people might need to take supplements in order to get the right amount. It all depends on your body’s needs and how it reacted to the change in diet,.

If you notice your muscles have been easily getting cramped upon jumping on the Keto Diet bandwagon, then you may have reduced levels of magnesium in your system. Magnesium keeps the major muscles relaxed, including the heart and the brain. It is necessary in metabolism, protein synthesis, and even the control of blood sugar. An important mineral involved in over 300 biochemical body reactions, depleted or lessened magnesium levels can turn problematic. With vigorous exercise, the chances of losing more magnesium is even more. This is why you need to monitor what you ingest. Thankfully, animal meat is perfect for keto diet and is also a good source of magnesium. Even green veggies, the ones with bountiful chlorophyll content, are rich in magnesium. Bear in mind that the darker the green leafy veggies are, the more magnesium these contain.

On this note, keto vitamin deficiencies can be addressed through proper diet. Of course, it would not hurt to take supplements to maximize the results.

You can be the most thorough person when it comes to proper diet, but sometimes, mistakes are bound to happen. With proper keto diet and exercise, along with proper supplementation strategies, you will be able to reach your target weight in no time. Look healthy and feel healthy right away!

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